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Sue Dark Integrated Services Manager COMPASS HOUSING SERVICES.

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1 Sue Dark Integrated Services Manager COMPASS HOUSING SERVICES

2 Overview of Compass Housing NDIS Direct NDIS Housing Experience - SAIF Consumer Experience Conclusion

3 VISION That all people have appropriate and affordable shelter and are engaged in sustainable communities. MISSION Greatly foster growth, quality, diversity and reach in providing housing and other human services, demonstrating harmony between sound governance and business management and being a leader in the areas of personal, social, environmental and corporate sustainability.

4 Established in 1984; not for profit organisation, known as Newmacq Focus on alleviating the hardship of housing stress for low to moderate income households Culture: “GROW” program - aims to assist people to enhance their lives, to lessen their own personal impact on the environment and to empower our tenants to make life choices which add value to the communities in which they live

5 GROW incorporates aspirations for personal, social, environmental and corporate sustainability Compass is a registered NDIS provider Currently 7% tenants with a NDIA package/plan (Newcastle) Routinely meet with FaCS HNSW and NDIA – Operations meetings

6 Productivity Commission’s report 2011: Promoting participation and inclusion of people with disability UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which Australia has ratified; guiding principle is ‘full and effective participation and inclusion in society’ (UN 2006, article 3c) Council of Australian Government’s National Disability Strategy 2010–2020: Policy area one - inclusive and accessible communities. Policy area four - personal and community support (Australian Government 2011a) COAG’s National Disability Agreement, its objective that people with disability and their carers have an enhanced quality of life; participate as valued members of the community (Australian Government 2009b, paragraph 6)

7 Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund - build innovative, community-based supported accommodation places for people with disability Compass, in partnership with Ability Options FaHCSIA contract Deliver SAIF for 20 people with a disability Newcastle and Central Coast Compass - responsible for building/maintaining the properties Ability Options - responsible for support services Eligibility for SAIF includes: Aged over 18 Severe and profound disability Live in Hunter, Wyong or Gosford LGA’s Able to live independently in the community with support

8 Adequate funding for support; i.e. ADHC, ADHC, Lifetime Care & Support Authority; e.g. Supported Living Fund, Individual Accommodation Support Package, Leaving Care funding, Attendant Care Package; Insurance Eligible for public housing; Willing to live in Key-ring model Participate in/contribute to committee meetings; in person or through a representative Key-ring Model - supported living network of 10 homes Membership comprises 10 people with disability and one Key-ring volunteer who assists members; encourages them to be good neighbours, to support each other and share skills Assist reading bills, forms, letters and support members to connect with their community ADHC created 10 packages of drop in support, for people with a disability to move into SAIF units.

9 PLATINUM Level – 16 elements of enhanced requirements for the core liveable housing design plus all elements of Silver and Gold Better accommodates ageing in place and people with higher mobility needs More generous dimensions for most of the core liveable design elements and introduces additional elements for features such as the living room and flooring

10 Work very closely with developer and architect The build - who pays; Compass? Ability Options? NDIS? Lifetime Care? ADHC? Modifications – Who pays? NDIS will not fund for Community Housing or HNSW properties (certainly not post 1970’s constructions –‘legacy properties’) NDIS will fund privately owned or private rental properties Community Housing does receive funding for modifications - this does not accommodate the increase in requirements for modification, with people who have packages under the NDIS – requires further discussion, negotiation and resolution We will continue to learn and learn together



13 Ability Options’ (AO) Hunter team are supporting SAIF clients; working with them to prepare everything they will need to live independently AO asked Ann what it meant to her to be part SAIF Key-ring model : Ann said that she is excited to move into a place of her own; she will now be able to live her own life and make more decisions ‘I feel supported knowing there are others that are like me living close by and this is a great chance for me to be more independent,’ said Ann ‘It’s been fun picking furniture and things for the kitchen and I can’t wait to cook food in my new kitchen and invite people over for a visit.’ Ann


15 General catch up with Ability Links worker Consumer had applied with Compass for housing 5 – 10 year wait, depending upon location AL worker became aware of Affordable Housing, through a church organisation Consumer applied for and was allocated a unit Outcome enabled the consumer to achieve one of her dreams – independent living for the first time in her life Communicate Network Information Share

16 Two women (dev delay) purchasing unit together Mother to leave the family home to her daughter after her death Mother was able to purchase a small unit Mother & father extremely distressed; anxious They have an illiterate, non-verbal 32 yo son They will be 80 in 12 years What are his dreams? His next packet of chips Man with high functioning Down Syndrome is in a Housing NSW property Affordable unit available to share - the sons, family and their compatibility unknown – feel rushed to make a decision Innovation Devotion

17 3 families united to support their adult sons to live in a shared arrangement. They spent 3 years working towards this. Cashed in superannuation to purchase property Formed a trust, the six parents as the board Successfully applied for SLF funding, after several attempts Sons pay rent to the trust from their pension Receive rent assistance Long, complex process 3 month transition process; e.g. started one night a week with a parent for each son Resolve: happens if one of the sons leave (for next level of care or very sick) Parents involved in staff selection Undertook succession planning

18 Compatibility for house sharing essential Parents/carers can be the biggest obstacle, they have been amazed how their children have managed; how they care for each other Client focussed – excellent, but is their understanding of what the carer has done, how the carer feels and what they know? Family, government and community support essential Transport is not sufficiently covered; plans/activities approved - some participants cannot afford to get there (10k round trip is covered) Affordable housing has to based on the lowest income Stability is extremely important

19 The Hunter is a trial site – work in progress It takes time Resilience, innovation, flexibility and collaboration has been evident Networking, information sharing is critical Negotiations are critical Increase of affordable housing is critical Celebrating achievements essential


21 Sue Dark; Integrated Services Manager

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