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St Modan’s High School 81st Session

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1 St Modan’s High School 81st Session
SENIOR SCHOOL OPTIONS Parents’ Information Evening 3rd February 2015

2 PRAYER Be near us Father as we meet today
Inspire our thoughts and light our understanding Guide us towards your vision for our school and grant that we may wisely lead and ever humbly serve, this community of St Modan’s entrusted to our care Amen

3 Outline: Welcome & Introduction: Eilidh Wynd and Maddie Hatch
Senior School Information: Mr B McGurk Courses, Assessment & Reporting: Mr B McGurk Important Points: Mr S Curran Important Dates: Mr S Curran Curricular Options: Mr J Mitchell Enhancement Options: Mrs C Friel Pathways & Progression: Mrs M Cowie Personal, Social & Spiritual Education: Mrs A Shandley Final Points: Mr R O’Neill

4 General Senior School Information:
Decision to return to school for a fifth or sixth year is an extremely important one Senior pupils should be looking to not only achieve academic success but equally important is the opportunity to fulfil their potential as young men and women, ready to embrace the challenges of the future Most S4 Pupils should plan their options over 2 years Pupils should build upon success and look towards future destinations. Not advisable to re-sit subjects unless likely to increase grades by 2. Commit to the full year & Increased pupil responsibility for their own learning Free Choice for S5 and S6 pupils (no column based options form) New S5 to choose 5 from the 8 subjects studied in S4

5 SQA Qualifications 2015-16 Advanced Higher Higher National 5

6 How are Nationals assessed?
NAT 1 TO 4 In-School Assessment – UASP and AVU NAT 5 HIGHER ADVANCED HIGHER In-School & External Assessment BM

7 Sources of Information
SQA Subject pages The National Parent Forum of Scotland: Nationals in a Nutshell Highers in a Nutshell

8 Progression S4 into S5 S5 Subjects N5 Art N5 English N5 Computing
MATHS N4 COMPUTING N3 FRENCH N5 PE N4 BIOLOGY N4 ART HISTORY ENGLISH S5 Subjects N5 Art N5 English N5 Computing N4 Maths Higher PE

9 Progression S4 into S5 S5 Subjects Higher PE Higher English
MATHS N5 MODERN STUDIES N5 FRENCH PE N5 SPANISH N5 MUSIC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ENGLISH S5 Subjects Higher PE Higher English Higher Business Man Higher Spanish Higher Maths

10 Progression S5 into S6 S6 Subjects Higher Maths Friday College
N5 MODERN STUDIES HIGHER ENGLISH S6 Subjects Higher Maths Friday College Advanced Higher Physics Advanced Higher Chemistry Enhancement - Leadership N5 MATHS HIGHER PHYSICS HIGHER CHEMISTRY

11 Important Points: Senior School Prospectus
Application Form – demonstrate commitment Enhancement Options (S6) Options Interview – Member of SMT or PT PSD

12 Important Dates: 30th Jan/2nd Feb: S4/5 Assembly
Application Form will follow in PSD 3 February: Parents’ Information Evening – Prospectus Out March: Friday College Applications (S4/S5) 26 February: Application Forms due to PSD 4 March: S4 Options Interviews – Ruber Aurum 5 March: S5 Options Interviews – Ruber Aurum Follow-up: August: Re-interview if req’d: letters sent (Summer hols)

13 Options Add form (JM)

14 Curricular Options: Summary
Choose 5 options Choose one reserve Indicate the preferred level Enhancements - S6 only S6 choose only 1 enhancement option Entry requirements - Pay close attention to these when planning progression (Prospectus) Interviews will be conducted by a member of SMT or a PT PSD Address questions in the first instance to relevant PT PSD

15 Options M Modan S5 Mr Smith Add form (JM) R

16 Enhancement Information

17 Skills for Work Courses Electrical Engineering
FVC Courses College Skills for Work Courses Skills for work – Creative Industries (National 5) Skills for work – Construction Crafts (National 4) Early Education and Childcare - (National 4) Hair and Beauty (City and Guilds Award) NPA Sound Production (SCQF Level 6) Hospitality (National 4) Psychology – Higher And many more…. ( 1 day per week – 1 year) HNC Courses Computing Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Sports Coaching And many more… (1 day per week - 2 year)


19 Pathways & Progression:
If students choose not to stay on at school, what are the options? Remain on the academic route? Apply for college (must see Julia Mitchell/ Fiona Lafferty Careers Adviser) Winter Leaver – pupils going into S5 whose 16th birthday is between 1 October and end of February. Exceptional entrant to college. Apply for University (although not common after S5. Students must see PSD teacher)

20 Take the working route? Apply for a Modern Apprenticeship
(must see Julia Mitchell) Apply for training (must see Julia Mitchell) Employability Fund Targeted Pathways to Apprenticeships

21 UCAS Applications: Key Dates in process - Early Sept 2015: Tutors allocated to pupils - End of Sept 2015: 1st draft of Personal Statement and Higher Education reports from teachers completed - Nov 2015: Pupil application and Tutor references complete Personal Statement - Why me?, why this course?, what have I achieved so far? - Strengths, skills, achievements, success - Goals and future aspirations - Demonstrate skills and positive character traits - Must all be relevant to the course applying to PSD input - Research opportunities, advice, support, relationship

22 Senior School Personal, Social & Spiritual Development:
S5 and S6 Conferences Peer Support and Buddying Leadership Opportunities Chaplaincy S6 Council Interfaith Day HWB, PE & RE Values – the things that make St. Modan’s pupils who they are!

23 Final Points What is realistic and best for my child?
Personalisation - the key to meeting individual needs Imaginative solutions required Curricular and Pastoral support Partnership – staff, pupils and parents Make the most of every opportunity – Getting the best for everyone ‘one young person at a time’

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