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CONFERENCE 2014 (QLD) Alexandra Bose Sept Council 2013.

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1 CONFERENCE 2014 (QLD) Alexandra Bose Sept Council 2013

2 Conference 2014 - Brisbane

3 7 – 14 July 2014 (Monday to Monday)

4 July Council - Outcomes  Feedback from Council and ALSA encouraged a ‘downsized’ Opening Gala  Discussed increasing competition rounds to 4  Provision of student judges by LSSs/LSAs

5 HOTEL: The Oaks  4 ½ star  Fully self contained apartments with balconies, separate lounge, dining, kitchen and laundry facilities  Fitness room, gym, lap pool, sauna, spa and BBQ facilities  2 minutes walk between the towers  $27,215 cheaper to split  8-9 minutes walk to QUT  Unlimited internet

6 Issues  No printing facilities at the apartments

7 Competition Venues  Preliminary rounds will be held at QUT  These will be split across two campus’ – Garden’s Point’s capacity is 60 rooms. The excess (20 rooms) will be at Kelvin Grove  This is only 7 minutes further away

8 Number of Preliminary Rounds Preliminary rounds will remain at THREE Just a few reasons:  Judges  Rooms and $$$  Volunteers for CI and WitEx  # of Competition Problems  Appeals process  The whole itinerary – loss of the free day, more competitors unable to attend events as they are still competing, Comps Team issuing the break at midnight..  Time – will recommend 2015 investigate

9 Summary of Events Socials Accommodation Opening Night: Friday’s Riverside (Cocktail) Day Trip: Dreamworld Pubcrawl: Victory Hotel, Stockies, Down Under Bar, Birdees, Oh Hello (TBC) Theme Night: Alhambra Lounge (TBC) Closing Gala: Sofitel Hotel (TBC) (Black tie Gala) The Oaks – Brisbane CBD

10 Summary of Events ALEF topics Equity Luncheon Careers  Internet Privacy  Mining & Environmental Law  Intellectual Property and Patenting Human Genes Disability and the Law Networking Event - Strike Bowling (TBC) Forum- Topic TBC Legal Skills Workshops

11 Transport Hotel to Uni Hotel to Opening Gala Hotel to Closing Gala Hotel to Council Pubcrawl Theme Night  Walking (8-9 minutes)  Walking (10 minutes). Bus TBC  Walking (5 minutes)  TBC (<15 minutes on public transport)  Buses

12 Registration Bylaw  Motion: That ALSA Conference 2014 Gold Registration is set at $750 for delegates. (FYI: Gold Registration includes accommodation)

13 Questions on Conference?

14 Bylaw 18  Fundamentally different from ‘N-3’  Please take a fresh approach

15 Bylaw 18 1. Scope 2. Operating Provision  Is to regulate the provision of student judges by LSSs/LSAs at ALSA Conference  Refer s4.6 of ALSA Constitution

16 3. Provision of Judges  To enter teams into 4 competitions (excl. paper presentation) you must provide 1 judge  The candidate must be approved as a student judge  Explanatory guide will be provided  Sufficient time will also be provided for you to submit another candidate if your original candidate is rejected

17 4. Exceptions 5. Judges’ Briefing  Broad exceptions policy  Your judge will be briefed prior to judging  Conference will also offer ‘upskilling’  The LSS or individual student judge can sign up to assist on panels, as an associate, client or witness to improve their judging  Alternatively, they will be called upon as needed

18 6. Enforcement 7. International  If you register 3 teams (excl. paper presentation) no judge required.  Do not fall within application of the bylaw  International jurisdictions have a significant financial hurdle which would likely see them fall within the exception every time.  Will be reviewed after 1 year of implementation to see if there are other ways they can contribute.

19 Rationale for the Bylaw 1. Improve consistency of judging quality at ALSA 2. Improve the quality of your student judges 3. Avoid other measures – such as capping # of teams

20 2014 Registration for Student Judges Conference 2014 Registration [for student judges provided under Bylaw 18]  $200 discount off (gold) registration price  Ie student judge registration will cost you $550

21 Questions?

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