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2 - 1 - Nordic Semiconductor FIRST QUARTER IN LINE WITH EXPECTATIONS Quarter as expected Maintained profitability Increased R&D activity Solid booking across product lines Standard components Book/Bill 1.72 Expecting strong growth and investing for future capacity

3 - 2 - Nordic Semiconductor KEY FIGURES Revenues Operating profit (EBIT) Earnings before taxes (EBT) Earnings per share (28% tax) R & D charged to income Booking Backlog Q1, Q1, Change 35 % - 91 % 26 % 18 % 103 % 88 % 50 %

4 - 3 - Nordic Semiconductor PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT MNOK, % Revenues Components Revenues Consulting Total operating revenue Cost of goods sold Direct project costs Gross Profit Payroll expenses Accrued social security tax (options) Other operating expenses Depreciation Operating Profit (EBIT) EBIT margin (%) Net financial items Profit before taxes (EBT) EBT margin (%) Taxes Profit after taxes Q1, ,0 15,4 55,4 -24,1 -3,9 27,4 -19,7 -2,8 -4,3 -0,4 0,2 0,4% 2.9 3,1 5,6% -0,9 2,2 Q1, ,4 11,5 40,9 -15,1 -1,3 24,5 -15,7 -1,3 -4,3 -0,9 2,3 5,6% 0,2 2,5 6,0% -0,7 1, ,1 65,0 235,1 -91,3 -13,6 130,2 -77,4 -16, ,7 24,0 10.2% -5,5 18,5 7,9% -5,1 13,4 Change 36% 34% 35% 60% 200% 12% 25% 115% 0% -56% -91% -93% 1350% 26% -7% 28% 25%

5 - 4 - Nordic Semiconductor BALANCE SHEET Non-current assets Inventories Accounts receivables Other receivables Cash and cash equivalents Total assets Shareholders Equity Long term liabilities Current liabilities Sum equity and liabilities MNOKQ ,7 27,7 41,9 8,7 46,7 153,7 103,9 16,4 33,4 153,7 Q ,9 15,0 21,0 4,3 29,4 98,6 76,2 4,3 18,2 98,6 Change -1% 85% 100% 102% 59% 56% 36% 288% 84% 56% ,9 16,5 38,3 8,1 62,8 153,6 101,1 14,2 38,3 153,6

6 - 5 - Nordic Semiconductor MAIN SHAREHOLDERS/STOCK OPTIONS (31. Mar 2005) Odin Norge9,6% Arne Græe 5,8% Ferd Invest AS5,4% Alden AS5,0% Tore Engebretsen4,4% Velox AS4,3% Folketrygdfondet3,9% Arne Kristian Mæland3,5% Kjell Bråthen2,7% Gambak2,0% Foreign investors (60 shareholders)21,0% Employees4,6% Board members10,7% Stock options to board members0,7% Stock options to CEO2,6% Stock options to employees8,5% Total number of shareholders: 995

7 - 6 - Nordic Semiconductor SEASONAL REVENUE AND STILL PROFITABLE Quarterly Operating Income And Earnings MNOK Operating income Earnings before taxes, excluding social security tax (options)

8 - 7 - Nordic Semiconductor INCREASED R&D ACTIVITY 1ST QUARTER R&D Investment MNOK Increased spending on R&D in 1th quarter to 16,0 MNOK to release more standard components and increase our competitiveness. In accordance to IFRS, 1,8 MNOK have a balance sheet effect. Total R&D 29% of revenue New Components in development for in-design 2nd half of 2005 and for volume production 2006 Projects confidential until public announcement

9 - 8 - Nordic Semiconductor RECORD BOOKING AND BACKLOG Quarterly Operating Income, Booking And Backlog MNOK

10 - 9 - Nordic Semiconductor STRONG GROWTH IN RF COMPONENTS EXPECTED Revenue and Booking MNOK Revenue Booking + 52% + 71% Book/Bill ratio of 1.72

11 Nordic Semiconductor COMPONENTS DOMINATE REVENUE Revenue Split (1) SoC Projects excluding components sold (1)

12 Nordic Semiconductor INVESTING FOR THE FUTURE, GOING FOR GOLD Hired new two new FAE’s to support increased customer activity Significantly expanding test capacity through new test platform US office in planning and will be establish by year end Fully staffed by day one Moving additional support personnel to Hong Kong office

13 Nordic Semiconductor GLOBAL CHIP SALES FLAT THROUGH QUARTER (I) Slight Decline In Capacity Utilization Source:World Semiconductor Trade Statistics / SIA Monthly WW Semiconductor Sales (BUSD)

14 Nordic Semiconductor GLOBAL CHIP SALES FLAT THROUGH QUARTER (II) Semiconductor Market Per Region Source:World Semiconductor Trade Statistics / SIA Monthly WW Semiconductor Sales (BUSD) Asia-Pacific Japan Europe Americas

15 Nordic Semiconductor TRACTION AND HIGH MOMENTUM FOR STANDARD COMPONENTS Standard Components Status Revenue/Booking 30.9 MNOK Revenue 53.3 MNOK Booking Book/Bill: 1.72 High booking drive future quarters Existing customer design New projects with existing customers New projects with new customers 300 new evaluation kits sold this quarter Promising nRF24Z1 market reception Customer designs already at review stage

16 Nordic Semiconductor NEW SEGMENTS ADDED TO REVENUE PUZZLE Gamepads Mouse/Keyboards Intelligent Sports Equipment Wireless Audio

17 Nordic Semiconductor INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS, INC. HAS SELECTED THE nRF2401A FOR THE REVOLUTIONARY HEADON® HEADSET The HeadOn Headset is the smallest, lightest, and most advanced wire-free headset in the world. Its unique technology allows you to talk wirelessly for up to 80 hours without the need for heavy chargers, and provides an amazing stand-by time of three months (2,000 hours). "Nordic Semiconductor's nRF2401A has been an important instrument in our product design", says Shary Nassimi, CEO and President of International Electronics. "The performance of the radio supersedes our targets and Nordic's support in the design and realizations phase has been second to none. We are very pleased with our relationship with Nordic Semiconductor". "The HeadOn is the most "must have" product I have seen in a long time," says Svenn-Tore Larsen, CEO of Nordic Semiconductor

18 Nordic Semiconductor nRF24Z1 “MegaZtream™” ADDRESSES MULTIPLE SEGMENTS Different needs for high speed data Wireless Headphone -MD -CD -MP3 Wireless speakers Wireless surround sound (rear) Wireless streaming from PC to HiFi Wireless connection to MP3 player AUDIO

19 Nordic Semiconductor SCALING DOWN ACTIVITY OF CUSTOMER PROJECTS SoC Project Status Full utilization of project organization Large proportion of engineers devoted to new Standard Components Three new component project initiated Revenue/Booking 10.2 MNOK Revenue 16.2 MNOK Booking Book/Bill: 1.59

20 Nordic Semiconductor FLAT QUARTER FOR SOC COMPONENTS SoC Components Status Quarterly growth: Q to Q ; 7% Revenue/Booking 9.1 MNOK Revenue 8.7 MNOK Booking Book/Bill: 0.95 New components will increase revenue in H2-2005

21 Nordic Semiconductor NEXT GENERATION 0.13um PRODUCTS HITS THE MARKET DATA CONVERTER IP Revenue/Booking 5.2 MNOK Revenue 4.8 MNOK Booking Bulk of the market has taken the step into 0.13um Next generation 0.13um product hits the early market Initial feedbacks from the markets is very good One license sold to a leading supplier of WiMax chipsets One license sold to leading supplier of Gbit Ethernet chipsets

22 Nordic Semiconductor SUMMARY Revenue as expected influenced by seasonal demand from customer base Strong booking from new and existing customers bringing new products into market Despite heavy investments and slow quarter Nordic still maintained profitability Satisfactory cost structure in place Portfolio of new customer projects increasing and expect many new projects to enter into production in the coming quarters Maintain guidance for 2005 (Revenue MNOK)

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