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Channel Enablement Team Page 1 © 2012 IBM Corporation Pack amendments summary: Changes made from Q4 V.1 (2011) to Q1 (2012) V.1 Updated – Extended date.

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1 Channel Enablement Team Page 1 © 2012 IBM Corporation Pack amendments summary: Changes made from Q4 V.1 (2011) to Q1 (2012) V.1 Updated – Extended date (plus content change) First in Enterprise (FIE) 3.0 Removed mid range servers and included more options / attachments. Expired:  The following plets have not been re-issued for 2012 to date - These are not guaranteed to be released in 2012 - until formally released these are not valid for use:  System x specialty - ZW10-0090  IBM Industry Solution Integrator (ISI) Recruitment Program - ZW11 – 0234  IBM HVEC Growth program - ZW10-0086  System x Blades & High end win back - ZW11-0214  Bid Machine First Blade - Distribution  IBM IGF BP Rewards - ZW11-0294 Content changes:  Contact page – changed Nikki Harrisons details to Finola Rudd Please run this presentation is slide show mode to activate the hyperlinks !

2 Channel Enablement Team © 2012 IBM Corporation Q1 2012 IBM Business Partner (T2) System x Programme & Initiatives Pack Completed by: Matthew Harris System x Channel Enablement Mobile: 07738 310762 Mobex: 37262555 Email:

3 Channel Enablement Team Page 3 © 2012 IBM Corporation Type of Initiative NameDescriptionFor more information Expiry Date Transactional Programmes Express SellerIndustry leading solutions at pre-discounted prices with predictable margins. Available immediately, no bids required! Contact your Distributor N/A Bid MachinePre-approved competitive discount levels depending on value of opportunity. Available immediately when Express Seller pricing is not deep enough. Contact your Distributor N/A Run Rate Special Bid These are special bids that are approved at market-based optimised price points, which allows us to approve them very fast (typically in less than 4 business hours). Run Rate Special Bids also count towards both IBM and Business Partner Run Rate revenue targets Contact your Distributor N/A Special BidSpecial Bid process is for unique opportunities that require aggressive pricing to win the business on highly competitive opportunities. Should only be requested when Bid Machine is not deep enough. Contact your Distributor N/A Investment Programmes Deal Registration A process for Business Partners to request registration and IBM to acknowledge BP investment in specific opportunities above €75K* c-price value. Access to Special Bid pricing is offered exclusively to the Business Partner awarded the approved Deal Registration for the duration of the registration period approved Any Reseller (Tier 1 or Tier 2) with PartnerWorld membership can register any IBM HVEC deal above 75K* ZW12-0088 https://www- mem/bpal/bin/emea/display. jsp?doc=/sales/ssi/rep_ia/8/ 877/ENUSZW12- 0088/index.html 31.12.12 PowernetSolutions incentive and rewards programme for resellers that partner with an ISV through distribution – Resellers can earn rebates, higher tranasction margins & increased H/W sales Contact your distributor OR IBM CRBP N/A Co-Marketing25/75% available through On ChannelIBM CRBPN/A Promotions First in Enterprise (FIE) 3.0 Up to 3 High End Systems, e.g. x3690, x3850 or Up to 7 Blades incl. 1 Chassis, e.g. HS22, HX5 -- - 45% off channel price And - Up to 2 IBM BNT Switches, e.g. G8052, G8264 - Up to 1 UPS, e.g. 2200VA LCD 2U Rack UPS - Up to 1 42/47U Rack e.g. 42U 1200 mm Deep Dynamic Rack Bid Delegation 31/3/12 KYIYou can earn points by successfully completing online training modules to grow your knowledge of an IBM offering or by recording sales of qualifying products or services. At any time you can check out our online catalog and to redeem your KYI points at virtually thousands of merchants worldwide. For added convenience – you can also leverage the Know Your IBM concierge service. These personal shoppers are available to assist you in redeeming your points for just the right reward offering. KYIN/A

4 Channel Enablement Team Page 4 © 2012 IBM Corporation Performance programmes Type of Initiative NameDescriptionFor more information Expiry Date Performance programmes 10 x 4 Web based performance bonus program - Set your own quarterly targets online! - Track your progress during the quarter! - Receive your rewards automatically through your Distributor! Info - Log in - http://uk.10x4.biz On-line tool ZW12-0225 https://www- mem/bpal/bin/emea/display. jsp?doc=/sales/ssi/rep_ia/5/ 877/ENUSZW12- 0225/index.html N/A Training Sell for success Program IBM Business Partners in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland will be invited to participate in an enablement roadshow and incentive program around selling eligible IBM System x® and/or System Storage® products. DistyN/A

5 Channel Enablement Team Page 5 © 2012 IBM Corporation Q1 Technical Conference  IBM Q1 Business Partner Technical Directions Conference 2012  Thursday 1st March 2012  ISI, Birmingham.  Dear IBM Business Partner,  You are invited to attend the first Business Partner Technical Directions Conference of 2012, which is being held on Thursday 1st March, at ISI (SDG) Birmingham.  This event will start at 10am sharp, with coffee available prior to the meeting.  PURPOSE  The purpose of these quarterly meetings is to achieve better technical engagement with our Hardware Business Partners, whilst spreading best practice throughout the Partner community. Our target audience are the Technical Practitioners and Influencers from within our Business Partners.  OBJECTIVES  - Update our Business Partners on changes and initiatives within our Server brands and System Storage brands  - Provide updates on Technical changes within our marketplace  - To outline opportunities where Business Partners can increase Customer retention and repeat business  - To identify opportunities for Business Partners to grow their business by using IBM products  - Promote Partnering opportunities etc, through Networking    AGENDA  Headline speaker will be: ► Angelo Apa, IBM Channel Manager, UKI Business Partner Organisation.  Followed by break-out sessions for Power Systems, System Storage and System x  ENROLMENT  To enrol for this important conference please use the following link ( Your IBM ID will be required):  The URL for BP's to signup is: chnical%20Directions%20Conference&date=120301&cust=no&code=GBMTNS20103

6 Channel Enablement Team Page 6 © 2012 IBM Corporation Available Tools IBM System x Competitive Sales Tool: This tool is designed to give you the help you need in competitive situations. It provides quick head-to-head comparisons between IBM System x/BladeCenter servers and major competitive server products. It is a stand-alone tool which can be downloaded and used anywhere any time. The tool will be updated regularly so it is recommended to bookmark this URL and check frequently for new updates. Alinean Tool: IBM Systems Consolidation Evaluation Tool: designed to provide a preliminary, high level analysis of the estimated potential consolidation savings by switching to current IBM Systems platforms. Big Blue Planner: Events, Marketing News, Promotions and more – all in one place! Pre Sales Advisor Tool: Provides a “one-stop shop” for information on all of IBM’s System x and related products that enables IBM Business Partners to: - Build IBM System x, storage or BladeCenter Solutions - Offer technical information for their customers - Provide IBM key selling points against the main competitors. - Secure messaging / trusted configuration exchange - Check stock in the channel and where -Links to additional key sources of information/support More demo’s / education: Register:

7 Channel Enablement Team Page 7 © 2012 IBM Corporation Useful Contacts ContactDescriptionTelEmail Donna BrownSystem x Channnel ManagerMob - Mob - 07768 252570Donna_Brown@UK.IBM.COM Maht HarrisSystem x Channnel Enablement Email me if your team need help with PSAT Mob – 07738 Nick SlaterBusiness Partner System x Technical Manager +44(0)7753-811230 SLATENS@UK.IBM.COM Chris BuddVolume team lead - System x & GTS Mob - 07802 471319 Mbx - 37274236 Finola Rudd Channel Skills & Education 07764

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