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2014 STARS & STRIPES DINNER Registration Instructions.

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1 2014 STARS & STRIPES DINNER Registration Instructions

2 Tutorial In this tutorial we will show you how to register the attendees in your group. The registration for the 2014 Stars & Stripes Dinner will be divided into eight (8) groups: 1.Founders 2.Senior Officials, Award Recipients, Wounded Warriors, Legends 3.U.S. Army Honorees 4.U.S. Air Force Honorees 5.U.S. Marine Corps Honorees 6.U.S. Navy Honorees 7.U.S. Coast Guard Honorees 8.Students & Mentors (Non-Honorees) Each group will be handled by a designated representative. Each group will be assigned a pre- determined number of tables/seats. The instructions that follow will show you how to register your constituents. The instructions will focus primarily on the Honoree registration. 4/12/20152

3 GETTING STARTED URL to Registration Portal illustrated below Registration link will also be posted at 4/12/20153

4 Enter an email address to locate a record. 4/12/20154

5 Result if the email address is found. Select the correct name and click on “Start”. 4/12/20155

6 Result when the email address you entered is not found. 4/12/20156

7 When the email address is found, the contact information populates the fields as shown below. You can make corrections on this form. NOTE – The Comp Pass Code does NOT pre-populate. 4/12/20157

8 Definitions Comp Pass Code –Unique for each group –Directs you to specific tables –Removes the fees that the general audience sees –Not case sensitive –Used at the beginning of the registration process 4/12/20158

9 Definitions Registration Types –Stars & Stripes Paying Attendee Does not fall in any managed category Guest of Honorees –Stars & Stripes Special Invited Sr. Officials Taborn Invited Guests of Founders –Stars & Stripes Honorees Featured in the USBE&IT magazine 4/12/20159

10 Definitions Registration Types –Stars & Stripes Award Winner Selected by each service Guest of Award Winner –Stars & Stripes Founders 13 Stars & Stripes Founders Spouses of Founders 4/12/201510

11 Make your selections then click on “Continue” to advance to the next screen. 4/12/201511

12 When you use the Comp Pass code, it directs you to the complimentary fee and the amenities attached to that fee. The next few screens display the items included. You must affirm your selection by placing a check mark in the box to the left of the fee name. 4/12/201512

13 4/12/201513

14 4/12/201514

15 4/12/201515

16 The Comp Pass code used in this illustration shows only one table available. Select a seat by clicking on one of the small circles until it turns green. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Continue” to advance to the next screen. 4/12/201516

17 This is a summary of all the items selected for this demonstration. To register additional individuals, select “ADD GUEST”. Do not use this feature to add paying guest unless you have a credit card for payment. 4/12/201517

18 When you have successfully registered an individual, you will see the screen below. Complete the assistant email address field to send a copy of the confirmation to yourself or someone else. Check the required boxes and then select “Complete Registration”. 4/12/201518

19 Honoree Paying Guest: A separate Comp Pass code will be provided for honorees bringing a guest. This will give the guest access to the same group of seats reserved for that group. Please remember to leave seats open for planned guests and also to communicate the table number to the guest. 4/12/201519

20 Honoree Paying Guest registration type selections. 4/12/201520

21 Honoree paying guest registration selections. Note the addition of the $90.00 fee. 4/12/201521

22 4/12/201522

23 Honoree paying guest registration selections. 4/12/201523

24 Payment Page 4/12/201524

25 Confirmation Letter Containing: Barcode scan for quick check in onsite, Invoice record, Table number, Session / Agenda 4/12/201525

26 Confirmation Letter Cont’d Note the ability to target the Stars & Stripes attendees with specific instructions once they arrive onsite. 4/12/201526

27 Group Management Service Center for Your Group –View Table Assigned –List of Registrants –Dinner Layout –Table Roster 4/12/201527

28 Group Management Portal 4/12/201528

29 Seat Assignment: Clear Removes the current seat assignment. Assign allows you to search for anyone using your Comp Pass Code and not seated to be seated. This is a good way to re-seat those in your group. 4/12/201529

30 Notice that Jean Hamilton was cleared from her seat at Table #3. Selecting the “Assign” link reveals all the registrants for Comp Code EP101 who have not been seated. 4/12/201530

31 Table Roster 4/12/201531

32 The integrity of the registration list is dependent on the domain name in the email addresses used to register. If users use commercial domains like GMAIL, Yahoo, AOL, etc. they will not be reflected on this list. 4/12/201532

33 Summary Registration URL: Two (2) Comp Pass Codes to be issued –Complimentary registration with seats pre-defined –Paying registration with seats pre-defined Service Center Access –View table roster / seat assignments –Re-assign seats –Additional registration portal for Service Reps Only –Registration list (limited by email address domain used to register) 4/12/201533

34 Known Issues Browsers not set to clear cache automatically can cause survey questions previously used to remain checked and present mixed fees on the fees screen. Closing the browser and starting with a fresh browser solves the cache problem. You cannot start a registration and finish it later when you login again. 4/12/201534

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