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French Revolution & Napoleon Queen Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI.

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2 French Revolution & Napoleon

3 Queen Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI

4 The Eve of Revolution 1789 French Old Order/Three Estates 1. Clergy 2. Nobility 3. Everyone else

5 Enlightenment Ideas Questioning inequalities of Old Regime Third Estate calls for change

6 France’s Problems 1. Financial troubles –Deficit spending –National debt from war/extravagances 2. Economic Reforms –Need for taxing 1 st and 2 nd 3. Refusal to call Estates-General

7 Fixing the Problems…maybe Louis XVI calls Estates-General to meet –Preparing cahiers May-June 1789 –3 rd declares themselves as National Assembly –Tennis Court Oath


9 Storming the Bastille July 14, 1789 800 Parisians gather around Bastille Bastille Day –French Independence Day

10 S2: The French Revolution Unfolds “Great Fear” Marquis de Lafayette –U.S. –Natl Guard

11 National Assembly Ends their own privileges –“Feudalism is abolished!” Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen –Similar to the ____ –UH….women? Liberte, Equalite, Fraternite!

12 Women in Versailles BREAD! Marie Antoinette…GRR!!!! Versailles  Tuileries

13 National Assembly Lots of debt  take over Church lands! Church under state control  conflict Constitution of 1791  limited monarchy instead of absolute, reformed laws, collect taxes, separation of Church and state, equality for male citz.

14 RUN!!! Louis and Marie attempt to…escape.

15 Radicals Take Over Emigres  nobles, clergy who fled –Thus, European rulers are NOT supportive –Enlightenment ideas? National Assembly becomes Legislative Assembly –Jacobins (middle class) Sans-culottes- radicals who wanted a republic

16 Radicals Take Over Jacobins want REVOLUTION! Declare war on Prussia, Austria, Britain, etc.

17 S3: Radical Days of the Revolution 1793  Radical Phase French troops decimated by Prussian forces, some royalists become emigres Radicals take control of the L.A. –Becomes National Convention Extends suffrage

18 Radical France Votes to abolish the monarchy Establish French Republic Louis XVI tried by the Convention and put to death –Vote! Every vote counts… –January 1793 –October 1793

19 The French Republic Committee of Public Safety –Massive tax on ALL for war –Trials and executions –Crushing peasant revolts

20 The Reign of Terror Maximilien Robespierre “The Incorruptible” –Favored by Jacobins, sans-culouttes –“Liberty cannot be secured unless criminals lose their heads” –Architect of the Reign of Terror 1793-1794 Guillotine

21 Stage 3 Revolution 3 rd Constitution by the moderates Moderates hold power from 1795-1799 Sets up the Directory Problems:

22 Napoleon Bonaparte Politicians planned to use him…he outwits them all! Nationalism

23 S4: The Age of Napoleon 1799-1815 Favors radicals and a republic Victorious general (hid losses)  politics Ends Directory, begins Consulate –First Consul 1804- Emperor of the French! –Democratic despotism

24 Napoleon’s Reforms Controls prices, public works projects Concordat of 1801 Emigres need to oath of loyalty Napoleonic Code –Women lost rights –Male dominated family –Religious tolerance –Ends serfdom –Careers based on talent, merit

25 Napoleon’s Empire –1812 farthest extent Map of Europe is redrawn! Abolished Holy Roman Empire Britain evades Napoleon through sea power –Battle of Trafalgar –Continental System

26 Napoleon’s Downfall Nationalism beats Napoleon RUSSIA 1812 Tsar Alexander I –Scorched earth policy Napoleon’s Grand Army –1000 mile retreat

27 Napoleon’s Defeat Due to defeat, new alliance: –Prussia, Russia, Austria, Britain –Defeats Napoleon in 1813 Napoleon will abdicate –Sent to Elba –Louis XVIII is now King –1815…he’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack….

28 Napoleon’s Defeat II Battle of Waterloo (Belgium)- –Britain’s Duke of Wellington –Abdicates again to St. Helena Napoleon dies in 1821 HRE becomes Germany Rise of nationalism Sold LA Territory

29 End of the War Congress of Vienna- meeting to decide the end… –Main goal is a lasting peace –Protect monarchies –Surrounds France with strong countries –Establish the principle of legitimacy Quadruple Alliance –PRAB

30 End of the War Concert of Europe –Powers meet periodically to discuss problems facing Europe –No European wars for 100 years! War ended in 1814…in one hundred years….


32 Images Used French Revolution Charts: Guillotine: Marie Antoinette: revolution/marie-antoinette.jpg revolution/marie-antoinette.jpg King Louis xvi: %C3%A4tterad_av_AF_Callet.jpg %C3%A4tterad_av_AF_Callet.jpg Pyramid: http://relay-of- 480x385/3_Estates_Pyramid_annielo822.pnghttp://relay-of- 480x385/3_Estates_Pyramid_annielo822.png Tennis Court Oath: Stormig of Bastille: CEB880DC.jpg CEB880DC.jpg Marquis Lafayette: _Lafayette.PNG _Lafayette.PNG Louis XVI coins: Napoleon: oleon-bonaparte/features/0/image.jpg oleon-bonaparte/features/0/image.jpg Google Maps:

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