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Stonesoft Roadmap WHAT FEATURES WILL COME IN 2013-2014.

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1 Stonesoft Roadmap WHAT FEATURES WILL COME IN 2013-2014

2 About This Roadmap Specifications subject to change without notice. Forward-looking statements in this document are based on current expectations that involve a number of risks and uncertainties.

3 Complement ary Leader Visionary Niche Technology Vision Anti-Virus Anti-Spam Web Filtering Enterprise FW (NGFW) Network IPS Authentication SSL VPN SIEM Vulnerability testing Network monitoring Server Load Balancing

4 Promise The most intelligent, integrated and adaptive Network Security platform at the lowest TCO. OUR BRAND AND VALUE… Dynamic real world security Simplify network security User experience and manageability maximized Disruptive security innovations We do not have “just another customer” Integrity in DNA Genuinely Low TCO

5 Release schedule Q1 2013 2014 Q2Q3Q4 Q1 Q2Q3 Q4

6 Stonesoft Virtualized Security Engines SMC Load Sharing IPFIX Support VERSION 5.5

7 Virtualized Security Engines Ability to have different policies for different interfaces within the same security engine Nice solution especially for MSSPs NGN Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 Customer 4 Customer 5 Customer 6

8 Virtualized Security Engines Up to 250 Virtual Engines per appliance Appliance specific limitations based available resources Clustering support Available with NGN products

9 SMC Load Sharing BETTER SCALABILITY AND HIGH-AVAILABILITY Active-Active Management High Availability End-customer domain management shared across multiple management servers for extended scalability and high-availability MGMT SERVER 1 MGMT SERVER 2 MGMT SERVER 3 Active

10 SMC Load Sharing MANAGEMENT UP TO 5000 NODES Up to 5 management servers in same system All servers shares same information 5.3 1000 2000 5.4 Nodes Version 5.5 5000 With multiple Mgmt Servers

11 Netflow SUPPORT FOR SENDING AND RECEPTION SMC is able to send statistical information to 3rd party using IPFIX protocol SMC is able to receive Netflow data from 3rd party devices Improved statistics and reports SMC 3rd Party SIEM 3rd Party Engine SMC

12 Other enhancements Next generation QoS Support for metadata in Federated ID Improved VoIP support Inspection enhancements Usability enhancements SMC NGN SSL VPN

13 Stonesoft Reputation Context GTP Inspection DoS protection SMC API VERSION 5.6

14 Reputation CONTEXT AWARE SECURITY Two new services available for access control URL reputation index IP reputation category

15 GTP Inspection SECURING MOBILE NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE GPRS Tunneling Protocol inspection Malformed GTP messages resource protection Legitimate Access Control

16 SMC API NEW INTERFACE FOR BIG PROJECTS... REST based API interface Data as XML or JSON Targeted for: Integrations with MSSP’s own portals Co-operation with policy management applications such as Tufin and Firemon OEM business MSSP OEM

17 And a lot of other enhancements Support for virtual Layer 2 Firewall and IPS Usability Enhancements SMC NGN SSL VPN

18 Stonesoft Local browser-based management Integrated SSL VPN Correlation Policy IPv6 Server load balancing VERSION 5.7

19 Local browser-based management ENABLING STANDALONE INSTALLATIONS New user experience Simpler way to manage one single Security Engine Backup for centralized management if connections are lost

20 Correlation policy BETTER LOG ANALYSIS TOOLS Ability to correlate any log records (including logs from 3rd party devices) Improved anomaly detection Important part of SMC SIEM Solution FW IPS 3rd Party LOG SERVER

21 Integrated SSL VPN SECURITY ENGINE “Network oriented” modern approach Total integration in SMC

22 Thank you!

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