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Supporting Success at GCSE History

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1 Supporting Success at GCSE History

2 Edexcel History B SHP (School History Project)
Paper 1: Medicine and Treatment Friday 16th May AM Paper 2: Life in Germany Friday 23rd May AM Paper 3: Transformation of Surgery Monday 2nd June PM

3 Each Paper Is worth 25% (CA making up the ‘other’ 25%)
Lasts for 1 hour and 15 mins Requires students to demonstrate not just knowledge but understanding of the issues raised by the question. To show understanding students must demonstrate historical skills Each question has a particular focus. It is possible to write a lot of accurate but descriptive information and not score well.

4 What does this mean… Students must know a lot of information… Students must know how to apply their knowledge to the question set.

5 Sherlock


7 June 2012: Germany q1 1 What can you learn from Source A about the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany? (4)

8 Q1 June 2012 Germany

9 June 2012: Medicine Q1


11 June 2012 Unit 3: Surgery


13 Impact, importance, significance


15 June 2012: Medicine


17 Utility Q4: Surgery

18 June 2012: Mark scheme L3

19 Examiners Report Q4…

20 Medicine June 2012

21 Markscheme: Medicine L4

22 June 2012; Germany

23 Examiners’ Report

24 June 2012: Surgery

25 Beware the Iceberg



28 Past papers Mark schemes Examiners’ Reports

29 Edexcel App

30 On Student Drive X:\Humanities\History\Key Stage 4\Revision materials\Life in Germany Past papers All questions, mark schemes, examiners reports collated for you.

31 Dynamic Learning billgates dynamic 23622

32 Revision Guides


34 For sale at back of Hall £5


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