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Kevin Mullins National IAPT Director National IAPT Programme Update December 2011.

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1 Kevin Mullins National IAPT Director National IAPT Programme Update December 2011

2 Introduction Programme Aims –complete the roll out of IAPT services –expand access to IAPT in specific areas of need Deliverables –an appropriately trained workforce, –specific quality standards ie NICE compliance, equitable access, integrated employment options –session by session outcome measures, –stepped care model relying on flexible referral routes Extended Scope –children and young people, –those with physical health long-term conditions and mental health issues, –those with medically unexplained symptoms and –those with severe mental illness Outcomes –improved access to evidence-based psychological treatments; –improved mental health and wellbeing; –more people with lived experience of these situations involved in leading the changes –more people able to resume or start normal working lives Benefits of £400m investment –over £700 million savings healthcare, tax and welfare gains –further 1.2 million people able to access therapies with effective services available across the country –of these, 0.5 million helped to move to recovery or measurable improvement.

3 Start Point & Planning Assumptions 300k Recover (25k Move off Benefits) 600k complete treatment 900k present to services 6m in need

4 Service Targets SHA Regional Allocation Prevalence 2015 Referrals East of England10.26%684,797 92,509 East Midlands8.13%448,652 75,619 London15.86%1,018,112 137,683 North East5.59%330,385 51,179 North West14.83%1,004,581 133,390 South Central6.96%384,730 61,432 South East Coast7.90%430.321 70,020 South West9.59%613,546 86,310 West Midlands10.75%568,463 97,363 Yorkshire & Humber10.12%630,658 94,495 Totals100.00%6,114,245 900,000

5 Performance Management NHS Operating Framework for 11/12 – Access - The proportion of people entering treatment against the level of need in the general population, and – Conversion - The proportion of those entering treatment against the number referred NHS Operating Framework for 12/13 – Access – full roll out by 2014/15 (BME & Older People) – Recovery – 50% in fully established services – Scope – SMI & LTCs Performance Focus – Incomplete KPI data is returned – Access numbers below trajectories – Treatment completers falls below 66% of those entering – Recovery rates fail to improve – Waiting lists increase

6 Performance – Q1 11/12 Yr 3 Projecte d 460k Yr 3 Projecte d 300k

7 Performance – Q1 11/12 Yr 3 Projecte d 20k Yr 3 Projecte d 100k

8 Performance – Q1 11/12

9 National Training Summary Table 2011/12 TypeMPET / Training Plan Intentions CommissionedDeficit CBT (High Intensity)559414-145 PWP (Low Intensity)567460-107  Counselling for Depression  Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)  Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT)  Couples Therapy for Depression 67 66 83 133 49 45 +16 +67 -17 -21 Supervision Training260616+356 TOTAL1,6511,800+149

10 CBT Trainees Non - CBT trainees SHA PWP New PWP Turnover HIT New HIT Turnover Couple Therapy for Depression Counselling For Depression DIT (Brief Interpersonal Therapy for Depression) IPT (Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression) East Midlands 191792225513 East of England 16288275555 London 3515526001516 North East 1216 2600022 North West 514575520510 South Central 40342512 35920 South East Coast 25940320310 South West 46267118 415 West Midlands 27106306222 Yorks & Humber 525520551 Total276184282132458349133 Target 320247480796766 Variance 3667229572117 67

11 New Trainees 11/12 SHAHIPWPTOTALEXPECTEDDIFFERENCE East Midlands9192866- 38 East of England8162483- 59 London523587123- 36 North East16122845- 17 North West5751108117- 9 South Central25406556+ 9 South East Coast40256563+ 2 South West7465378- 25 West Midlands63279086+ 4 Yorkshire & Humber551082- 72 Total282276558800- 242

12 Resources Available Policy2011/122012/132013/142014/15 Completing roll out 4388133 Children & Young People Pilots 8 888 MUS/LTC Pilots2 tbc Total5396141 Assumptions for 11/12: Further training & education commissions - £32m PCT costs associated with employment support - £11m SHA “bundle”: IAPT Central Team Costs - £1.5m SHA IAPT Team & other costs - £3.5m

13 Governance – MH Strategy Cabinet sub-Committee on Public Health Mental Health Strategy Ministerial Advisory Group Cabinet Committee on Social Justice Ministerial Advisory Group on Equality in mental health Departmental Co-ordinating group Mental Health Strategy work streams Offenders Equalities e.g. BME age physical and mental health Public Mental Health Suicide Prevention DH Equality and Diversity Council Mental Health Strategy Advisory Group Health and Criminal Justice Board (DH and MoJ) chaired by David Behan Other work streams

14 Risks & Opportunities Mandate & Operating Framework(s) Commissioning Structures (Outcome Frameworks) Information Standard Notice Implementation Payment By Results Any Qualified Provider Quality Innovation Prevention & Productivity Education & Service Commissioning

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