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Southwark Book Award Quiz!

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1 Southwark Book Award Quiz!

2 Once- Morris Gleitzman
Q1: Where is ‘Once’ set? A- Germany B- Poland C- Iceland D- Sweden

3 Q2:What is the Dentist’s name who Felix befriends?
A-Barney B-Harold C-Dennis D- Fred

4 Q3:What religion are Felix and his parents?
A- Christian B- Muslim C- Jewish D- Buddhist

5 Q4:What do Felix’s parents do for a living?
A- Grocers B- Booksellers C- Accountants D- Hairdressers

6 Oranges in No Man’s Land. Elizabeth Laird
Q1: Where do Ayesha and her family come from? A- India B- Lebanon C- Syria D- Turkey

7 Q2:What is the name of Ayesha’s best friend?
A- Samar B- Clara C- Jaya A- Alice

8 Q3:Ayesha’s best friend has a disability. What is it?
C- she uses a wheelchair A- she is blind D- she has a speech impairment B- she is deaf

9 Q4: Who or what does Ayesha cross No Man’s land to see?
A- Her friend B- Her Father C- A Doctor D- Her Mother’s grave

10 Joe Craig- Jimmy Coat’s Killer
Q1: What is the name of Jimmy’s sister? A- Emily B- Sarah C- Jenny D- Georgie

11 Q2: How many percent human is Jimmy?
B- 38% C- 0% D- 93%

12 Q3: Who is the leader of Jimmy’s main opposition?
A- Luke Skelton C- Chris Viggo B- Darren Digby D- Rob Valentine

13 Q4:Who helps Jimmy escape?
A- his next door neighbour B- his best friend Felix C- his sister Georgie D- No-one

14 Pete Johnson- Help! I’m a classroom gambler
Q1: At first what is the prize for the winner of each bet? A- Sweets B- Ice cream C- Marbles D- Stickers

15 Q2:Who does Harvey devise the gambling plan with?
A- Billy B- Greg C- George D- Shaun

16 Q3: Which of these things do Harvey and his friends not bet on?
A- how many times the supply teacher will give a nervous twitch B- how many times the supply teacher will cough C- how many times the supply teacher will scratch his armpit D- how many times the supply teacher will sneeze

17 A- Jonny B- Jack C- Robert D- Thomas
Q4: Which school football hero insists that money should be betted rather than ice-cream? A- Jonny B- Jack C- Robert D- Thomas

18 Rick Riordan- Percy Jackson and the lightning thief
Q1: What are the names of Percy’s sidekicks? A- Grover and Annabeth B- Tilly and Ranger C- Daisy and Tobias D- Max and Lily

19 Q2:How many schools has Percy been kicked out of?

20 Q3: Where are the gates of the underworld?
A- Supermarket B- Hollywood Studio C- A Warehouse A- Bowling Alley

21 Q4 What is Percy's dad Poseidon, God of?
A- Fire C- Sun B- Wind D- Sea

22 Chris Ryan- Flash Flood
Q1: Why is Ben on a trip to London? A- to visit his Grandma B- to visit his Mum C- to visit a friend D- to visit his uncle

23 Q2: What is this person famous for?
A- for being an actress C- for being a writer B- for being an environmentalist D- for being a singer

24 a- Sarah b- Rachel c- Gemma d- Claire
Q3: What is the name of the girl on the train with Ben at the beginning? a- Sarah b- Rachel c- Gemma d- Claire

25 Q4:Which of the following does not cause London to be flooded?
A- A ship crashing into the Thames Barrier B- A tidal wave C- A thunderstorm D- A burst water main

26 Andy Stanton- you’re a bad man Mr.Gum
Q1: What is the name of the evil Butcher? A- Billy William the First B- Billy William the Second C- Billy William the Third D- Billy William the Fourth

27 Q2: Where does Mr Gum live?
A- Lamonic Bibber C- Furbelow Mimsy B- boondoggle Swazzle D- spanghew yaffle

28 Q3: Where does the angry fairy live?
A- At the bottom of the garden B- In the bathtub C- Under the stairs D- In the Shed

29 Q4: What is the name of the Gingerbread Man?
A- James White B- Alan Taylor C- Greg Smith D- Kenny Jarvis

30 The End!

31 3rd place: Jimmy Coates Killer 49 votes!!!

32 Help! I’m a classroom Gambler
2nd place: Help! I’m a classroom Gambler 83 votes!!!

33 1st place: You’re a bad man Mr. Gum 92 votes!!!!

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