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COMMIT Workshop CORC Implementers Meeting 20 th November 2014.

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1 COMMIT Workshop CORC Implementers Meeting 20 th November 2014

2 Introduction to MegaNexus Introduction to COMMIT Development roadmap Young person portal demonstration Additional functionality – SHARD – COMMIT CMS Questions and Answers Agenda

3 Introduction to MegaNexus MegaNexus vision: to be the number one provider of IL3 people-data software. As market leader in secure data-partnership systems, our technology ensures the safest, most scalable and simplest to use data platform for multi-agency support. MegaNexus is ISO27001 accredited, NHS IG Toolkit V10 certified and NEO is IL3 accredited.

4 Introduction to COMMIT Clinical Outcomes Monitoring & Management Information Technology system. COMMIT is a secure web-based case management system, allowing real time access to (view, edit, report) client data for managers, clinicians and administrators. The system has been built to meet the requirements of the CYP IAPT / CORC + data set and is a proven tool for CYP IAPT & CORC+ data capture. £3,100 pa for CORC Members

5 COMMIT Demonstration

6 Development Roadmap TargetDescription Q1 2015Manage inactive cases Q1 2015System tidy - Update language (patients to clients) - Additional search fields - Additional table fields (case status / team ID) - Remove deprecated values from view - Align questions and answers on one row Q1 2015Portal - Remove “missing” option - Update Questionnaire labels - Introduce more questionnaires Q2 2015Usability - Merge Assessment and follow up questionnaires - Select all / none / invert selection options introduced throughout (inc Current View, Events) Q2 2015Reporting - New Data Warehouse - CYP IAPT format reports - Reporting Integration Modules Q2 2015Data Manager delete functionality

7 Young Persons Portal Most child and parent version CYP IAPT questionnaires available on portal Enables child to complete questionnaire online, data is saved against client record Accessible on any mobile device with internet connection Included with standard COMMIT package Additional questionnaires / integration modules available

8 Additional Functionality COMMIT CMS – an all in one client management system that replaces existing methods of data management and which can be tailored to meet the needs of the Organisation. Can include anything from appointment setting, letter writing, risk assessment, KPI monitoring and customised reporting.

9 SHARD – links existing solutions to automatically populate COMMIT with CYP IAPT data. This method is proven to greatly reduce administrative work through double keying, as well as to improve and manage data quality between systems.

10 Contact our dedicated team Free demonstration Feedback session Further information on additional functionality Security / SLA / T&C information

11 Questions and Answers

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