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2012 RISC Marketing Initiatives Jessie Lin DRAFT02 Jan, 2012.

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1 2012 RISC Marketing Initiatives Jessie Lin DRAFT02 Jan, 2012

2 2012 Objectives Visibility Increase – Visibility largely increased in following targeted regions (according to the priority) ACN AEU ANA

3 2012 RISC Goal ARK ARM Cortex-A8 ARM Cortex-A8 Develop the new RISC solution ARM Cortex-A9 ARM Cortex-A9 Enlarge the RISC business Ubiq ITM Portable … … SOM SBC DMS Support PDs for RISC product development System

4 Advantech RISC Biz Circle Industrial RISC Solution Development OMAP35 i.MX53 i.MX 61 AM/DM5x i.MX 7 RISC Board Development Service Market Demand RISC System Integration ODM Project Market Feedback

5 Product Strategy Cortex-A9 Multicore System Product – RISC Display Solutions : RDS Series Product – RISC Box PC : RBC Series Products Fully link to all RBUs for RISC solutions planning & developments. RTX & 3.5 SBC

6 RISC Product Roadmap 20112012 ( Planning)2013 ( Planning) ARM ArchitectureCortex-A8Cortex A9 (Multi-core)Cortex-A15 (Multi-core) Chip solution Advantech product offering SOM-C3530 (OMAP35 based COM) PCM-C3530 (OMAP35 based SBC) ROM-1210 ( i.MX53 based COM) RSB-4210 (i.MX53 based SBC) ROM-1220 (i.MX6 based COM) RSB-4220 (i.MX6 based SBC) ROM-11X0 (AM5 based COM) RSB-41X0 ( AM5 based SBC) ROM-12X0 ( i.MX7 based COM) RSB-42X0 (i.MX7 based SBC) Android O.S. solution Froyo ( 2.2) Gingerbread (2.3) Ice Cream Sandwich ( 4.0) Ice Cream Sandwich ( 4.0)Jelly? ( 5.0?) Window solution WinCE 6.0 WEC7 TBCWindows 8 Linux 2.6.29 2.6.35 2.6.4x2.6.x Reference System product solution Box PC - ARK, Trek, Uno, DSA Panel PC- ITM, UBIQ, HIT, PIT, UTC,TPC Portable- MARS, ACA, MCD Others… Box PC - ARK, Trek, Uno, DSA Panel PC- ITM, UBIQ, HIT, PIT, UTC,TPC Green Server - TBC Others… Market applicationHMI, Industrial Control, Signage, Handheld HMI, Industrial Control, Signage, Server OMAP35 i.MX53 i.MX 6x AM/DM5 x i.MX 7

7 Marketing Key Initiatives Join consortium for RTX form factor Two Marketing approach – DMS biz model – Design-in Biz (RISC COM) : Fully aligned with Emb’Core Marketing/Regional Sales Force – Devices & Solutions (RISC SBC & system) : Fully aligned with Embedded Systems Sector Marketing/Regional Sales Force Marketing with Emb’Core, IAG & SAG – Emb’Core : Advantech Industrial Cloud Services - Industrial Cloud Built-in (iManager, SUSIAccess, Cloud Builder) – IAG & SAG : Vertical product applications Co-Marketing with Ecosystem partners – Freescale (major) & TI for co-launch and co-marketing

8 RISC VM Strategy Industrial Control RISC Open Frame Solutions (RDS Series) Portable Device RISC Box PC (RBC Series) Cloud Computing (targeting “device” Industrial / HMI

9 Account Coverage Model Internal PD Key Account/ VAR/ System Integrator Target Key Accounts xxx Product Launch packages Event Vertical Marketing Pack Join Embedded Technology consortium (ETC) for RTX promotion DMS : RISC Platform IP Design-in : RISC COM Brand Product : RISC SBC & System Quarterly RISC Tech Workshop

10 2012 New Products Q1Q2Q3Q4 RISC COMROM-1210 (Jan) ROM-1220 (Sep) RISC SBCRSB-4210 (Feb) RSB-4220 (Nov) RISC Display Solution RDS-1070 (TBD) RISC Box PC RBC-1000 (TBD)

11 2012 Marketing Calendar (Q1) Q1Q2Q3Q4 Product Launch Package ROM-1210 (Jan) RSB-4210 (Feb) RDS-1070 RBC-1000 ROM-1220 (Sep) RSB-4220 (Nov TBD) eDM Campaign Industrial Cloud by RISC TBD Tbd Video/Flash VVTbd AD/Poster VVTbd Events RETCC 2012 Embedded World ADF, Taipei RTS Embedded Systems ESC) Silicon Valley FSL FTF EDN Embedded Systems Seminar 2012 electronica 2012 Embedded WPC Case Studies /Whitepaper Case Study x 2 Whitepaper x 1 Case Study x 2 Whitepaper x 1 Case Study x 2 Whitepaper x 1 Case Study x 2 Whitepaper x 1 Catalog/ Brochure 2012 RISC Brochure (revised, Jan) 2012 RISC Case Study (New, Jan) ECG Master Catalog Tech/ Sales Training RISC Tech Workshop (internal) AEU, ACN, ANA, ASG (TBD) AEU, ACN, ANA, ASG (TBD) RISC Tech Workshop (internal) AEU, ACN, ANA, ASG (TBD) AEU, ACN, ANA, ASG (TBD)

12 Events Worldwide (I) EventPeriodCity/CountryRegionURL RETCC 2012Jan 17Santa Clara, CAUSA Embedded World 2012Feb 28-Mar 1Nürnberg, GermanyEurope RTS Embedded Systems 2012April 3-5Paris / FrenceEurope http://www.salons-solutions- Embedded System Conference (ESC) Silicon Valley March 26-29San Jose, USAUSA Embedded Systems ExpoMay 9-11Tokyo, JapanAsia EDN Embedded Systems Seminar 2012 SeptSingaporeAsiatbd electronica 2012Nov 13-16Munich, GermanyEurope Trade Fair/Exhibition

13 Appendix

14 RISC Focused Regions RegionRBU Sales Force KAFS / CSF PSM / BDMRBU Marcom AENCAIR KASF : Ween Niu/Jeff Brown David Liu (SAG sector) Edna Garcia / Deborah Lu ACNASZ KASF : 罗焕城 (Paul Lo) Xiaofeng.Ou ( 區曉風 ) Zhou.xun ( 周洵 ) Li.Xiong ( 熊莉 ) AEUADL KASF : Howard Lin / Fabrizio.del Maffeo Vincenzo.Difronzo (AEU PSM) Barbara / Pauline ATW Kiphone LinLilly Chen ASG Edwin.TeoGrace.Wong

15 White Paper & Application Story - ready Q1  Plan to generate at least 6 articles in 2012.  Application story coverage : – UbiQ – TREK – Medical – UNO – Tablet/portable – TPC/PPC – Signage

16 Q1 RTX Branding  Advantech launches RTX Brand Promotion – TBD

17 RISC Biz Model (AEU)  Brand Product Biz – – Open to all Europe regions RISC SBC business and suggest starting from RSB-4210 (Freescale i.MX53 3.5” SBC) – RISC COM business still go by Project based support before the local support from ready. (Target: Before 2012 Q2)  RISC Display Solutions  RISC Box PC  DMS Biz – – Still by project based to review the opportunity and support.

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