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The University as a Setting for Health Promotion Initiatives – a case study of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Working Group of UCC Health Matters Michael.

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1 The University as a Setting for Health Promotion Initiatives – a case study of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Working Group of UCC Health Matters Michael Byrne (Head of Student Health, UCC) Mary Cronin (Dept of Epidemiology & Public Health, UCC ) Martin Davoren (Dept of Epidemiology & Public Health, UCC ) Verdi Ahern (Academic Year Manager, Campus Accommodation [UCC] Ltd)

2 Presentation Overview What is a Health Promoting University (HPU)? Outline of ‘UCC Health Matters’: UCC’s HPU Initiative The Role of the 8 Working Groups Exemplar: The Alcohol & Substance Abuse Working Group – Who, How and What? – Consider the 5 Strategy Areas and 20 Action Points Monitoring & Evaluation: Key Performance Indicators Recognising and Addressing Challenges

3 What is a Health Promoting University? One that integrates health into the culture, processes, and policies of the University. The success of the HPU depends on – a whole university approach – commitment from the most senior level – partnership working among all sectors

4 Health Promoting University Initiative Based on the Settings Approach- focus on whole community policies and environment, rather than individual problem health behaviours. Significant advantage of working through this approach is that it provides a more cohesive mechanism for addressing multiple health issues

5 HPU- Health Promoting University WHO defines a health Promoting University, as “…one that is conscious of health and striving to improve it.” (1998) UCC HPU Initiative: “Provides a framework for co-ordinating health related activities on campus, and identifying areas for action that will potentially enhance the health of the University population”

6 Towards becoming a Health Promoting University In 2012 UCC commenced a process towards becoming a HSE recognised HPU. Support & guidance from HSE South Health Promotion Dept. All UCC students and staff invited to get involved in an effort to create an empowering and participatory initiative University level Steering Group estab’d In 2012 University ratified Action Plan 1 Health Promotion Project Worker employed 2 days / week

7 The HPU Process

8 Action Plan One of the core processes of the HPU Initiative Challenge is to create an action plan that aspires to develop a Health Promoting University rather than an action plan that involves doing health promotion in the University.

9 Building an Action Plan Levels of action to be considered when Building An Action Plan Build Healthy Public Policy Create Supportive Environments Strengthen Community Actions Reorient Health Services Develop Personal Skills (Ottawa Charter, 1986)

10 8 Action Areas identified leading to 8 Working/Network Groups 1.Food & Nutrition 2.Mental Health & Wellbeing 3.Physical Activity and Active Transport 4.Alcohol & Substance Abuse 5.Sexual Health 6.The Built Environment 7.Sustainable Development 8.Safety

11 Working Groups/Network Groups Objectives Short Term – Map existing work using Case Study Reporting methodology (using specific template)

12 Case Study Reporting Template


14 Working Group Objectives Long Term- Build, Implement and evaluate an Action Plan in each Action Area, With a view to:

15 Action Plan Develop Personal Skills Reorient Health Services Create Supportive Environments Strengthen Community Actions Build Healthy Public Policy

16 The Alcohol & Substance Abuse Working Group Working Group established in 2012 Building on work already underway since 2010 Co-convenors Dr Michael Byrne & Martin Davoren (PhD student in Public Health) Members include representatives of student organisations, staff working in student services & academics with an interest in Health Promotion Working Group’s main focus to date has been Alcohol but recently commenced work on Smoking

17 Alcohol Action Plan


19 Alcohol Action Plan (continued)

20 S1. Provide education, information and training for students and staff KPI (if available) KPI or Status AP 1.1 Alcohol information session to be provided to all incoming 1 st year students at orientation % Classes given presentation100% AP 1.2 Alcohol awareness events to be held at least once annually on campus out with orientation No. events/academic year1 AP 1.3 Promote ePUB UCC 10, the on-line brief intervention tool for all incoming 1 st year students No. 1 st years completed ePUB7,766 AP 1.4 Embed ePUB UCC into the curriculum for Programmes on a voluntary basis No. of Programmes0 AP 1.5 Train Peer-Support Leaders and Student Leaders to encourage Peer-Led alcohol education No. PSLs trained250 AP 1.6 Deliver workshops and training for frontline staff on alcohol information and Brief Intervention No. Staff attended50 S2. Put in place effective screening, referral and treatment services AP 2.1 Develop, disseminate and promote guidelines for staff as to how, where and to whom to refer any student whom they believe may be at risk from alcohol related harm Guidelines developed and disseminated In development AP 2.2 Provide Screening and Brief Intervention Therapy (SBIT) by Student Health department and Student Counselling and Development department professionals. No. of Staff trained in SBIT 6 AP 2.3 Develop and increase links with local voluntary and statutory services, such as AA and the Southern Region Drugs Alcohol Task Force Annual report/contact with AA and SRDAT Link with SRDTAF S3. Make the campus and the local environment safer from alcohol related harm AP 3.1 Encourage and monitor effectiveness of zero-tolerance policy to anti-social behaviour through Student Patrols, Campus Watch, and liaison with local Gardaí At least once annual review of rate of anti-social behaviour Completed AP 3.2 Encourage reporting of abuse of local licensing laws and inappropriate marketing/selling of alcohol through development of a recording and reporting mechanism. Develop recording and reporting mechanism Completed AP 3.3 Develop the role of the Student Community Support to use as a preventative and deterrent at times of higher risk e.g. Orientation, Fresher’s week, R&G week and end of term Establish Job description, Training and Job Spec. Completed AP 3.4 Promote increased awareness of the UCC Student Alcohol Policy and the UCC Student Rules -At Orientation AP 3.5 Increase provision for alcohol-free social spaces and alcohol-free activities/social events Annual review and reportOn-going AP 3.6 Explore possibility of the provision of alcohol/substance free housingOpt. Available Available 2013

21 S4. Influence local, regional, national, and sectoral alcohol policies and practices KPI (if available) KPI or Status AP 4.1 Establish a local Forum including students, residents, landlords and local Gardaí to help reduce alcohol related harm and anti-social behaviour At least twice yearly meetings Completed AP 4.2 Lobby local and National Politicians alone or in conjunction with the IUSSN or the IUA on matters relating to national alcohol policy such as marketing and selling of alcohol - Delegation from IUSSN met Minister for State AP 4.3 Promote a sectoral wide approach to alcohol related problems through sharing best practice at least annually through the CSSI, ISHA and IUSSN - On-going On-going S5. Research alcohol use and monitor progress and effectiveness of strategies AP 5.1 Develop a dashboard of Key Performance indicators (KPIs) for each of the Action Points Dashboard developedCompleted AP 5.2 Provide funding for a PhD level Thesis on alcohol use by our students PhD startedCompleted

22 AP 3.6 Explore possibility of provision of Alcohol / Substance Free Housing In 2013 the Alcohol & Substance Abuse Working Group in conjunction with UCC Campus Accommodation Ltd, developed the Alcohol-Free Accommodation Initiative Began in 2013 – National Coverage: numbers small Expanding for 2014 – Setting the agenda for other institutions?

23 Working Group Monitoring and Evaluation The ‘Dashboard’ of action points, key performance indicators & status updates provides a clear reference for monitoring & evaluation by working group members In 2014 the Alcohol & Substance Abuse Working Group commenced a monitoring & revision exercise of its action plan Some action points completed & new ones included

24 Monitoring & Evaluation of UCC Health Matters An additional part-time worker employed to support all Working Groups to engage in monitoring, evaluation & reporting of case studies Working towards gaining recognition by HSE South as a Health Promoting University in late 2014

25 The HPU Process

26 Challenges of HPU Project-ism: Focussing on “Doing Health Promotion” Politeness: not pushing boundaries, which need to be pushed e.g. sexual/mental health Playing Safe: not rocking any boats Power Relations: combining senior management commitment and staff & student ownership can be difficult.

27 Presentation Summary What is a Health Promoting University (HPU)? Outline of the ‘UCC Health Matters’ –UCC’s HPU The 8 Working Groups Focus on the Alcohol & Substance Abuse Group – Who, How and What? – Examples of SA’s, AP’s & KPI’s Monitoring & Evaluation: Case Studies: KPIs Recognising Challenges

28 Any Questions?

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