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Dell Precision workstations

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1 Dell Precision workstations

2 Dell Precision Workstations: The Power to Do More

3 Dell Precision: More than 15 years of industry leadership
1997 2001 2005 2008 2010 2012 Dell enters the personal workstation market 1st to launch a mobile workstation 1st tier 1 vendor to launch dual-core workstation 1st to introduce 2U rack workstation World’s most powerful 15” and 17” mobile workstations Award-winning tower & mobile chassis design & world’s most powerful 15” and 17” mobile workstations Since 1997 Dell has been an evolutionary force in the workstation industry. We quickly gained the #1 marketshare position after entering the market in 1997 First vendor to launch a mobile workstation in 2001, First tier 1 vendor to launch a dual-core workstation, First to launch a rack workstation in 2008 and then quickly became the market leader two years later and still hold the position, World's most powerful mobile 15 and 17 inch mobile workstations in 2010 and 2011. Design awards for our recent mobile and tower workstation line Dell is also the currently the #1 workstation leader in Americas. And today we are very pleased to announce we are continuing to build on our workstation leadership with the introduction of two new systems, the Dell Precision M4700 and M6700 – the world’s most powerful 15” and 17” mobile workstations.

4 Market Trends A world of evolving needs means workstation users demand more 3D simulation and analysis in design process Enhanced software suites and bundling Increased competition Performance Growing globalization Changing workforce Increased support and mobility Dependability Competitive shifts Budget constraints Need for integrated solutions Smart Design Performance = Need for higher performance systems and reliable solutions that yield greater productivity Dependability = Need to support remote and global work scenarios with datacenter managed workstations and mobile workstations Smart Design = Need to take advantage of the ever changing market; remain agile; continue to listen to customers and provide effective solutions

5 Dell Precision workstations
Creation engines enabling professionals to work at the speed of thought Powerful workstations tested, certified and supported for maximum dependability and uptime.* Dependability Delivering innovative and award-winning workstation design that allows engineers, designers and other professionals to work smarter. Smart Design Dell’s highest- performing and most scalable systems precisely tuned to demanding and specific user needs. Performance The best example of a solution tuned to specific segment use and needs is Dell Precision workstations. They are Dell’s highest-performing and most scalable systems and specifically designed for professionals with the most mission critical and demanding needs - in engineering, product design, animation, digital imaging and other graphics and compute intensive occupations. The Dell Precision brand is defined by the three key tenets: performance, smart design and dependability. We understand our customers need high performance that helps them bring their innovative ideas to life fast; innovative design that yield greater productivity; and the ability to maximize uptime and efficiency with ISV certified, secure, manageable and serviceable systems that seamlessly integrate into their environment. These three tenets are at the core of every Dell Precision workstation product and solution. *Screen images courtesy of Schlumberger Technology Corporation Petrel® E&P and GeoFrame® Software Platform

6 Dell Precision Workstation Family

7 Dell Precision Fixed Workstation Model Matrix
Ultra high-end dual socket workstation High-end dual socket workstation Mainstream single socket workstation Entry level single socket workstation

8 Dell Precision Rack Workstation Model Matrix
FX100 Wyse P25 Dedicated Rack workstation Remote PCoIP Zero Client

9 Dell Precision Mobile Workstation Model Matrix
M6700 Covet Exceptional portability and performance Fixed workstation capability in a mobile form factor Fixed workstation capability in a mobile form factor with edge-to-edge display & Phoenix red color

10 Dell Precision Portfolio Roadmap
Q4 CY12 Q1 CY13 Q2 CY13 Q3 CY13 Q4 CY13 Q1 CY14 Q2 CY14 Dell Precision R7610 (Ipanema) Dell Precision R5500 (North Shore) Dell Precision T7610 (Bells 7) DUAL SOCKET Dell Precision T7600 (Big Sur) Dell Precision T5610 (Bells 5) Dell Precision T5600 (Little Sur) Dell Precision T3610 (Bells 3) Dell Precision T3600 (Negril) SINGLE SOCKET Dell Precision T1700 (MT & SFF) (Tulum) Dell Precision T1650 (Comoros) Dell Precision M6800 (Diesel 17) Dell Precision M6700 (Vans 17) Dell Precision M6600 MOBILE Dell Precision M4800 (Diesel 15) Dell Precision M4700 (Vans 15) Dell Precision M4600 Dell Confidential – Do Not Copy or Distribute

11 Peace of Mind through ISV Certification

12 What does it mean for a Dell Precision™ workstation to be certified?
Peace of mind knowing that Dell works with many ISVs to provide an exceptional, seamless user experience. Hundreds of engineering man-hours and rigorous testing to optimize performance and reliability with leading industry applications. A fine-tuned machine running at peak performance bringing you a level of confidence you trust and value.

13 The Certification Process
“ISV Certification is more than basic testing to see if an application will run smoothly. The process is built on a relationship between Dell and the software application providers; We both have the end user in mind with the goal of delivering a professional solution with outstanding hardware and software dependability.” — Mark Rehmann, PE, Dell Workstation Product Planner Rigorous testing and collaboration by Dell, technology partners and component engineers provides assurance that your mission critical software functions seamlessly DELL Technology partner NVIDIA® AMD or Driver issues are solved To strengthen this message, the key software partners in the workstation space ONLY certify workstations. This involves extensive testing and close partnership to ensure excellent reliability and solid performance of all the system components and the software and drivers, together with the chosen operating system. Dedicated Dell certification and performance engineers work closely with their counterparts at a number of different software partners covering over a broad range of complex applications and multiple different graphics options to provide an array of tested and certified configurations for our customers’ choice of advanced application software. Application issues resolved Certification results Performance testing Source: Dell Precision Customer NDA Presentation May 2003 AD# , p. 16, updated slide with refreshed speakers notes

14 Engineering: MCAD, CAE, CAM, EDA, AEC
Dell Precision Workstations Technology Partner Certified or Tested Applications Engineering: MCAD, CAE, CAM, EDA, AEC Team Center NX Series NX I-deas Solid Edge CATIA Enovia Delmia Simula SmartTeam SolidWorks ProEngineer Creo Wildfire Windchill AutoCAD Inventor Alias Surface Alias Automotive Revit Microstation Classic Workbench CFX Fluent Patran Nastran Hyperworks Mastercam Digital Content Creation (M&E): 3D Animation, Film & Video Editing, Pro Audio, Image Editing 3ds Max Maya Softimage Mudbox MotionBuilder Flare Creative Suite Premiere Pro AfterEffects Photoshop Media Composer Pro Tools Edius Vegas Pro

15 Dell Precision Workstations Technology Partner Certified or Tested Applications
Scientific: Oil & Gas, GIS DecisionSpace GeoProbe Petrel EarthVision ArcGIS SVI Pro SVI 3D Pro Economics and Finance Scientific: Medical, Testing PACS Displays Coronis Nio MRDC LabView SciFinance

16 Graphics

17 Why do I need professional level graphics?
Higher level of accuracy Increased performance Application certification High productivity and low downtime are critical to your businesses' efficiency and success. Professional level graphics help exceed your needs while maintaining stability Driver optimizations and stability Specialized features Lifecycle management

18 The Importance of Professional Grade Graphics: Speed and Accuracy
Create, validate and render with confidence using the right graphics solution Model created on a consumer desktop using an NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics card Model created on a professional workstation using an NVIDIA Quadro® graphics card The right Graphics Adapter can be the defining factor between successful mechanical modeling and a failed design. Images created in CATIA V5 August 2006, courtesy of D Hoffman, Dell Precision Certification and Performance Engineer

19 The Importance of Professional Grade Graphics: Driver optimizations and stability
Professional graphics cards have drivers that are tested and tuned for professional graphics applications to deliver optimum results, and driver release cycles that are optimized for stability. In addition, drivers in professional cards often enable performance enhancements for certain applications that are not available using consumer cards.

20 The Importance of Professional Grade Graphics: Lifecycle management
Lifecycle management - a commitment that the hardware will be available and serviced for a given amount of time – is a key component to professional graphics and allows you to standardize on hardware configurations for providing stability and easier manageability. Conversely, consumer graphics hardware is often updated or changed in as little as a few months. This can cause churn and may increase downtime for your business.

21 The Importance of Professional Grade Graphics: Specialized features
Application-specific features & optimizations are often available only on professional-level graphics cards: Direct-X and openGL professional graphics language support Custom plug-in accelerator drivers 30-bit color support for increased color resolution Frame lock/genlock support for synchronization of frames and video sources Serial digital interface (SDI) connections for interfacing to a digital video pipeline Specialized features for virtual (multiple OS) environments Tiling of multiple displays

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