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HealthPartners East metro/west WI portal plan October 2014.

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1 HealthPartners East metro/west WI portal plan October 2014

2 Web portal vanity site strategy – Strategy Create web portal microsite for care delivery in east metro/western WI (Amery, Hudson, Lakeview/SMG, Westfields) Shared url, online content strategy, brand awareness, expand market reach – Goals Shared online content; single CMS for streamline approach – news, blogs, classes, events, shared service lines, ad campaigns Cost savings through limited external development; internal talent to manage, html build out, write, maintain – Budget External initial setup/architecture/mobile responsive design - $18,000 Cost per entity - $4,500 – Timeline Phase I – Shared portal vanity site - Q4 design/content development/build; Q1 2015 rollout Phase II – Full integrated website RFP process Q2 2015 budget; Q1 2016 build

3 Prototype Discussion: How to integrate links to HP, PN, Regions

4 Project plan TaskResponsibleTimeline Valley web vanity portal kickoffValley marketing teamJuly Valley writers/sm online content summitValley writers/sm/web teamJuly/August Web vanity portal initial brainstorming, design discussion, high level strategy Valley web teamAugust/September Executive Strategy Brief, budget review, prototype review, slides for leadership Final signoff Melissa/PatSeptember October 2 Naming brainstormingValley writers/sm/web teamOctober 15 Web vanity portal content writingValley web teamOctober/November Web vanity portal mapping architectureCareTech/Valley web teamOctober/November Web vanity portal design/creativeCareTech/Valley web teamOctober/November Web development initial structureCareTechOctober/November Web html build/developmentValley web teamNovember/December Web content review/user testingValley writers/sm/web teamNovember/December Web technical testing/server /security issuesHealthPartners IS&T Security, Web & New media, CareTech, Valley web team December Web rollout communications planValley web teamJanuary Web CMS development/trainingValley web teamJanuary Launch new valley web vanity portalValley web teamJanuary/February Measurement – Quarterly dashboard reportValley web teamFebruary 2015

5 HealthPartners East metro/west WI portal roadmap Platform20142015Beyond Public web portal (url draft – final tbd)  Develop strategy, cost, timeline for combined web portal/microsite – east metro/west WI care delivery  Limited functionality build/testing in Q4: rollout Q1 2015  Purchase single domain url  Online content sharing, ad spaces on portal  Online class registration/ payment –multiple platforms; merge to single platform  Limited SEO  No search  Links to entity websites  IS&T security review  Google analytics for measurement, review Q2 – Develop strategy, cost, timeline for fully enhanced web portal, combined website Q2 - Vendor RFP process selection, review, create wireframe Usability testing – user groups Q3 - Content audit all sites Single CMS system - microsite Google analytics for measurement, review Online content sharing, campaigns, ad spaces - portal Capital request – August 2015 Single website – east metro/west WI care delivery – user-centric experience; design/build 2016 Incorporate new brand Web design, development, full site search, content development Single platform e-commerce (retail - class reg/payment; HP Pharmacy; gift shops; integrate with Online Patient Services) Single CMS system, training Web testing, security review Build for maximum SEO optimization, Google ad words Single web maintenance contract Create opportunities to integrate with; and – consistent user experience across all mediums Communications plan for rollout Public sites:  Online content sharing – multiple sites  Web Maintenance contracts – multiple sites  Individual platforms  Separate CMS systems  Online content sharing – begin migration of shared service line content to portal  Web Maintenance (Q1 – Q3)  No web enhancement, builds on entity sites Phase out single websites Discontinue entity web maintenance contracts

6 HealthPartners East metro/west WI portal roadmap (cont.) Platform20142015Beyond Mobile web portal  Responsive design web portal across limited mobile platforms  Some entity websites are responsive; some are not  Single web portal – expanded mobile responsive design across all platforms  Explore apps  Enhanced mobile design  Fully integrate with; HealthPartners; Regions; and PN sites Social channels (integrated on portal)  Valley online content sharing campaigns, promo posts – multiple sites  Local engagement – multiple entity channels  Social maintenance – multiple entity channels  Evaluate single social access landing page from web portal  Determine social channels to merge, discontinue in Valley  Valley online content sharing, campaigns, promo posts – using portal launch  Local engagement – single channels  Determine, develop single social channel from web portal (fb, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc…) for brand recognition, maximum reach, integration with web portal, efficiencies  Social maintenance – single channels, site admins  Single social CMS system  Evaluation tools Utilize consistent policies, processes and evaluation tool across enterprise social channels Online content sharing across enterprise

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