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Mobile World Investment Corporation Corporate presentation by CEO

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1 Mobile World Investment Corporation Corporate presentation by CEO
June 2014

2 Mobile World Investment Corporation
We are in the retail business of authentic mobile phones and electronics/home appliances through our 2 chains, and Mobile World Investment Corporation Established in 2009 99.35% 99.95% Mobile World JSC Established in 2004 Electronic World JSC Established in 2010 2 2

3 This is who we are. This is what you can trust.
OUR VISION The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World) is the leading and most creative retailer in Vietnam, bringing to our customers the most exciting, friendly, trustworthy experience; and is an example of business with integrity in every market where we have presence and make a difference in Vietnam. This is who we are. This is what you can trust. 3 3 3

4 “Soft” factors Products / Services Touchable factors
Our key difference is the culture of positioning our customers at the center in every of our thinking and action. Touchable factors Products / Services “Soft” factors Store location Store layout Shelves Product display Authentic products Not selling low quality products or products that are not bringing good value to customers Customer support Staff Salary/bonus scheme, promotion opportunities Service procedure 4 4

5 5 5

6 6 6

7 Mobile phone market in Vietnam
We are the number 1 mobile phones retailer in Vietnam, not only in market share, but also in customer service quality The Gioi Di Dong(*) 25.0 % Mobile phone market in Vietnam Other modern retailers 25.0% Mom and pop shops 50.0% (*) Source: Gfk April 2014 7 7

8 We are the only Vietnamese retailer in the East Asia’s most dynamic and high-growth companies list, recognized by World Economic Forum (2014). ‘000 VND ‘000 VND 8 8

9 We are the only mobile phones retailer that has presence in all 63 provinces of Vietnam.
250 and stores 9 9

10 We are among the top online retailer in Vietnam.
‘000 VND Top 5 e-commerce websites in Vietnam with over 10 million visits per month. Nationwide stores support our own nationwide, reliable delivery. Flexible payment methods: cash on delivery, bank transfer, internet banking, ATM, VISA and Master Card. 10 10

11 We built a corporate culture positioning our customers at the center.
11 11

12 Our commitments We commit to position our CUSTOMERS AT THE CENTER of every of our thinking and actions. We commit to provide our employees a working environment based on RESPECT and FAIRNESS. MWG commit to provide our Managers a fair “PLAYGROUND” where they can fully utilize their talents, a PROSPER personal life with RESPECTFUL social status. MWG commit to RESPECT our business partners. MWG commit to INCREASE its company’s VALUE for its shareholders. MWG commit to create jobs for the society and fulfill its tax responsibility to the national budget. 12 12

13 We built a dynamic, energetic, experienced and professional management team.
The Board of Directors includes members who have intensive experience in technology and retail industry, both locally and internationally; as well as financial and managerial experience. The Board of Directors has met and shared experience with world renowned technology and retail corporations in the world. Result-oriented management approach. Management bases on internal detailed reports as well as frequently updated market researches. 13 13

14 Board of Directors: Understanding the local market, supported by international experience
Nguyễn Đức Tài (Founder/Chairman & CEO) Mr. Tai runs the business of MWG. Before founding the company, he was the strategy director of S-phone. Trần Lê Quân (Founder/BOD member) Before joining The Gioi Di Dong, Mr. Quan is managing director of Anba, a customer service company for Sony Ericsson Trần Kinh Doanh (BOD member) He is in charge of business, sales and marketing. He has contributed greatly to the expansion of The Gioi Di Dong stores. Đặng Minh Lượm (HR manager/BOD member) Before joining the company, he was the HR manager of Nutifood Điêu Chính Hải Triều (Founder/ IT manager/ BOD member) He has greatly contributed in building the company’s ERP system. He is also in charge of developing supply chains and inventory management. Dr.Thomas Lanyi (BOD member) Representing CDH Investments. He is executive director of CDH Investments. Previously he was with Mekong Capital as Director and Templeton Asset Management as Executive Director. Robert Alan Willett (BOD member) He became the company’s BOD member in April He was ex-CEO of Best Buy International and hold top positions in many international companiesMetapack (UK). Lighthaus Logic (Canada) và Sabanci Holding (Turkey). Chris Freund (BOD member) Representing Mekong Enterprise Fund II. He is the chairman and founding partner of Mekong Capital. Prior to founding Mekong Capital, he was a Portfolio Manager at Templeton Asset Management.

15 1,35 64,1 We control tightly to have an healthy financial position.
Current ratio Year 2013 1,35 Year 2012 1,13 Debt/Equity (%) Year 2012 85,8 Year 2013 64,1 Working capital management, target: Consolidated days in inventory: 40 to 50 days Payable days from 20 to 30 days 15 15

16 We control costs tightly and cooperate closely with suppliers to enhance business efficiency.
Gross margin (%) Net profit margin (%) ROE (%) Q1 2014 15,6 Q1 2014 4,8 Year 2013 41,2 Year 2013 14,8 Year 2013 2,7 Year 2012 33,2 Gross margin Q increased and is expected to be stable In 1H 2013, we restructured our product portfolio and selling products at discount which affected our gross margin Year 2014 is expected to be good for us to maintain a higher gross margin compared to that of 2013 We completed the restructuring of Dien May to cut costs Sales expenses over revenue decreased from 9.8% in 2013 to 8.2% in Q1 2014 Net margin Q was 4.8%, significantly higher than 2.7% in 2013 16 16

17 We set an ambitious target for 2014
Q result proved that we were on the right track. Target 2014 Q Target Revenue 13,020 Billion VND 70,7% 3,478 Billion VND Revenue Yoy Growth Vs. 2013 37% 2,042 Billion VND Q1 2013 Q1 2014 Net profit 435 Billion VND Yoy Growth Vs. 2014 69% 299,5% 168.6 Billion VND Net profit 42.1 Billion VND Q1 2013 Q1 2014 17 17

18 90 50 We see a lot of opportunities for future growth
Customers are switching from mobile phones to smart phones 90 mn Large and consumption-driven population Technology is ever-changing and creating new demand 50 % Of the market is served by mom and pop stores; market expansion opportunity Electronics/home appliances market: a fragmented market; opportunities for few dominants Economies of scale Opportunities to develop modern retail chains for other product categories 18 18

19 Growth strategy “Fill in the blank” at major cities
Boosting online sales Approaching rural areas New retail chains for new product categories Flagship stores at major cities 2014 19 19

20 MWG Stock ticker:
We expect to list 62,723,171 shares on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange in June or July 2014. MWG Stock ticker: Information for shareholders and investors on: 20 20

21 Thank you for your interest in Thegioididong
Q & A 21

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