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“Science is above all, communication.” Willard Gibbs.

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1 “Science is above all, communication.” Willard Gibbs

2 Part I Formidlingsavdelingen – Communication & Media Centre Part III Part II Collaborating to Communicate Challenges in Research Communication

3 Formidlingsavdelingen formidle - middleman - “go between” information disseminate communicate inform department Communication & Media Centre

4 Giving society something that is critically important: knowledge

5 FORM at UiB is special publication (text) media contacts photography design / multi-media TV technical support

6 FORM: publication / text UiB Magasinet På Høyden English news Projects / other bilag ”international pack” presentation materials specific projects

7 FORM: media contacts Consulting services about media contacts Special media services / projects researchers UiB leadership media personnel presentation of doctoral students Forskningsdagene. presentation of special groups

8 FORM: photo documentation archives portraits photo-journalism technical photography

9 FORM: design / multi-media both supporting and independent activities team with diverse qualifications virtual TV advanced design multimedia design web design / structure printed material production also consulting services in these areas

10 FORM: film / documentary - video bits, 30, 50, series - web tv - interactive video / web - video archive Some recent productions: The richness of childhood Riches from the deep The blue revolution The hidden cave diaries Decoding the Icelanders The weather’s face Teaching Plan+ Offline

11 FORM: technical support central apparatus room supporting 6 video editing suites + 1 sound room editing suites: 4 Mac-based Media 100, 1 Final Cut Pro, 1 for DVD production sound room: PROTools, Yamaha 02/96 with 5.1 monitoring - sound mixing for both TV & DVD dubbing studio (20m2) control room for the studios combined classical 3-camera TV studio + virtual studio (141m2) prop / set workshop + prop / set storage facilities smaller auditorium (43 seats, 82m2) for video conferencing (IP) - 3 camera + 2 video projectors small video conference room (3-4 persons, ISDN)

12 Case study: film documentary Decoding the Icelanders - a modern Viking saga genetic research project decoding unique population DeCode Genetics a modern Viking saga film prize formidling prize

13 Decoding the Icelanders

14 Case study: video via web Læreplan+ web-based educational tool web-based "video library" visual background to contemporary issues classroom tool 2 themes / year

15 Case study: Læreplan+

16 Case study: design / multi-media Arkeoland archaeological digital resource library interactive teaching interactive learning presentations multi-media

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