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Investor Relations Quick Facts FY-2012 & Q1-2013.

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1 Investor Relations Quick Facts FY-2012 & Q1-2013

2 Clear and Focused Strategy  Deploy our robust information technology platform to drive service efficiency.  Invest in a number of Research and Development initiatives to further aid our product offerings and introduce more customer-friendly services.  Leverage on our existing business relationships to increase our clientele base.  Utilize the professionalism and skills of our people to enhance our processes  Deepen our research capabilities and strategic implementation drive  Explore both organic and inorganic ways of growing our business. FY 2013 Q1 Strategic Actions:  Grow Revenue by 69%  Achieve 61% PBT increase  Achieve 35.3% ROE  Achieve 28% CIR.

3 Key Metrics Profit & Loss N’000 (31/12/12) FY-2012FY-2011 % Chg Gross Earnings1,034,068606,15970.6% Net Interest Income828,747486,91270.2% Other Income109,42453,994102.7% Operating Income95,89765,25347.0% Balance Sheet N’000 (31/12/12) FY-2012FY-2011 % Chg Total Assets8,426,2378,167,0773.2% Deposits & Managed Funds5,480,4835,759,588(4.8%) Shareholders’ funds2,369,2321,807,58131.1%

4 Profit & Loss N’000 (31/03/13) FY-2013FY-2012 % Chg Gross Earnings308,636206,20749.7% Profit Before Tax223,899156,08143.4% Total Comp. Income/PAT174,729104,57467.1% Balance Sheet N’000 (31/03/13) FY-2013FY-2012 % Chg Total Assets8,371,4868,213,8071.9% Deposits & Managed funds5.260,9175,537,667(5.0)% Shareholders’ funds2,543,9612,093,93421.5% Key Metrics Q1 2013

5 Ratios FY-2011FY-2012FY-2013 Return on Equity0.38%1.12%0.35% Return on Assets2.30%6.67% 2.09% Cost Income Ratio48.2%35.4%27.5% Liquidity Ratio1.35%0.73%0.28% Profit/Loss Margin31.03%54.31% 56.61% Coverage Ratio41.79%54.31%59.12%

6 Gross Earnings Q1 2013

7 Cost to Income Ratio Q1 2013

8 Total Assets; Q1 2013

9 Shareholding Structure

10 Investor Contact Disclosure of fair, timely and transparent information is critical to our Investor Relations Strategy at Africa Prudential Registrars. To foster a fair and efficient capital market, we believe there is need for a two-way flow of communication between management and the investment community including, shareholders, investors and analysts. In line with existing market regulations, we are determined to keep our esteemed stakeholders informed of our financial performance, business strategies and key developments that will facilitate investment decisions. Contact us: For all enquiries on shareholding, financial and business update, please contact our Investor Relations desk as follows: Africa Prudential Registrars Plc (1 st Floor) 220B, Ikorodu Road, Palmgrove, Lagos. Tel: +23418752604

11 Board of Directors  Chief (Mrs.) Eniola Fadayomi MFR FIODChairman  Mr. Peter Ashade Managing Director/CEO  Mr. Samuel Nwanze Director  Mr. Peter ElumeluDirector  Ammuna Lawan Ali Director (Independent)

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