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Turkcell Bumblebee Rich Media Transcoding System.

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1 Turkcell Bumblebee Rich Media Transcoding System

2 Turkcell Broadband Voice Software SMS Mobile Fiber Mobile Services
T-Series Tablet Cloud Computing TV Mobile Services Finance Education Health Broadband Mobile Fiber Voice SMS

3 Mobile Trends

4 Mobile Video Trends

5 About Bumblebee

6 Widely used media types

7 A Picture Transcoding Example
Philips - 289 Alcatel – BH4 iPhone/OS 6.1 Original content

8 Used By Turkcell Mobile Education
Turkcell Mobile Marketing (AdInAction) Turkcell Music ( Turkcell MMS platforms (Peer2Peer, Bulk MMS)

9 Multimedia Messaging Architecture

10 Open Mobile Alliance – Standart Transcoding Interface
41 full members 32 associate members 26 supporter members

11 OMA-STI-V1_0 – UML Diagram

12 OMA-STI-V1_0 – SOAP Request / Response

13 Transcoding Request SOAP message

14 Transcoding Response SOAP message

15 Multipart-related SMIL example

16 Logical Design

17 MMS Transcoding Chain Bumblebee UA Profile / Device Resolver
Transcoding Request Composer Message Protocol Resolver Transcoding Engine Response Generator Transcoding Response Procesor Fallback Handler External Transcoding Server

18 Tools used

19 ffmpeg

20 ImageMagick

21 Test Automation – testsuite.xml

22 Test Automation – testcase.xml

23 Test Automation – report.html

24 Test Automation – report.html

25 Test Automation – report.html

26 Test Automation – report.html

27 Highlights Easy Integration Points (Device repository integration, multi message protocol implementations, codec library integrations, etc.) Ability to grow and shrink rapidly in the private cloud 300 TPS processing capacity (scaleable) 1000 music files are transcoded daily 1M MMS messages are transcoded (image, audio, video, text message) 30ms average response time Test automatin tool 5000 different devices 100K test cases 20K automation cases before every release

28 Thanks

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