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January 2011. Agenda Web Re-Architecture Wireless Enhancement Electronic Policy Orchestrator (EPO) Lab and Classroom Upgrades Adobe Site License UITS.

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1 January 2011

2 Agenda Web Re-Architecture Wireless Enhancement Electronic Policy Orchestrator (EPO) Lab and Classroom Upgrades Adobe Site License UITS Update Questions/Comments

3 Web Re-Architecture  Major Milestones to Date  Q2 2008 Complete Project Mission, Vision, Goals & Prepared for RFI / RFP  Q3 2009 Completion of RFP Process & Vendor Selection  Q3/Q4 2009 Discovery Meetings, Immersion Sessions, Information Collection  Q4 2009 Commence Project with Campus-Wide Stakeholder Meetings  Q1 2010 Demise of BigBad Inc (Selected vendor partner)  Q2 2010 Replacement of BigBad with Viridian Spark and Re-Scope of Project Strategy  Q2 2010 Completion of Website Strategy & Brief  Q3 2010 Complete Website Architecture  Q3 2010 Complete Usability Testing  Q3 2010 Evaluation of and Final Selection of Content Management System (CMS)  Q3 2010 Complete off-site Hosting Agreement for Initial Development Region  Q4 2010 Complete Homepage & Template Designs  Q4 2010 Gain Approval of all Designs (18 Templates)  Q4 2010 Create Designs for Public Consumption and Review  Q4 2010 Stakeholder Presentation of Designs and Content Phase “Kick-Off”  Q4 2010 Commence Content Phase  Q1 2011 Commence CMS Development Phase

4 Web Re-Architecture  Major Milestones in Progress/Planned  Q1 2011Commence Content Inventory Review/Assignments of Key Contributors  Q1 2011Assignment of Resources to Sub-Projects & Tasks  Q1 2011Selection of Top 60 Pages of Content Completion by Viridian Spark  Q1 2011Departmental Content Focus Meetings (17+ Departments/Colleges)  Q1 2011“Writing for the Web” Trainings (Jan 19, 20, 21)  Q1 2011Development of all Templates in CMS, Technical Capabilities  Q1 2011Commence “Physical” Hosting Review and Strategy for Go Live  Q1 2011New Modules/Revamp/Develop and Workflow into CMS  Q1 2011Commence creation of “Story Telling” (Videos/Interviews/Photography)  Q1 2011Complete “Train the Trainer” Sessions, Live use of CMS and Content Entry  Q1/Q2 2011Delivery of Deployment Kit and Establishment of Operational Environment  Q2/Q3 2011Source “Content Entry” Team(s)  Q2/Q3 2011Content Entry into CMS (All Departments/Colleges Mission Critical Data)  Q2/Q3 2011Go Live (the “Big Bang”)  Q3/Q4 2011Post Deployment Ongoing Sub Projects and Tasks

5 Web Re-Architecture  UMB Staff Concurrent Projects, Tasks, & Focus Q1/Q2/Q3 2011 and Beyond  Course Catalog / Course Wizard / Course Listings Development  Existing Work Order (non Business Critical) Moritorium  Conversion of Current Web Based Applications (Legacy) and New Applications  Imbedded Analytics (Google)  Integration of R25 / 25 Live Calendars Segmented by Departments / Colleges  Conversion of new and / or Pre-Existing Sites Currently awaiting new CMS  Forms Review & Integration  CMS Administrator Role Establishment  Hosting, Monitoring, and Revision Control Software Implementation  Style sheets, Templates, Development Standards, Online & Classroom Trainings & Programs  Rebuild & Expansion of Mobile Site  Conversion of Online Directory & IT Web Site  Ecommerce Investigation / Cybersource/ HOP  Federation and Shibboleth  Establishment of Overall Governance Model

6 7/108/109/101/112005-2009 6/11 25 WAPs distributed on campus. Bluesocket in Campus Center. Shared bandwidth for wireless. 55 WAPs campus- wide. Replaced all 55 with N-enabled more powerful WAPs. 60Mbps Internet dedicated to wireless. 96 WAPs currently. See distribution below. Increased bandwidth to 90Mbps dedicated wireless. Staff &Faculty wireless network (1/28) Installed campus packetshaper. Dedicated 60Mbps of 260Mbps pipe to wireless. ENAC put in production. Average of 1400 simultaneous wireless users per day. 30 additional WAPs to be installed and fill coverage gaps (126 total) WIRELESS ENHANCEMENT TIMELINE Break down of current APs per building (96 total): Admin: 5 CCTR: 17 Clark: 1 Healey: 15 McCormack: 17 Public Safety: 1 Science: 25 Wheatley: 15 4,163 different devices (12/10 busy day avg): 1,540 - Windows devices 1,293 - iphone/ipod/itouch devices 975 - Mac devices 90 - HTC touch 89 - Blackberries 29 - Andriods 32 - linux 16 - Symbians 99 - Misc (PSP, Tablet, etc.)

7 EPO Server (Enterprise Policy Orchestrator) The EPO server is in place and is currently being populated with systems from across campus This system provides us with the following: An up-to-date Anti-Virus System An Endpoint Encryption solution for laptop and other devices that could be storing sensitive data A Data-Loss-Prevention modules that searches out and reports sensitive data such as account numbers, SSN’s, etc.

8 Lab and Classroom Upgrades Purple, Gold and ACL – New Computers Software – Windows 7, Office 2010, Acrobat Professional; with Adobe CS 5 coming in Summer GRC – Network Upgrade Green – Research Computer Lab Classroom Upgrades (3) - Tec 1 & Tech 2 Seminar/Classrooms (10) – McCormack & Wheatley 55” LCD Monitor

9 Adobe Site License Adobe Acrobat Pro – Requested by Faculty & Staff A UMass System Wide Site License Includes: Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Acrobat & Fireworks Training & Support Overview + 6 Topics Collaboration Graphic Design, Quinn Graphics Graduate Studies, Web Services

10 UITS/Boston Initiatives 10 Application Platform Initiatives Service Initiatives Core ERP Services FIN Upgrade (November ‘11) SA Milestones on self service HR Milestones on self service SDE – Service Delivery Expectations BI – Business Intelligence Projects in motion to pull HR data into BI (ongoing) CRM – Campus Relationship Mgmt ADV – Advancement Convert from Millenium to SunGard Advance (Spring ’11) PPM – Project & Portfolio Mgmt DI – Document Imaging Initial go-live done Planning on program ongoing Supporting opportunities

11 Questions/Comments

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