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Marcos Antonio Velasco Pérez

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1 Marcos Antonio Velasco Pérez

2 Cirujano 4 plastias umbilicales 4 apendicectomias: 3 laparoscópicas
1 abierta 2 colecistectomias laparoscópicas 2 biopsias excicionales 2 colocación catéter Porth-O-Cath

3 1er ayudante Colecistectomias 22 Funduplicaturas 16
Plastias inguinales Apendicectomias Hemorroidectomias Plastia de pared Hemicolectomia Lavados qx Quiste pilonidal

4 2do ayudante Colecistectomia 19 Funduplicatura 21 Apendicectomia 13
Plastia inguinal Hemorroidectomia Hemicolectomia Mastectomia Tiroidectomia Paratiroidectomia Banda gastrica Plastia umbilical

5 3er ayudante Colecistectomia 19 Funduplicatura 14 Apendicectomia 5
Plastia inguinal Hemicolectomia Tiroidectomia Paratiroidectomia Mastectomia Plastia de pared Fistulectomia Drenaje de abscesos By pass gástrico Banda gástrica

6 Cámara 9 colecistectomias 7 funduplicaturas 4 apendicectomias
9 plastias inguinales 2 laparoscopias Dx 1 plastia de pared 1 hemicolectomia

7 CASOS CLÍNICOS Divertículo de Meckel Sepsis abdominal
Choque séptico por perforación intestinal Pancreatitis de repetición

8 CLASES Estudios de imagen en el tubo digestivo Cáncer de Recto

9 Artículos Jeremy M. Lipman, MD, Jeffrey A. Claridge, MD, Manjunath Haridas, MBBS, Matthew D. Martin, BS, David C. Yao, BS, Kevin L. Grimes, BS, and Mark A. Malangoni, MD, Cleveland, Ohio. PREOPERATIVE FINDINGS PREDICTS CONVERSION FROM LAPAROSCOPIC TO OPEN CHOLECYSTECTOMY. (Surgery 2007; 142:556-65) Greenhald R, Powell J et al. ENDOVASCULAR REPAIR OF ABDOMINAL AORTIC ANEURYSM. N Engl J Med 2008;358: Rodríguez Filiberto, Nguyen Tom, Galanki Joseph, Morton John. Gastrointestinal Complications after Coronary Bypass Grafting: A National Study of Morbidity and Mortality Predictors. J Am Coll Surg 2007; 205: Ramsey M. Dallal, MD, FACS,a and Linda Bailey, PA-C. Outcomes with the adjustable gastric band. Surgery 2008;143: From the Division of Bariatric Surgery, Albert Einstein Healthcare Network,a Philadelphia, Pa. Parik Manish, Ayoung-Chee Patricia, Romanos Eleny, Lewis Nichole, Pchter H, Fielding George, Ren Christine. Comparison of Rates of Resolution of Diabetes Melitus after Gastric Banding, Gastric Bypass, and Biliopancreatic Diversion. J Am Coll Surg 2007;205: Tsikitis V et al. SURVIVAL IN STAGE III COLON CANCER IS INDEPENDENT OF THE TOTAL NUMBER OF LYMPH NODES RETRIEVED. J Am Coll Surg 2009; 208: Departamento de cirugia colorectal, Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Kirchhoff P, Dincler S, Buchmann P. A MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS OF POTENTIAL RISK FACTOR FOR INTRA AND POSTOPERATIVE COMPLICATIONS IN 1316 ELECTIVE LAPAROSCOPIC COLORECTAL PROCEDURES. Ann Surg 2008; 248: Depto de cirugía, City Hospital Waid, Zurich, Suiza. Denise M. Carneiro-Pla, MD,a George L. Irvin, III, MD, FACS,a and Herbert Chen, MD. CONSEQUENCES OF PARATHYROIDECTOMY IN PATIENTS WITH “MILD” SPORADIC PRIMARY HYPERPARATHYROIDISM. Surgery 2007;142: From the Miller School of Medicine University of Miami, Miami, Fla, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison Danny O. Jacobs, M.D., M.P.H. DIVERTICULITIS. N Engl J Med 2007; 357: Renam Tinoco, MD, PhD, FACS, Augusto Tinoco, MD, Luciana El-Kadre, MD, Leandro Peres, MD, and Daniela Sueth, MD. LAPAROSCOPIC COMMON BILE DUCT EXPLORATION. Ann Surg 2008;247: 674–679 Haridas M, Malangoni M. PREDICTIVE FACTORS FOR SURGICAL SITE INFECTION IN GENERAL SURGERY. Surgery 2008;144: MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio. Hallen M, Bergenfelz A et al. LAPAROSCOPIC EXTRAPERITONEAL INGUINAL HERNIA REPAIR VERSUS OPEN MESH REPAIR. Surgery 2008; 143: Depto. De cirugia del Hospital Universitario de Lund, Suecia. Sherman J, Thompson G et al. SURGICAL MANAGEMENT OF GRAVES DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE: AN INSTITUTIONAL EXPERIENCE. Surgery 2006; 140: ). Depto de cirugía general y gastroenterológica, Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Endocrinología pediátrica, Children´s Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Ill. Palanivelu C et al. LAPAROSCOPIC MANAGEMENT OF CHOLEDOCHAL CYST: TECHNIQUE AND OUTCOMES. J Am Coll Surg 2008;207: Depto. De cirugia GI y de mínima invasión, Coimbatore, India. Alessandro Fichera, MD, Stephanie L. Peng, BA, Nicholas M. Elisseou, BS, Michele A. Rubin, RN, CSN, APN, and Roger D. Hurst, MD. Laparoscopic or conventional open surgery for patients with ileocolonic Crohn´s disease? A prospective study. Surgery 2007;142: Park J, Wolff B et al. MECKEL DIVERTICULUM. THE MAYO CLINIC EXPERIENCE WITH 1476 PATIENTES ( ). Ann surg 2005; 241: Departamento de cirugía de colon y recto de la Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Schoellhammer H et al. HOW IMPORTANT IS RIGID PROCTOSIGMOIDOSCOPY IN LOCALIZING RECTAL CANCER? J Am Coll Surg 2008; 196: Departamento de cirugía, Harbor UCLA Medical Center. Los Angeles, CA. Deeba S, Aziz O, Sainz P et al. FISTULA IN ANO: ADVANCES IN TREATMENT. Am J Surg 2008;196: Depto. De Biocirugia y tecnología quirúrgica, St. Mary´s Hospital, Norfolh place, London. Kyo-Young S, Seung-Man P et al. THE ROLE OF SURGERY IN THE TREATMENT OF RECURRENT GASTRIC CANCER. Am J Surg 2008;196: Departamento de cirugía de la universidad católica de Korea Phan A. et al. TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR MESTASTATIC NEUROENDOCRINE TUMORS. SURGERY 2008; 144: Departamento de Oncología Gastrointestinal y Cirugía Oncológica. MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Tx.

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