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Law in Society Q1-Chapter 1

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1 Law in Society Q1-Chapter 1
Mr. Piotrowski

2 Bell-Ringer Correct the sentence at the right for capitalization. remember that you have to be at 3436 W. wilson avenue on wednesday at 8:14 to learn about law.

3 Cornell Notes Divide Document Write Review Summarize Study

4 What is law? The entire study of law that applies to understanding this question is known as jurisprudence.

5 Law is defined as… Rules and regulations made and enforced by government that regulate the conduct of the people within a society.

6 What is the difference between a rule and a law?
The enforcement of government makes something a law.

7 Regulate conduct of people Confusion Disorder Chaos
Why do we need law? Regulate conduct of people Confusion Disorder Chaos

8 Absolute freedom isn’t free.
We sacrifice some freedom for security.

9 What is the difference between a rule and a law?
9/10/08 What is the difference between a rule and a law?

10 With a partner. 10 Activities Laws that regulate 1 Go to School
2. walking 3. Showering 4. Mandatory public ed. J-walking Taxes on water

11 Journal Why? I think that… because…

12 9/10/08 Journal #1 Tell me about a time that you thought a rule or law was applied unfairly. Explain why… 1 page.

13 Bell-Ringer 9/11/08 The attack by al qaeda terrorists on the cities of washington d.c. and new york led to new legislation named, the patriot act.

14 September 11 & the Patriot Act
Read Legislation Together Listen and take notes on right side. On the left – What do you remember about September 11, 2001? Bottom – Summary: How do historic events transform our laws and our society?

15 Summary of the Patriot Act

16 Summary of the Patriot Act
Section 202: Authority to intercept wire, oral or electronic communications relating to computer fraud and abuse offenses. Bottom Line: Expands ability for service providers to get government help with hacking, denial of service attacks, and related Computer Fraud and Abuse Act violations.

17 Bottom Line: Will result in increased roving tap activity.
Section 206: Roving surveillance authority under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. Bottom Line: Will result in increased roving tap activity. Expands FISA court orders to allow "roving" surveillance in a manner similar to ECPA wiretaps. (The federal wiretap statute, but not FISA, was amended 15 years ago to allow "roving taps.") A roving wiretap enables government investigators to intercept all of a suspect's wire or electronic communications relating to the conduct under investigation, regardless of the suspect's location when communicating. The quintessential situation requiring a roving wiretap in the past has been when a suspect goes from phone booth to phone booth numerous times in an effort to prevent his calls from being wiretapped. Since September 11, 2001, the Administration has cited surveillance challenges posed by "disposable" cell phone situations?where a suspect buys a cell phone on day one and a week later buys another cell phone with another number and moves from cell phone to cell phone seeking to avoid interception. But "roving tap" authority is not limited to voice communications; it could equally be used to intercept the communications of a suspect who changes Internet accounts every day, or several times a day.

18 Section 351 et. seq. Bank Secrecy Act amendments and related improvements.
Bottom Line: Expansion of Bank Secrecy Act in connection with bank records. These sections generally amend the law in ways that will permit increased government access to information from banks that relates to terrorism. At the same time, institutions and their directors, officers, employees, and agents are protected from liability for such reporting of suspicious banking activities.

19 Bell-Ringer 9/16 after reading from street law mr. piotrowski hopes you will understand better how morals and values influence the creation of laws

20 9/16 Assignment Objective: Understand the role that the values and morals of society have on shaping law. Read pages 5-8 Take Cornell Notes Complete Problem 1.3 as your summary. Reminder: Make-up test 9th & 10th Wed.

21 believe it or not not everything that is immoral is illegal
Bell-Ringer 9/17 believe it or not not everything that is immoral is illegal

22 Law and Values Laws reflect society Murder – wrong & illegal
Lying – wrong, not illegal Laws influence culture and society.

23 Expectations of legal system
Protect human rights Promote fairness Solve conflicts Order & stability Seek desirable behavior Protect minority views

24 Vocabulary Preferences Fairness Balance Reasonable intention

25 Laws based on… Moral Economic Political Social (Values)
Laws don’t always solve problems that are intended.

26 Bell-Ringer 9/18 Correct the sentence on the right for capitalization and punctuation. by the way yesterday september 17th was constitution day but nobody really noticed or mentioned it

27 Case Study Queen Regina (State) v. Dudley & Stephens
Meet in a group of 3-4 and follow the steps for case studies. Assign one person to take notes on your discussion. Your discussion will end with each person doing a journal entry.

28 Friday : Journal #2 In your composition book, respond to the following prompt in one full page. Prompt: What impact do morals and values play in your decision making? What guides your decision making? What do you value, really?

29 Bell-Ringer 9/19 if you truly want to understand law you must examine the ________ and morals of american society Note: capitalization, punctuation, fill in the blank…

30 1972 A more modern story

31 Results of case Precedent: Necessity is no defense against a charge of murder.

32 Dudley later described the scene, "I can assure you I shall never forget the sight of my two unfortunate companions over that ghastly meal we all was like mad wolfs who should get the most and for men fathers of children to commit such a deed we could not have our right reason."

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