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Gilat Satellite Networks Corporate Presentation

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1 Gilat Satellite Networks Corporate Presentation
Gilat Satellite Networks | Erez Antebi, CEO March 2015

2 Driving the Satellite Industry for Over 25 Years
Leading provider of satellite-based communication products and services Designer and manufacturer of ground segment and networking communication equipment, including… VSAT systems (Very Small Aperture Terminals = modems) Small mobility terminals #1 or #2 worldwide VSAT market share outside of North America #1 (or #2) Satcom provider in all satellite segments Shipped over 1.2M terminals to date Growth Strategy Broadband driven by High Throughput Satellites (HTS) with low cost bandwidth Satellite On-The-Move (SOTM); Commercial and Defense 2015 Management Objectives Update: Revenue: between $250 and $260 million EBITDA: between $26 and $28million

3 Global Presence, Local Support
930 Employees Worldwide 5 R&D Centers 3 NOCs (Network Operation Centers) 21 Sales Offices 90 Countries 500 + active networks R&D Center NOC Sales office Revenue By Geographies 2013

4 Among Our Diverse Customer Base and Partners
Satellite Companies Telcos / MNOs Satcom Operators and ISPs System integrators Governments

5 Four Main Satellite Market Trends
HTS CAPACITY IS GROWING PRICE TRENDS BY REGION HTS Abundance of capacity Price erosion Broadband (BB) Demand BB Penetration rates are increasing Cellular Coverage and Networks Coverage is increasing Moving from 2G to 3G/LTE Satellite on-the-Move Mobility needs are growing Source: Comsys 2014 © Euroconsult 2013 TOTAL HTS CAPACITY DEMAND BY VERTICAL MARKET Source: EuroConsult 2013 5 NSR. Commercial Mobility via Satellite, 10th Edition 2014

6 Gilat Business Units Commercial Division Mobility Division
Services Division

7 Commercial Division Markets & Applications: Broadband Internet, Cellular Backhaul, Enterprise connectivity Customers: MNOs, Telcos, Satellite Operators Driving Growth: Ubiquitous broadband demand, lower-cost bandwidth (HTS), cellular coverage needs

8 Partnering with HTS Providers
Agreements in place with SES, Thaicom, Inmarsat and O3B Value Proposition: Multiple applications on same platform (Broadband, Enterprise, Cellular Backhaul, Mobility,..) Strategic position as technology partner Open System: Multiple ISPs can configure own business offering Flexible business models: Risk sharing OPEX model Ground equipment, VSATs, HUBs, Gateways and Network Operations Collaborative sales and distribution Actively pursuing creative partnerships with other leading satellite providers JCP

9 HTS and Wide-beam Gilat SkyEdge II-c Supports All Applications
Libra Gemini-i Gemini Capricorn Capricorn Pro Low-cost Consumer Consumer Enterprise 3G/LTE Cellular Backhaul IP Trunking & Mobility NEW!!! Total NMS - Network Management

10 Ka Band Leaders - Gilat and SES
SBBS Project Our SkyEdge II-c hubs and consumer equipment support SES’s Ka-band service 20Mbps 30 euros/month Tens of thousands of Consumer Premise Equipment already delivered (and more on the way) "Gilat's advanced VSAT technology allows us to optimize our service proposition and increase our competitive advantage.” Patrick Biewer Managing Director of SES Broadband Service

11 CellEdge: Small Cell Coverage for Unserved Areas
Fully integrated 2G/3G solution: VSAT and energy solution optimized for low-cost, rapid deployment Value proposition to MNOs: “Tell us where you want coverage and within a few months you will have it.” Example: TIM Brasil Turnkey solution for 20 remote sites in under 2 months, including site survey and acquisition, equipment delivery, installation and activation of the network Repeat order for additional 30 sites RuralCom Canada Sites running along the Canada – Alaska highway

12 Super-fast LTE Backhaul Made Possible With Capricorn
SkyEdge II-c Capricorn: 200Mbps – the world’s fastest TDMA VSAT Enable MNOs to connect to LTE network via satellite Value proposition to MNOs: “Rapid deployment of LTE in suburbs to capture market share” Initial orders received for Tier-1 Asian operator

13 Mobility Division Markets & Applications: Broadband-on-the-Move, Aviation, Defense, Broadband-on-the-Pause Customers: System Integrators, Airborne Service Providers, Defense Integrators Driving Growth: Broadband demand, Lower-cost bandwidth (HTS), Airborne connectivity

14 Airborne Connectivity - Today
Ka-Band AeroStream™ Transceiver “The combination of field experience and innovative technology was a critical factor in our selection of Wavestream’s Ka-band transceivers for integration into our Global Xpress antenna system.” Chris Webster Honeywell Aerospace

15 Airborne Connectivity - Tomorrow
Full Terminal

16 Tiny Terminals for UAVs
BlackRay Integrated System

17 Rugged Antennas On-the-Move
RaySat ER5000

18 Passenger Broadband Connectivity
RaySat ER7000

19 Manpack On-The-Pause SatTrooper

20 Services Division - Gilat Peru and Gilat Colombia
Markets & Applications: Developing countries, Broadband and communications coverage Customers: Government USO entities Driving Growth: Bridging the digital divide

21 Services Division: Gilat Peru
Awarded $285 Million BOT Regional Telecommunications Infrastructure project by Fitel in Peru. 3 bids won for 3 regions Fiber-optic Transport Network - Build and operate for 1 year Wireless Access Network - Build and operate for 10 years Bringing high quality connectivity to rural villages in need of broadband services. Connecting more than 600 government institutions Additional revenues expected from selling capacity on new network to Telco’s and MNO’s IAL project operational Providing telephony and internet services to 9,000 villages Government expected to issue more projects like this over next 2 years

22 Services Division: Gilat Colombia
$99m project from Colombia’s MINTIC: Deployment finished and operational 3 years’ service (2 quarters of service in 2014) Internet and educational services to 1,900 rural communities and schools

23 Financial Indicators

24 Annual Financial Indicators ($M)
Annual Revenues EBITDA Operating Income (loss) GAAP Non GAAP 24

25 Quarterly Financial Indicators ($M)
Quarterly Revenues EBITDA Operating Income (loss) Non GAAP 25

26 Profit and Loss Highlights - Non GAAP*
US$ millions, except per share data Three months ended December 31, Year ended Revenues 73.1 55.7 235.1 234.9 Gross Profit 27.0 21.5 88.7 84.6 Gross Margin 37.0% 38.5% 37.7% 36.0% R&D net 6.0 7.4 24.7 27.4 S&M 6.9 8.2 31.1 30.9 G&A 6.6 19.7 21.9 Operating Income (loss) 7.5 (0.1) 13.1 4.4 Net income (loss) (1.0) (1.1) Diluted EPS 0.10 (0.02) 0.17 (0.03) EBITDA 10.4 2.5 23.4 16.3 * Adjustments reflect the effect of non-cash stock options expenses as per ASC 718, amortization of intangible assets related to share acquisition transactions and net income (loss) from discontinued operations.

27 Balance Sheet Highlights – Quarter to Quarter
US$ millions December 31, 2014 September 30, Cash Balances * 53.5 46.7 Total Assets 364.9 352.1 Total Debt 30.9 31.1 Shareholders’ equity 225.1 222.6 * Including cash and cash equivalents, restricted cash and net of short term bank credits.

28 2015 Management Objectives
Revenues between $250M to $260M EBITDA between $26M to $28M H2 expected to be significantly stronger than H1

29 Summary Satellite communication needs will significantly increase in the near future HTS Mobility Cellular Significant opportunities in Government funded rural telecom infrastructure projects Gilat is well-positioned to take advantage of these markets Financial situation Significant improvement in profitability Healthy balance sheet Continued growth expected

30 Gilat Satellite Networks | |

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