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Sub-Contractor Meeting

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1 Sub-Contractor Meeting
The Derbyshire Network 6 November 2013

2 Welcome & Outline of the day
9.30 a.m. : Final 2012/2013 Contract Performance : Quarter /2014 Performance : Quarter 1 Growth Bid Position : Provider EDS ‘Blue Sheep’ Registration a.m. : Understanding your 2013/2014 Contract : 2013/2014 Contract Year Updates – achievement funding - apprenticeship minimum wage - ROTA re-registration a.m. : Feedback from 1st/2nd October Mock Ofsted Inspection a.m. : Quality Assurance and Systems Update : Preparing for PFA Audit p.m. : Lunch Steve Moore Steve Moore Sharon Nash Norman Mason

3 Welcome & Outline of the day
13.00 p.m. : Summary of Feedback from Learner and Employer Surveys p.m. : Making use of the TDN Website : Future Training Events and Updates p.m. : Contract Operation Requirements - Initial Assessment, Induction and Learner Journey Planning - The need for and purpose of accurate Learner Journey Reports - Notification of learner withdrawals and evidence requirements p.m. : Supply Chain ‘Common Accord’ p.m. : The Matrix Award ‘The need for registration’ p.m. : Questions and Answers p.m. : Close Tina Howe Andrea Cross Steve Moore Norman Mason Amanda Ashall Steve Moore Sharon Nash

4 2012/2013 Contract – Final Position
Adult Skills Budget: Contract Value = £2,469,855.00 Actual Performance= £2,462, (99.7%) Non Apprenticeships = 49% 19+ Apprenticeships = 51% 16-18 Apprenticeships: Contract Value = £311,823.00 Actual Performance= £281, (90.2%)

5 2013/2014 Contract – Quarter 1 Position
Adult Skills Budget: Contract Value = £2,123,134.00 Non Apprenticeships = £1,100, (51.8%) Min. 19+ Apprenticeships = £1,022, (48.2%) Anticipated Performance to Period 12 = £1,734, (81.7%) Adult Skills Budget: Contract Value at Q1 end = £521, Actual Performance to Q1 end = £733, (140.7%) Breakdown Quarter 1 19+ Apprenticeships = 47.5% Non-Apprenticeships = 52.5%

6 2013/2014 Contract – Quarter 1 Position
16-18 Apprenticeships: Contract Value = £343,737.00 Anticipated Performance to Period 12 = £363, (100.6%) 16-18 Apprenticeships: Contract Value at Q1 end = £93,840.00 Actual Performance to Q1 end = £97, (103.6%) 16-18 Traineeships: Contract Value = £124,303 Actual Performance to Q1 end = £0 (0%)

7 2013/2014 Contract – Quarter 1 Position
24+ Learner Loans Made Up of: Approved 79 £84, Approved awaiting signatures 17 £25, Missing/Incomplete Evidence 24 £29, Ineligible 12 £10,181.00 24+ Learner Loans: Contract Value = £371,434.00 24+ Learner Loans: Contract Value at Q1 end = £77,001.00 Actual Performance to Q1 end = £53, (69.6%) £20,000 paid, £34,000 awaiting Potential Value to Q1 end = £139,000 (180.5%)

8 Quarter 1 Growth Bid Bids received from 4 Existing Providers and 3 Potential Providers Growth bid template being issued by the SFA on 6th November Close date for bids to the SFA is 28th November Support Evidence still required Will not know the result until late December Learner starts from bid cannot commence until Jan 2014.

9 EDS Bluesheep Registration
All employer placements must have a ERN Number on Registration These numbers can be accessed from the Bluesheep Website TDN can give each provider their own access to Bluesheep as a provider to The Derbyshire Network. Bluesheep Site  TDN will issue you with a password. Bluesheep will issue you with a User Name.

10 Understanding Your Contract
Contract Specification Issued. 29 Contracts issued at the start of August signed copies returned Schedule A Training Provider Name: UKPRN No: Company No: Adult Skills Budget (August 2013 to March 2014 Period) Total Budget for Period is £0.00 of which a minimum of must be for 19+ Adult Apprenticeships Adult Skills Budget (April 2013 to July 2013 Period) Funding Profile Cash (£) Aug-13 Sep-13 Oct-13 Nov-13 Dec-13 Jan-14 Feb-14 Mar-14 Apr-14 May-14 Jun-14 Jul-14 Total Adult Skills Funding Of which 19+ Apprenticeships Funding Total Funding

11 Understanding Your Contract
Contract Main Points. Subcontractor must not subcontract any aspect of the provision Where associates are used then you must have an Associate Agreement The Sub-Contractor must at all times ensure that it has sufficient capacity, resources and suitably qualified staff to deliver its commitments the contract. The Subcontractor shall request permission from TDN in writing (by or letter) if they wish to make any amendments to agreed activity and volumes. Equality and Diversity requirements Health, Safety & Welfare requirements

12 Understanding Your Contract
Management Information TDN requires THE PROVIDER to submit Management Information regarding learner starts, achievements and/or withdrawal are submitted by the 20th day of each month in order to ensure compliance with SFA schedules. TDN will, from time to time, request ad-hoc Management Information from THE PROVIDER as required, or additional to that already claimed through claims and electronic data submission. THE PROVIDER shall respond to such requests in a timely and comprehensive manner and in the format requested by TDN. Failure to do so will be regarded by TDN as a breach of contract. The PROVIDER shall comply with the requirement to supply learner tracking and progress data on a monthly basis on the standardised format as supplied by TDN.

13 Understanding Your Contract
Performance Monitoring and Review Regular performance reviews will be undertaken with THE PROVIDER and these will be based upon both quantitative and qualitative data. TDN reserves the right to conduct these reviews on a face-to-face basis, by telephone or desk research appropriate to the performance of the sub-contractor at the time of the review. Where any provider is seen as delivering any aspect of a programme/qualification in either a subject area overall or a subject area within a particular geographical area below agreed Minimum Standards then TDN will have the right to suspend the delivery of that programme/qualification either nationally or regionally by that provider.

14 Understanding Your Contract
Other Items Appointment of a Principle Contract Manager Penalties Use of AV on-Line Website Access and Monitoring Retention of Documents - 7 years although ESF co-funding documentation to 31st Dec 2022. Payment Arrangements and Processes Data Protection and Protection of Personal Data Submission of Learner Data – start forms, ILR’s etc

15 Understanding Your Contract
Other Items Quality Assurance – comply with requirements of TDN, SFA, Ofsted, Awarding Bodies, regulatory bodies etc. Provider must have in place their own rigorous system of Quality Assurance The Provider will make available to TDN a report on its own assessment of the quality of its services and provision. Information, Advice and Guidance Feedback and Complaints Raising Standards – minimum standards etc.

16 Understanding Your Contract
Other Items The need for Matrix accreditation Provider Financial Assurance Audit Requirements – risk assessment Fraud and Irregularity European Funding and Other Sources of Funding Breach of Contract - Minor and Serious Termination of Contract Transfer of Responsibility on Expiry or Termination Branding & Logo’s

17 Contract Year Updates Minimum Wage for Apprentices now £2.68 from 1st October Letter from Matthew Hancock to all Apprentices New achievement payments for 2013/2014 Functional Skill requirements Job Outcome data for unemployed learners ESF Matched Funding Requirements and current audit. ACE Centralised Payment system Traineeships – new marketing leaflets ROTA Registration – all applicable providers should now have re-registered

18 Quality News Sharon Nash Quality Improvement Manager

19 Areas for Improvement form last OFSTED Inspection 2008
Slow progress by some learners Insufficient planning of individual learning Insufficient sharing of good practice Poor recognition of the importance of learners’ literacy and numeracy by some sub-contractors

20 Mock Inspection Feedback – Main Points
Learner Support and Guidance including IAG and ILP – lack of Effective Initial Assessment leading to individualised action planning and target setting Effective Induction processes that lead to diagnostic assessment which is meaningful relevant level specific and vocationally based Development of systems and procedures to identify needs, record intervention and monitor effect on success Making support available to learners via other means ie learning platforms or VLEs Appropriate Resources Work on supporting Learners and Assessor/Tutors to share resources Mapping of literacy, numeracy, ICT, E & D and enrichment in Schemes of Work Use of web based materials to support Learners ie Joomla or VLE such as Moodle

21 Mock Inspection Feedback – Main Points
Performance Management Observations of Teaching, Learning and Assessment leading to CPD Development of policies and procedures for CPD and Performance Management Target setting related to student performance for all Sub-contractors Raise level of understanding of Equality and Diversity with staff members Planning appropriate provision for learners, promoting E & D into lessons and programmes Improving Teaching, Learning and Assessment Ensure that all teaching staff have a minimum level of qualification Develop ways of sharing good practice Develop planning to cater for individual needs of learners based on effective IAG and on-going assessment Link lesson observations and feedback to planning of CPD and performance management

22 Teaching Qualification Update
New teaching qualifications are changing to Education and Training qualifications Reflect the need for FE/WBL teachers to be both professionally experienced within their area of expertise and suitably equipped to teach Having a vocational qualification doesn’t mean you know how to transfer them

23 Assessor/Internal Verifier/Quality Assurance
TAQA L3 (Assessor) TAQA L4 (Quality Assurance)    City and Guilds TAQA is a modular award (Levels 3 and 4) and replaces the C&G A1/A2 and V1/V2 Units TAQA provides people who carry out assessment and internal quality assurance roles in their organisation with the opportunity to develop and improve their practice as well as achieving a professional qualification for the role provided they are qualified in the subject they intend to assess. A1/A2 V1/V2 D32/D33 D34

24 Teaching Qualifications
Credit Value GLH Hours of Practice Number of Assessed Obser-vations Assessment of Literacy & Numeracy Skills on Entry Notes Award in Education and Training Level 3 (2013) 12 48 Yes Minimum microteaching requirement. Learning and Development units require additional practice if chosen PTLLS Level 3 and 4 (2011) PTLLS Level 3 and 4 (2007) 6 30 Minimum microteaching requirement.

25 Teaching Qualifications
Credit Value GLH Hours of Practice Number of Assessed Observations Assessment of Literacy & Numeracy Skills on Entry Certificate in Education and Training Level 4 (2013) 36 140 30 3 Yes CTLLS Level 3 and 4 (2011) 160 CTLLS Level 3 and 4 (2007) 24 120

26 Teaching Qualifications
Credit Value GLH Hours of Practice Number of Assessed Observations Assessment of Literacy & Numeracy Skills on Entry Diploma in Education and Training Level 5 (2013) 120 360 100 8 Yes DTLLS Level 5 (2011) DTLLS Level 5 (2007)

27 TDN Expectations All Assessors/tutors/teachers/deliverers will be expected to acquire or be working towards Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training - at the very minimum - by the start of the new contract year. This will ensure that staff will have Functional Skills Level 2 or equivalent and help support the embedding of English and maths within the delivery

28 TDN Expectations Those members of staff who are delivering Functional Skills will be required to have the level of qualification above what they are delivering or working towards it. Evidence of CPD activity will be audited.

29 Matrix Accreditation All Sub-contractors must have achieved Matrix Accreditation within six months of the start of the contract (as stated on Page 22 section 26.2 – 26.4 of The Derbyshire Network Contract) February 2014

30 Matrix Accreditation Four Elements Leadership and Management (8)
The way in which the organisation is led and managed to develop an effective service Resources (5) Describes the assets invested and applied in providing an effective service

31 Matrix Accreditation Service Delivery (6)
The way in which the service is delivered Continuous Quality Improvement (8) The way in which the service provided is reviewed and improved on an on-going basis

32 Inclusive learning approaches for literacy, language, numeracy ICT
Inclusive learning approaches for literacy, language, numeracy ICT

33 Intervention Escalation Process

34 Over to Norman

35 Quality Assurance Update - Audits
Norman Mason

36 Key Areas for Improvement
Things are improving but; Initial Assessments – “lip service” rather than a true assessment that identifies a learners current abilities and level – diagnostic assessments are scarce identifying areas where learners are having difficulties Progress reviews – there is still an issue with the number of reviews being delivered and the quality of the write ups Embedding key features of an apprenticeship, including Functional Skills, Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, Safeguarding

37 Key Areas for Improvement
ILP’s not treated as a live document and updated when activities have take place (ideal time would be during the review process) Learner Tracking (learner journey reports) systems not up to date and reflecting accurately how far the learner has come since the start of the program Action Plans that have corrective and supportive action points in place that help the learner progress. Withdrawals failure to identify learners who should be withdrawn or learners who have had limited contact with Tutor/Assessors

38 Key Areas for Improvement
Portfolio Evidence Observations of Assessments, Professional Discussions, Witness Statements that are not clear on what they are referring too Suspensions/ Breaks in Learning/Extensions Providers not understanding the difference or failing to suspend or extend learners Eligibility Checks Learners starting on programs who are not eligible, primarily due to number of working hours not meeting the required 30 hours

39 Initial Assessments Learners must be assessed and a true picture gained as to the level the learner is truly working at (remember learning gaps) Things to consider: If the learner scores highly at one level are you re assessing at the next If a learner has a low score are you conducting a diagnostic assessment to identify areas where support is needed

40 Initial Assessments Are you marking assessments and correcting mistakes and talking the learner through the assessment results Are you embedding Functional Skills in to the programs ICT Literacy Numeracy

41 Initial Assessments Are you adding additional Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for those who require additional support Are you applying for Additional Support Funds to cover the additional GLH Are you recording all aspects of Functional Skills through the review process to track whether learners are improving. Is you initial review process fit for purpose

42 Initial Assessments Do you have the right, qualified staff to deliver Functional Skills Do you conduct Occupational Initial Assessments

43 Any Questions?

44 Preparing for PFA Audits
PFA are interested in what we/you have done with the SFA’s money: What you should be doing: Internal Audits by all sub-contractors What you should be looking at:

45 Preparing for PFA Audits
Documentation Eligibility and Does the Learner Exist ILR – start and end ILP – from start to finish or to the point the learner is at Learner Start Form Learner Agreements Progress Reviews Exit reviews

46 Preparing for PFA Audits
Closure/withdrawal/suspension/extension paperwork Change in circumstances Notification of Achievements Remember if the PFA find a 5% or more error rate they will extrapolate and potentially claw-back 5% of the whole contract value.

47 Any Questions?

48 See Minimum Wage Hand Out
A Final Thought! Do you track apprentices you make sure their pay increases based on length of time on program and age. See Minimum Wage Hand Out

49 Events and Website Update
Andrea Cross Membership & Marketing Manager

50 Website
Sub-Contractor area - planned changes as follows Programme Documents Programme Guidance Quality Traineeships

51 Some final thoughts Steve Moore

52 Learner Journey Reports
Accurate Learner Journey Reports are critical to us so that we can fully determine each learners position re their progress. It helps to identify learners that are not progressing The report should link into your own Learner Progress Tracking System Information on the report will be reviewed in cases of a learner withdrawal Learner Journey reports will have an influence on contractual decisions

53 Learner Withdrawal Evidence
On a learner withdrawal the learner end date has to be based on the evidence of last learner activity/progression. Evidence supplied is often light and can result in an earlier end date being determined and subsequent increased claw back of funds. Learner withdrawal should be the last option – can the learner be continued with additional support, guidance, programme modification etc. Learner journey reports cover all the learners who are currently ‘live’ on the TDN system. You should reconcile your reports.

54 Supply Chain ‘Common Accord’
TDN have signed up to the Common Accord. Supply chain management activities should align with the principles of best practice in the skills sector. Prime/lead providers in supply chains will at all times undertake fair and transparent procurement activities, conducting robust due diligence procedures on potential subcontractors to ensure compliance with the Common Accord at all levels. Funding for learning that is retained by the lead provider must be related to the costs of the services provided. These services, and the levels of funding being retained for them, will be clearly documented and agreed by all parties. Where disputes between supply chain partners cannot be resolves through mutually agreed internal resolution procedures, signatories commit to the dispute to independent outside arbitration or mediation and to abide by its findings.

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