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Table of contents Forests and climate change

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1 Table of contents Forests and climate change
Sustainable forest management Biodiversity and forests Tourism and forests

2 The importance of forests
Atmosphere Food and home Resources Prevent soil erosion Prevent flooding Stabilizing effect on the world´s climate

3 Atmosphere Atmosphere in forests is relaxing Clean air
- Cities that have a lot of parks have cleaner air and people feel more at home because the atmosphere in parks and forests is relaxing. Leaves filter the air so they clear away a lot of dust.

4 Food and home Provide food and home for animals
- In China pandas are dying, because their habitat is getting smaller and as they only eat bamboos leaves, they haven`t got enough food - Birds lose their nest possibilities and homes if trees are cut down.

5 Resources Wood is used for Houses Heating Furniture Floor Paper
- We use wood for a lot of different purposes the most common ones are building houses, furniture and floor board making, paper production, heating of homes

6 Prevent soil erosion If there are no trees and it starts to rain, the rainwater washes away the soil with the nutrients. Because we lose some of the soil with its nutrients every time it rains, one day you cannot plant anything any more, because plants need the nutrients in the soil.

7 Prevent flooding Futhermore, when all the trees on the mountains and hillsides are cut down, then the rainwater flows down very fast and floods the valley. The trees would prevent this, because trees soak up and hold the rainwater and release it slowly.

8 Stabilizing effect on the world´s climate
fossil fuels burned -> release carbon dioxide -> trees change carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar If fossil fuels are burned, carbon dioxide is released. Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes greenhouse effect and global warming with it. Trees can need carbon dioxide to grow and they change carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar. We need oxygen to live and the trees need the sugar to grow. Trees can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and slow down global warming.

9 Sustainable forest management
Replant trees which were cut down Avoid deforestation Only cut down trees that grow fast enough Increase forest areas - Plant more trees than you cut down Cut down trees which are dead or sick -After trees are cut down, new ones should be planted to replace them. It`s sensible to plant different species than the ones before, because other species need different minerals, so they don`t need those that had been used up by the previous species. -Planting a forest is investment in and for the future. Trees take a long time to grow. -It takes a different length of time for each species to grow, so we should plant more trees which grow faster. This way we can have wood sooner, and trees that were cut down will also be replaced sooner and faster. -More trees should be planted than the amount we harvest, so we don`t have to cut down all of them. We should increase the amount of forest cover of the world. -Trees get sick and die after a while. It`s more environmentally-friendly to cut down those instead of the young and healthy ones.

10 Right and wrong use of wood resource
Use handkerchief instead of tissue Do not throw aways notebooks/exercise books, which aren`t filled up and recycle them then Use every part of the tree that´s cut down Recycle paper Write on both sides of a paper Do not cut down forest just because of money -To produce tissues, trees are cut down, so by using handkerchiefs instead, you can save the forest. But on the other hand they are less hygienic and need washing. -If you haven`t filled up an exercise- or notebook completely, you shouldn`t throw it away, because there`s still space to write in it. When it`s filled up, you should recycle it. -If a tree is cut down, all parts of it should be used so as not to waste anything -If you don`t need a sheet of paper any more, you should recycle it When you write e.g. a test, and only write on one side of the sheet, you should use the other side as well later. -Many trees are cut down to create land for others uses, for example to open ski slopes. This is done because you can earn much more money from activities like skiing than managing a forest. This is absolutely not environmentally-friendly.

11 Sustainable tourism Sustainable tourism means
- visit nature without damaging it See nature in its original form experience nature from close up

12 Facts about tourism 980 million people travelled internationally in 2011 ( a 4% increase over 2010) and this is expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2020 International tourists spend over US$700 per person on their travel Travel and tourism represents approximately 10% of total global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (if it includes tourism- related businesses (e.g. catering, cleaning) Global travelling and tourism industry creates approximately 10% of the world's employment (directly & indirectly)

13 Tourism affects National Parks
Tourism destroys nature (eg. picking of flowers, dropping rubbish) Bicycle tours, cave tours in nature parks National parks in Germany and Hungary Black Forest is wooden mountain range in Baden-Württenberg, southwestern Germany. They have two nature protection centres provide information, exhibitions, guided tours, workshop and courses about nature. Bükk National Park is the third national park and also the largest national park in Hungary. It is located in the Bükk Mountains of northern Hungary. There are guided cave tours. You must accept all the rules of the national park. You can‘t leave the marked paths on your own. You have to ask the permission of the park authorities to do sports.

14 References

15 Thank you for your attention!
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