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In-Demand Occupations 1. 2 JobsOhio Network - Nelsonville Region (Southeast Ohio) Industry Employment Projection Report: 2010-2020 EmploymentProjected.

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1 In-Demand Occupations 1

2 2

3 JobsOhio Network - Nelsonville Region (Southeast Ohio) Industry Employment Projection Report: 2010-2020 EmploymentProjected Change NAICS 20102020in Employment CODEDescriptionAnnualProjected2010-2020Percent TOTAL334,400359,40025,0007.5% Mining4,6004,7001002.2% 211Oil & gas extraction50070020040.0% 213Support activities for mining1,4001,60020014.3% Construction 236Construction of buildings3,2003,60040012.5% Manufacturing 311Food manufacturing6,3006,5002003.2% 321Wood product manufacturing3,3003,80050015.2% 327Nonmetallic mineral product mfg.2,3002,4001004.3% 332Fabricated metal product mfg.4,1004,5004009.8% 336Transportation equipment mfg.3,3003,4001003.0% 337Furniture & related product mfg.2,4002,5001004.2% Service-Providing252,300275,30023,0009.1% Trade and Transportation and Utilities61,30064,8003,5005.7% 423Merchant wholesalers, durable goods3,4003,5001002.9% 424Merchant wholesalers, nondurable goods3,1003,4003009.7% Retail Trade41,40043,9002,5006.0% 441Motor vehicle and parts dealers5,3005,90060011.3% 444Building material & garden supply stores4,1004,80070017.1% 448Clothing and clothing accessories stores1,6001,7001006.3% 451Sporting goods, hobby, book, and music stores1,4001,5001007.1% 452General merchandise stores10,50011,5001,0009.5% 454Nonstore retailers70080010014.3% Transportation and Warehousing9,00010,0001,00011.1% 484Truck transportation4,2004,80060014.3% 493Warehousing and storage1,8002,10030016.7%

4 In-Demand Occupations Financial Activities10,20010,8006005.9% 524Insurance carriers and related activities2,1002,3002009.5% 531Real estate1,4001,5001007.1% 532Rental and leasing services1,2001,3001008.3% Professional and Technical Services5,2006,00080015.4% 5413Architectural, engineering, and related services1,2001,40020016.7% 5419Other professional and technical services9001,10020022.2% Administrative Waste Services9,40010,6001,20012.8% 561Administrative and support services7,9009,0001,10013.9% 5613Employment services3,3004,10080024.2% 5617Services to buildings and dwellings1,9002,20030015.8% 562Waste management and remediation service1,5001,6001006.7% Education and Health Services89,300103,70014,40016.1% Educational Services35,70037,0001,3003.6% Health Care and Social Assistance53,50066,70013,20024.7% 621Ambulatory health care services17,60023,9006,30035.8% 622Hospitals16,50018,9002,40014.5% 623Nursing and residential care facilities14,00016,3002,30016.4% 624Social assistance5,4007,6002,20040.7% Leisure and Hospitality29,10031,4002,3007.9% Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation1,8001,9001005.6% 713Amusement, gambling, and recreation1,5001,6001006.7% Accommodation and Food Services27,30029,5002,2008.1% 721Accommodation2,4002,6002008.3% 722Food services and drinking places25,00027,0002,0008.0% 812Personal and laundry services2,7002,9002007.4% 813Membership associations and organizations6,4006,9005007.8% Source: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Bureau of Labor Market Information.

5 QCEW Employment 2011Q1 compared to 2014Q1: Core shale-related industry employment (such as pipeline construction and well drilling) was up 5,510 (88 percent). Ancillary shale-related industry employment (such as freight trucking and environmental consulting) increased 8,651 (5.6 percent). All industry employment was up 201,937 (4.2 percent). In-Demand Occupations 5

6 Alignment Around what? One answer for workforce, education and economic development is In-demand Occupations. What are the pressing workforce needs? OhioMeansJobs Centers commit to 85% of training focused on in-demand jobs. In-Demand Occupations 6

7 Occupational Concepts The goal is to account for: Growth Replacement Churn In-Demand Occupations 7

8 Methodology Level 1 – Statistical Baseline – LMI Projections Level 2 – JobsOhio Industry Clusters Level 3 – 2 nd Tier Occupations – Forecast, OMJ Trend Level 4 – Kick-Out Report & Analytical Judgment In-Demand Occupations 8

9 Summary The in-demand occupations list includes 196 unique occupations drawn from the four levels of our methodology. These 196 occupations comprise over 17,000 related job titles. 162 of the 196 (82.65%) of these in-demand occupations have been forecast by the Ohio businesses which had completed the jobs forecast survey as of 11/1/2014. In-Demand Occupations 9

10 Access – Ohio’s virtual employment and career planning center. Follows the icon for a variety of reports. Select workforce professionals for highly detailed reports. Direct link to southeast region - Nelsonville.stm Nelsonville.stm Contact: In-Demand Occupations 10

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