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Spanning the Oracle EBS Reporting Spectrum Operational and Analytical Reporting Joe Dahl – Product Specialist.

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1 Spanning the Oracle EBS Reporting Spectrum Operational and Analytical Reporting
Joe Dahl – Product Specialist

2 About Noetix BI solutions experts since 1994
Offices in North America, Europe and South Asia Certified with all leading BI Platforms Recent Product Awards: KMWorld, eWEEK, DMReview 1400+ customers globally Drop the 4th bullet about “awards” if the Industry Slide Recognition slide is used in conjunction with this one. SW 4/13/10 PARTNERSHIPS 2

3 Noetix’s History of Dedication to Oracle Applications Reporting
Noetix Analytics Noetix Generator for Cognos NoetixViews for PeopleSoft Noetix EUL Generator Noetix incorporated Noetix for Siebel 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 1994 SW 4/29/10 Noetix Incorporated: (Nov filed w/ State of Oregon) NoetixViews launched: 1994 first use in commerce Noetix EUL Generator launched: (1997) Noetix Platform launched: (1999) Noetix for Siebel launched: (2002) Noetix Generator for Cognos (Jan. ‘07) Noetix Generator for Business Objects (Nov. ‘07) NoetixViews for PeopleSoft Enterprise: (Mar. ‘08) Noetix Generator for Oracle BI (Jun ‘08) Noetix acquisition of Jaros (Oct. ‘09) **Speakers note: The brown colored line from was added so that the presenter could mention how long the analytics product has been in development. NoetixViews Noetix Platform Noetix Dashboard Noetix Generator for BusinessObjects Noetix Generator for Oracle BI

4 Noetix Business Intelligence

5 Noetix Supports the Full Spectrum of Reporting Needs
Historical Trending Near Real-time Summarized Data Drillable Reports Common Dimensions Data Integration Packaged ETL Enterprise Models Enterprise-wide Strategic Performance Management Analytics / KPIs Noetix Supports the Full Spectrum of Reporting Needs Database Views Application Security Operational Reports Ad hoc query Real-time Detailed Data

6 Operational Reporting

7 BI Content Generation Experts
Oracle E-Business Suite Siebel CRM PeopleSoft NoetixViews NoetixAnswers Noetix Analytics Oracle Discoverer Noetix Platform Cognos BI Business Objects Oracle Business Intelligence EE

8 The Information Gap 70% of BI < The Information Gap >
Query, Reporting and Analysis Tools Generic Templates Additional costs Additional resources Additional delay 70% of BI implementation costs & delay M a p p i n g R e w o r k M a n u a l M a p p i n g < The Information Gap > Custom Application Configuration Enterprise Application (v2) Enterprise Application (v1)

9 The Information Gap < The Information Gap >
Query, Reporting and Analysis Tools Custom Application Configuration Generated Content Generic Templates Generates configuration specific BI content Noetix MetaBuilder < The Information Gap > Custom Application Configuration No additional rework costs or delay Enterprise Application (v1) Enterprise Application (v2)

10 Information About Your Setup
Configuration Information about your enterprise application User Interfaces Security Flexfields [Interrogated] Financials Business Best Practices Supply Chain Manufacturing Human Resources [Handcrafted] Noetix provides best practice templates/queries based on customer feedback and market experience – handcrafted Metabuilder crawls specific configuration picking up business rules, sets of books, operating units, etc as well as end user interface information (Siebel) and very importantly – Security The crawled metadata populates the handcrafted meta data and drives out Business Views…Reports….and Help File (Navigator) Generated data Business Views [Configuration-specific Views] Reports [Configuration-specific Answers] Documentation [Configuration-specific Help]

What is a Noetix view? Your report Customer Selling Org. Cust. Status Open Quant. Order Quant. Booked Date Order No. Orders Customer No. Oracle database tables Noetix view of the database Order Lines ATO Flag Booked Date Customer Customer No. Item Item Desc. Line Status Open Quant. Order No. Order Quant. Project Quantity Organization Flexfield column in the table [Oracle EBS upgrade] [remaps view] [doesn’t break] MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B HZ_CUSTOMERS OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_TL PA_PROJECTS_ALL PA_TASKS HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL HZ_PARTIES PA_TASKS ATTRIBUTE1: “Customer Status” Flexfield column in the view Cust. Status “The core value propositions of NoetixViews are 1) they simplify access to data in the Oracle E-Business Suite database tables; 2) they are configuration specific, meaning they automatically pick-up each customer’s site-specific setups of Oracle, i.e., flexfields; 3) they provide upgrade protection, meaning they shield reports, queries and data extraction programs from changes in the structure of the Oracle database.” The Basics of a View Data about Tax Balances, for example, is stored in multiple tables within the Oracle Applications database. These tables and their columns have names that are not user-friendly. To extract data from these tables for a report requires precise knowledge of the table design and skill with SQL in order to assure the results are correct. The NoetixViews are a simplified rendering of this complex table structure. A View is a virtual table that maps the database tables together to create a single table-like object that behaves like a table when queried by SQL. For the person writing a report, their effort is now greatly simplified and less prone to error because they only have a single object to query—the NoetixView—in order to retrieve their data. Upgrade Protection As Oracle continuously updates its software, it is not uncommon that this will include a change to the database structure, meaning that data that once was called one thing and stored in a given table may now have a different column name and be stored in a different table. Any SQL or report that was written against the older structure will fail to work correctly because of these changes. The same goes for the NoetixViews. However, at Noetix we make it our business to understand these changes and our software will reconstruct the same simplified View on top of the new structure. So even though the database changed—and so therefore too our Views change under the covers—the “view” of the data to the report remains consistent. Hence, the report continues to work without having to make changes to account for the database changes. When Oracle changes the database tables Noetix remaps the view Your reports don’t break SW - Updated 12/07

12 Oracle Flexfields and Noetix
Key Flexfield Base Table Column Names Key Flexfield View Column Names SEGMENT1 Company SEGMENT2 Division SEGMENT3 Cost Center Descriptive Flexfield Base Table Column Names Descriptive Flexfield View Column Names ATTRIBUTE1 Web Site ATTRIBUTE2 Preferred Vendor ATTRIBUTE3 Approved Until

13 NoetixViews Help File SW - Updated 12/07
Noetix groups views by functional area into roles. A set of roles are created for each business group, set of books and operating unit for each module where applicable. The presenter should specify that two help formats are available: MS Windows Help File Format HTML Help File Structure Format The talking points in the callout boxes can be deleted and the presenter can speak to them or animation can be added such that a point is introduced, then disappears. Avoid using screen caps of the help file that show the intro copy - as a visual it’s not informative and of little value to show. If you want a screen cap of a particular help file (HR) then scroll down past the intro to get to the role data and take a screen cap then. SW - Updated 12/07 The first 3-5 characters in a role name, or role “prefix”, is defined by the customer at install time.

14 Immediate Answers to Questions
Automatically generates more than ~900 reports custom to your Oracle implementations Provides end users with immediate answers to common business questions Financials Which accounts receivable invoices are due this month and next month? Supply Chain What are the on-hand quantities for the components of a bill of material? Human Resources SW - Updated 12/07 What is the wage or salary history for a specific employee or group of employees? Manufacturing What is the average price difference between a purchase order and stored cost?

15 NoetixViews Global Extension
SIRA Inc. HR, BEN, PAY, OTL Global Business Group United States United Kingdom Business Group GL, FA, FV, AR, AP, PO, OE, PB, PC, GMS Global Chart of Accounts “A” Sets of Books/Ledgers Operating Units Chart of Accounts “B” Sets of Books/Ledgers Operating Units Chart of Accounts “C” Sets of Books/Ledgers Operating Units INV, BOM, WIP, CST, MRP, EAM, QA Global Master INV Organization “X” INV Organizations Master INV Organization “Y” INV Organizations Master INV Organization “Z” INV Organizations Also Global: ASCP, Service & OPM Suites

16 Global Security Row-level security
EBS data access privileges of the user Manual & automatic setup Applications Data is secured Organizational accessibility Application-specific security is enforced MOAC (Multi Org Access Control) supported Custom row-level security option, as needed

17 Noetix Generator

18 How BI Tools Ship – No Content

19 Noetix leverages existing EBS and BI platform investments
Noetix WebQuery Noetix Dashboard Oracle Discoverer Oracle BI Suite EE Cognos 8 BI BusinessObjects Enterprise XI BusinessObjects Edge Series Other Third-party BI Tools BI Platform Semantic Layer Repositories and Report Catalogs Models / Packages Universe Other data models End User Layer / Enterprise Information Model Noetix Generator Virtual tables NoetixViews can help you standardize on a common data access layer for the Oracle E-Business Suite across any BI tool. Oracle E-Business Suite NoetixViews 19

20 Noetix Provides a Reporting Application With Any Front End Tool

21 Noetix Platform Noetix QueryServer SW - Updated 12/07 NoetixViews
NOETIX WEBQUERY MICROSOFT EXCEL NOETIX DASHBOARD Noetix QueryServer Query Mgmt Services Performance Manager Delivery Server Metadata Repository SW - Updated 12/07 NoetixViews Oracle ERP Siebel PeopleSoft Legacy Other ERP or CRM DM/DW

22 Noetix Search A 360° View of Your Reporting Environment

23 Noetix Search Key Benefits
Powerful Search Capability for Report Developers Familiar user interface Easily find the right view(s) for queries & reports Reporting Objects Cross-Referenced List all views by column List all Oracle tables by view List all columns by Oracle table by view List all views by Oracle table Print/Save PDF Files of Views/Columns/Tables Detail 360 Degree View of Your Views! SW - Updated 8/08

24 Bringing Search to Noetix Reporting
Filter search by view names, view column names, table names and table column names. Search across multiple instances of NoetixViews. Guided navigation enables searching by roles, modules, and Oracle configuration SW - Updated 8/08

25 NoetixViews Coverage SW updated 6/09

26 Analytical Reporting 26

27 BI Challenges Achieve business reporting and data analysis requirements Minimize or eliminate impact on the production transaction database (OLTP) Improve query performance Capture transitory or historical data that no longer resides in the OLTP database Integrate data from multiple disparate databases 27

28 Noetix Analytics “Packaged” subject area data models in star schema data marts Conformed dimensions and dimension hierarchies Snapshot data for history and trending Detailed data for full drill in Operational Data Store Pre-built ETL mappings from Oracle EBS Complex transformations into data marts Change Data Capture for incremental refresh Integration interface to integrate legacy data Extensibility framework for customizations Pre-defined performance measures (KPIs), dashboards and reports AP/AR Aging, Working Capital Management, Net Bookings, Profitability Analysis, Vendor Performance & Quality, Headcount & Turnover Analysis Active metadata repository with administration tools Generators for integration with BI Platforms

29 Sample Noetix Analytics Subject Areas
Working Capital Profitability Projects Sales ASCP Discrete MFG Cash Conversion Cycle Daily Net Revenue Project Commitment Details Backlog Full Pegging by MSC Plans BOM Costing Days Sales Outstanding Margins by Customer, Product, Rep Expenditure Details Cost of Sales by Customer, Product, Rep Exception Demand/Supplies by Resource Make Items with no BOM Days Inventory Outstanding Projects Revenues Project Revenue Details On-time Performance Exception Demand/Supplies by Customer Order Items with no Associated Job Days Purchasing Outstanding Projects Expenditures Cost Center Distribution Lines Net Bookings & Net Change MFG BOM Operation Sequences by MSC Plans Component Usage - History, Trends SW 3/15/10 As an example, AP Aging, AR Aging, NoetixViews customers may feel like they have that information, but that’s only as of today. You may be able to see your 30, 60, 90 days buckets of who is behind on payments, but that doesn’t tell you who is the worst paying customer over time. What Noetix Analytics can do is trend that over a month, many months, or years. You’ll be able to see what customers are poor payers over time. Open Receivables & Payables Operating Income as % of Sales Job Bill Rate Overrides Debookings/ Rebookings PO Lines by Implement Task Quantity Built vs. Quantity Ordered Spend by Period and Vendor Gross Profit (Contribution) Cost Center Organization Relationships Projected COGS Per Order MFG BOM Operation Sequences by Customer Material Transactions By Plant to Ship 29

30 Noetix Analytics Architecture
Packaged ETL Informatica PowerCenter Data Warehouse Noetix Generator Metadata Layer Packaged Analytics Oracle E-Business Suite Extraction Views Dashboards Operational Data Store Reports Data Marts Integration Interface Cubes 2nd Tier ERP Metadata Repository Help System Metadata Manager KPIs 100+ Data Sources Revenue Trends

31 Noetix Analytics – Operational Data Store
Reference Tables Lookup tables such as country codes, terms codes, etc. Master Tables Customers, products, sales reps, etc. Detail Tables Order lines, invoice lines, journal entries, AP invoices, etc. Master Data Master Data Transaction Tables Transaction Tables Master Data Master Data Hybrid Star Schema - Tactical, Near Real Time -

32 Operational Data Store – Configurable Refresh
Functional Groups Extraction, Transformation, Loading AP – 1 hr Country Codes Order Types OM – 10 min. Customer Order Headers Order Lines Item Oracle Applications Operating Unit Sales Rep Rest Nightly Operational Data Store - Operational data, dimensionalized, near real time - 32

33 Noetix Analytics Data Marts to answer specific business questions
Dimensions Dimensions Analysis Slice and Dice Trending Out of the Box KPIs: Spend by Period and Vendor Days Sales Outstanding Cost of Goods Sold Inventory Turns On-time Performance Open Sales Order Aging Projects Expenditures Margins by Customer, Product, Rep Daily Net Revenue Customer Facts Date Orders Detail Fact Orders Detail Fact Orders Detail Fact Orders Details Product Sales Rep Set of Books Operating Unit Exclusively Star Schema 33

34 Noetix BI Value Propositions
Packaged Analytics Rapid Implementation Open Architecture EBS centric Extensible Metadata Driven Upgrade Protection Lowest TCO Financials Human Resources Projects Procurement Discrete Manufacturing Order Management Process Manufacturing Service and Contracts Inventory Incentive Compensation Working Capital METADATA LAYER Data Warehouse Operational Data Store Data Marts Enterprise Applications E-Business Suite Legacy PeopleSoft JD Edwards Siebel QAD MFG/Pro 34

35 Nature of Solution: End Goal

36 Product Demonstration Noetix Analytics

37 Noetix Functional Coverage
JK updated 7/8/10 Identified which modules are in beta and custom status, also added EAM coverage for analytics. 37

38 Noetix Business Intelligence Reporting across the BI spectrum
BI APPLICATIONS Packaged Reports Packaged Analytics Answers Dashboards KPIs Drillable Reports BI PLATFORMS Noetix Noetix for Excel Oracle BI Discoverer Cognos Business Objects METADATA GENERATORS ENTERPRISE BI MODELS OLTP Data Warehouse Database Views Operational Data Store Data Marts Before beginning the animation: “The core value propositions of NoetixViews are 1) they simplify access to data in the Oracle E-Business Suite database tables; 2) they are configuration specific, meaning they automatically pick-up each customer’s site-specific setups of Oracle, i.e., flexfields; 3) they provide upgrade protection, meaning they shield reports, queries and data extraction programs from changes in the structure of the Oracle database.” METADATA SERVICES & DATA INTEGRATION ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS E-Business Suite PeopleSoft Siebel Legacy JD Edwards QAD MFG/PRO 38

39 Noetix Business Intelligence

40 Supports Noetix Core Values
Rapid Implementation Open Architecture Configuration Specific P P P Bringing Data Into View RAPID IMPLEMENTATION Access to your data Patented technology OPEN ARCHITECTURE Power-up third-party BI tools Multiple data sources CHANGE MANAGEMENT upgrade protection ADAPTABLE SECURITY leverage vendor models PROVEN SOLUTION 1,300 customers 85% customers renew support Extensible Metadata Driven Lowest TCO P P P

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