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Nokia Page 1 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 1 Nokia NMS/10 C5.2 Network Management System for Transmission and IP Networks.

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1 Nokia Page 1 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 1 Nokia NMS/10 C5.2 Network Management System for Transmission and IP Networks

2 Nokia Page 2 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 2 PC based Network Manager giving the Operator a User friendly tool enabling remote network Monitoring, Configuration and Data collection Management of Nokia Transmission Networks Multi User System allowing remote Users and WWW Access Flexible System Architecture Cost effective solution Fast Implementation of Networks Uses Industry standard Interfaces (SNMP) Ability to manage the DCN (FM) NMS/10 Basic Concepts

3 Nokia Page 3 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 3 Nokia PDH and Access equipment Including Nokia DynaNet range Nokia DNT Modems Nokia Eksos N20 C2.0 Nokia PowerHopper Nokia FlexiHopper Nokia MetroHopper Nokia SXC-T 3rd Party Equipment Marconi Synfonet and SAN NMS/10 C5.2 Applications

4 Nokia Page 4 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 4 Available Q2 2002 MML Agent The MML Agent will support 10 x SXC-T The System Frame will support 10 x MML Agents TMS4 -> MF Upgrade package (Reduced cost) Package contains MF Hardware C1.0 MF Agent C2.0 MF Manager C2.5 NMS/10 C5.2 NEW Features

5 Nokia Page 5 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 5 NMS/10 Installations: Over 524 Systems Over 180 customers in over 40 countries

6 Nokia Page 6 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 6 NMS/10 C5.2 Architecture Eksos & SDH DNT NMS/10 Management Station Distributed system: Management Consoles Management Station Management Agents Multipurpose Agents are interfaces to the managed networks Management Station includes all centralised functions (DB, UI) Management Station can be accessed remotely using Management Consoles Remote use of Node Managers Internet Access to Agents and Alarms TCP/IP NMS/10 Management Console(s) NMS/10 Management Agent(s) TCP/IP SNMP PDH Microwave Radios

7 Nokia Page 7 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 7 Nokia NMS/10 Agent Concept Proprietary management interfaces converted to open, standard SNMP interface Hide differences between different network element interfaces Agents can be distributed to share load Agent tasks: Collect alarms from network elements Store the data in the Agent MIB Pass alarms to NMS using SNMP traps Node Managers to configure nodes can be put on the same PC, and used either Locally or Remotely over IP-network using Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition in Agent PC NMS/10 SDH Radio Agent C2.0 and Nera NEW-NMS Nokia Q1 NEs V.11 NNP over serial line MMLQ3/OSI NMS/10 System Frame C5.2 SNMP DCN-A

8 Nokia Page 8 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 8 IP NMS/10 C5.2 Scalability When the network grows, new agents can be added to the system NMS/10 can be accessed remotely Other NMS can share the same agents IP network components can be managed using the same platform Capacity of the system: 7500 Q1 FE 1000 Synfonet/Eksos N20 NEs 1000 PowerHopper SDH Radios 100 SXC-T Nodes 7500 NEs total capacity PowerHopper PDH PRE SNMP NNPQ3Q1Q3 SNMP Eksos Synfonet SNMP

9 Nokia Page 9 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 9 NMS/10 in Multivendor Environment Downward s: Managemen t of SNMP managed devices (e.g. DCN components ) Upwards: Open, industrial standard SNMP interface from Agents to any NMS supporting SNMP SDH Radio Other NMS NMS/10 PDH PRE Synfonet

10 Nokia Page 10 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 10 Nokia FlexiHopper MetroHopper Exporting the alarms of Nokia network to other system NMS/10 Q1 Management Integration with 3rd Party Systems Q1 NMS/10 MF Q1 Nokia NMS/10 Management Station SNMP traps Management integration between other NMS systems Fault management via SNMP traps into 3 rd party systems Configuration management by Nokia NMS/10 and HopperManager Performance management by NMS/10 Mediation device to provide TCP/IP connectivity for Nokia transmission managed with proprietary Q1 protocol TCP/IP

11 Nokia Page 11 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 11 NMS/10 C5.2 Protocols Nokia DynaNet Range Nokia PowerHopper SDH Radio Nokia Network Terminals Nokia SXC-T Q1 Q3 TCP/IP V.24 TCP/IP SNMP Nokia Eksos N20 Nokia FlexiHopper Radio Nokia MetroHopper Radio

12 Nokia Page 12 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 12 NMS/10 C5.2 Radio Networks Remote Access Fault Management Configuration Management Performance Measurement Microwave Radio Support FlexiHopper PowerHopper MetroHopper DynaHopper DMR 2000/7000 DMR 8/13/23/38

13 Nokia Page 13 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 13 NMS/10 C5.2 Q1 Polling Options DCN Adapter Compact, Versatile and cost effective Single slot DynaNet Subrack solution 4 V.11 Buses upto126 Functional Entities Upto 25 Units per System Frame TCP/IP Connection to NMS SNMP Support MF C2.0 Performance Monitoring Support 19" rack solution 16 Protected V.11 Buses upto 3000 Functional Entities Q1 Network Test feature TCP/IP Connection to NMS SNMP Support

14 Nokia Page 14 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 14 NMS/10 C5.2 Graphical User Interface HP OpenView GUI Hierarchical Views User definable Bitmaps Double Click Node Manager Launch Current Alarm Views for Node, Types, Area, etc Historical Alarm Database Filters for Sorting and Viewing Information Alarm Spooling and forwarding to e-mail User definable Security options

15 Nokia Page 15 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 15 NMS/10 C5.2 Fault Management Alarm Icon Colour represents real time alarm status Alarm shown in Current Alarm List Alarm added to Alarm History Database Alarm spooling to Printer or File Alarm spooling to serial port Alarm forwarding to E-Mail

16 Nokia Page 16 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 16 NMS/10 C5.2 Configuration Management Node Managers Can reside on System Frame or Remote PC Launched from Management Station or Remote Station Multiple Launch Options Double Click Launch from Node List Launch from Current Alarm List

17 Nokia Page 17 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 17 NMS/10 C5.2 Performance Management NMS/10 PDH PRE Mediation device SDH MW / pmp Radios PM data collected from SDH, PDH, MW and NT elements can be post-processed using external tools

18 Nokia Page 18 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 18 NMS/10 C5.2 RCM Remote Control and Measurement Ability to write pre-determined scripts Statistical Measurement Equipment Configuration Remote execution via WWW Scheduled execution

19 Nokia Page 19 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 19 NMS/10 C5.2 BENEFITS Time to Market Package Turnkey Responsibility Package NETWORK IMPLEMENTATION Centralised Configuration Management using Node Managers Reduced Site Visits - Significant Cost Savings Reduced Network Rollout Time - Earlier RFS date means earlier Revenue income CAPITAL EXPENDITURE Low Cost of Ownership Low initial Capital Expenditure - Uses Standard PC and Operating Software Cheap System Support - NMS easily maintained by existing IT staff Low spares holding Low Training requirement

20 Nokia Page 20 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 20 NMS/10 C5.2 BENEFITS Network Deployment Package oll-Out Management Package Time to Market Package Turnkey Responsibility Package NETWORK OPERATION Centralised Tools for Network Operation Performance Monitoring - Early Indication of Potential Faults Fault Management - Complete Visibility of Network Topology Simplifies Fault Detection and Decreases Service Downtime Remote / Internet Access Instant Access to Management Network and Tools at all times Unattended Operation Alarm forwarding allows the User to Focus on main Business

21 Nokia Page 21 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 21 NMS/10 C5.2 Features - Summary Capacity 7500 Q1FEs 1000 SDH/Eksos N20 NEs 1000 PowerHopper SDH Radios 100 SXC-T Nodes 7500 NEs total max. capacity Remote access/use Distributed and scalable system Management Console - remote user interface Management Station - centralised user interface and database Agents -network interface SNMP Support Open, industrial standard interface Integration with other Nokia NMS Integration of Nokia networks to 3rd party NMS in multivendor environment Complete NMS on element level Centralised fault management of Nokia transmission networks Centralised performance data collection Remote Control and Measurement macros (RCM) can be run on PDH (Q1) network elements Q1 network test Industry standard application platform Using HP OpenView Network Node Manager allows the integration to the existing OV environment Use of Background Displays Using GIF and other Bitmap files

22 Nokia Page 22 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 22 Future Plans Windows 2000 Support Enhanced PM Data Support Support for additional Network Elements

23 Nokia Page 23 24.10.2001 / Steve Morris 23 Happy Management with NMS/10 C5.2 - Don't leave your network alone -

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