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SELECT MATH (GEOMETRY) BY Jean Etienne Linda Parker.

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1 SELECT MATH (GEOMETRY) BY Jean Etienne Linda Parker

2 Percents, Proportions, & Ratios STANDARDS: Instructional programs should enable all students to: Use ratios and proportions in the solution of problems, including problems involving similar plane figures and indirect measurement. Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas. Use visualization, spatial reasoning, and geometric to solve problems. Understand how mathematical ideas interconnect and build on one another to produce a coherent whole.

3 SETUP & MATERIALS This lesson will take place in a computer lab at High Park High School for tenth grade Algebra/geometry students. Each student will have access to a computer, the Virtual Manipulatives websites, the Explore Learning websites, gizmos, and other online resources. Other materials include an LCD projector, worksheet for assessment, pen, pencils and rulers.

4 LESSON OBJECTIVES At the end of this class, all students will be able to: 1. Compute the percent of a part from a whole quantity. 2. Use properties of proportions. 3. Indicate and prove the similarity of two figures. 4. Solve problems involving percents of change or ratios.

5 PERCENTAGES Percentages are a way of expressing a fraction, a part of a whole, as an appropriate portion of 100. The relation is written out as the equation: With this virtual manipulative you may specify any two of the three quantities, “Part”, “Whole”, or “Percent.” When you click the Compute button, the computer will calculate the remaining quantity for you.

6 Virtual Manipulatives (s1)

7 Virtual Manipulatives (s2)

8 Virtual Manipulatives (s3) Now, go online to explore and enter this web address below:

9 Virtual Manipulatives (s4) Find the answers to these problems: 1. 17 is what percent of 85? 2.What is the sale price of a $75 dress, if there Is a 30% reduction? 3.If a score of 48 on a test was 75%, what total was possible? 4.45 is 30% of what number?

10 Proportions Gizmo (s1)

11 Proportions Gizmo (s2)

12 Proportions Gizmo (s3) Now, go the explorelearning website below for exploration and assessment: h ttp://

13 Proportions Gizmo (s4)

14 Percents & Proportions Gizmo (s1)

15 Percents & Proportions Gizmo (s2)

16 Percents & Proportions Gizmo (s3) Now, go to the ExploreLearning website and explore with different values.

17 Percents & Proportions Gizmo (s4)

18 Linking to similarity ratio (s1)

19 Linking to similarity ratio (s2) Now, go to the explorelearning website and explore with different modules:

20 Linking to similarity ratio (s3) Learning Assessment:

21 Learning Assessment 1.Percentages: 2.Proportions: 3.Similarity ratios: 4. Percents of changes: Complete the assessment worksheet (Word Doc. handout)

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