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Understanding STEM with Interactive Virtual Reality Teaching in Depth.

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1 Understanding STEM with Interactive Virtual Reality Teaching in Depth

2 Next Generation of Interaction 1960s Text 1980s Mouse 2000s Touch Today Virtual Reality ? Inspire. Empower. Collaborate.

3 Video: zSpace in Today’s Classrooms

4 Demonstration: Virtual and Augmented Reality

5 What’s in the zSpace STEM Package Full color, HD stereoscopic display with head tracking Unique stylus for virtual interaction Passive, non-tracked 2D conversion eyewear Passive, polarized tracking eyewear And a PC to drive it

6 In Every zSpace Package Franklin’s LabNewton’s ParkzSpace Studio

7 zView Share an experience Capture a video of your discoveries Annotation Share in real-time

8 Franklin’s Lab Complex concepts taught through meaningful application Electricity Circuits Motors

9 Newton’s Park Answer questions through trial and error, user-created experiments Newton’s Laws Projectile Motion Collisions, forces and friction

10 zSpace Studio Compare, contrast, and relate structure to function Over 1000 models to compare Tools for discovery

11 zSpace Studio Historical Artifacts Architecture Archaeology Human Anatomy Solar System Included in the Studio model gallery: Botany Zoology Technology Transportation Sculpture Full catalog of models available. Many models include curriculum guidelines and model-specific recommended activities.

12 Using zSpace Studio Print Preview Dissect Measure Cutting Plane Annotations Tour Builder Activity Builder Our latest STEM software has a number of new features to enhance the experience of interacting with 3D models in zSpace.

13 Print Preview Preview models for a 3D printer

14 Dissect Explore the internal and external geometry of models

15 Measure Measure objects based on real-world scale

16 The Cutting Plane Cross-section analysis both with and without internal geometry

17 Annotations Add labels and explanations to models

18 Tour Builder Create guided tours and presentations of models

19 Activity Builder Create your own lessons and guided activities, just like in Newton’s Park and Franklin’s Lab

20 Supports Design and Manufacturing Teaching Use existing tools Import 3D models Visualize and explore 3D Print Preview zSpace enhances student design and manufacturing skills Examples of supported import formats

21 Personalize the learning experience Teacher tool allows customization and building of activities Learning differentiation through activity questions and hints Advanced options allow teachers to create nuanced experiments How does a ball’s mass affect the speed of a falling ball? Question 1 Create an experiment with balls of different mass, roll them down ramps and measure the velocity of the ball at a common point. Does the shape of the ramp or a straight drop make a difference in the momentum? Question 2 Create an experiment comparing the velocity of a single ball when rolling down different ramps or falling straight down. How can you explain the different results? Question 3 Document in your lab book the differences in your measurements and hypothesize as to why they differ?

22 Teaching Resources and Professional Development

23 Standards-Based Activities and Support Materials

24 Standards Overview Physical SciencesLife SciencesEarth & Space Sciences 3 rd Grade PS2-1, PS2-2, PS2-3LS1-1, LS3-1, LS4-1, LS4-2, LS4-3 4 th Grade PS3-1, PS3-3, PS3-4, PS4-2 LS1-2, LS1-2 ESS1-1, ESS2-1, ESS2-2, ESS3-1 5 th Grade PS1-1, PS1-3, PS2-1, PS3-1, LS1-1 ESS1-1, ESS1-2, ESS2-1 Middle School PS1-1, PS1-2, PS1-4, PS2-1, PS2-2, PS2-3, PS2-4, PS2-5, PS3-1, PS3-2, PS3-5, LS1-1, LS1-2, LS1-3, LS1-4, LS1-6, LS1-7, LS1-8 ESS1-1, ESS1-2, ESS1- 3, ESS1-4 ESS2-1, ESS2-2, ESS2- 3, ESS2- 4, ESS2- 5, ESS3-1, ESS3-2 US NGSS Standards by Grade Level

25 Standards Overview US NGSS Science & Engineering Practices Grades 3-5 Developing and using models Engaging in argument from evidence Asking questions and defining problems Planning and carrying out investigations Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating information Construction Explanations and Designing Solutions Grades 6-8 Asking questions and defining problems Developing and using models Using mathematics and computational thinking Analyzing and interpreting Data Engaging in argument through evidence Grades 9-12 Exploration and study of Anatomy, Botany, Paleontology, Zoology, Mechanical, etc. Combine with design labs Real physics modeling

26 zSpace K-12 Roadmap Q1 ‘15 Q2 ‘15 Q3 ‘15Q4 ‘15Q1 ‘16Q2 ‘16Q3 ‘16Q4 ‘16 EDU 2014 Apps + Physics 2014 (Newton’s Park) + Electricity 2014 (Franklin’s Lab) + Studio 2014 & Gallery + Teacher Dashboard EDU 2015 Apps + Physics 2015 (Newton’s Park) + Electricity 2015 (Franklin’s Lab) + Studio 2015 including + Chemistry Content + Math Content + Expanded Gallery Along with many third party applications, including: CyberScience3D 2015, Designmate and others Q1 ‘15 Q2 ‘15 Q3 ‘15Q4 ‘15Q1 ‘16Q2 ‘16Q3 ‘16Q4 ‘16

27 Hardware Details of zSpace STEM Package 12 zSpace 200 stations 12 zSpace stylus 60 zSpace eyewear (24 tracked leader, 24 untracked follower, 12 clip-ons) Keyboard and mouse on each station 10 Student PCs – Small PC case with Intel Core i3-4330, 3.4GHz Dual Core, 4 GB RAM DDR3-1600, 120 GB SSD, AMD Radeon R9 265X, Wi-Fi 2 Teacher PCs – Small PC case with Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM DDR3-1600, 2 TB HDD, AMD FirePro W5000/5100, Wi-Fi All relevant cables & instructions for installation and setup 2 zView packages – includes HD camera, mounting armature and software Windows 7 Home Premium license with all zSpace software pre-installed and configured

28 Questions and Demos Visit zSpace Booth 709 to see additional zSpace applications – Newton’s Park – Franklin’s Lab – zSpace Studio 3 rd Party applications – CyberScience3D – CyberAnatomy – DesignMate … and more!

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