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United States Army Military Police School Officer Advanced Course

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1 United States Army Military Police School Officer Advanced Course
Taking Charge United States Army Military Police School Officer Advanced Course

2 Preparation Meet with the Boss Study/review unit MTOE (Mission)
Get his/her CMD Philosophy, Support Form, and Guidance for the Unit Study/review unit MTOE (Mission) People MOS’s Authorized vs Assigned Equipment (Property Book) Authorized vs Assigned/On-Hand DA Form 2028’s Contingency Mission Brief

3 Preparation Cont Visit Supporting Agencies Battalion Staff
XO, PBO, BMO, UMO, S1-S4, CSM DS Maintenance AOAP Health/Dental Clinic service, conditions, procedures BSB &/or Community Agencies AER, ACS, DEH, Red Cross, JAG

4 Preparation Cont Write Command Philosophy Review Unit Rosters
Pet Peeves, Expectations, Goals, Standards, Your Vision Review Unit Rosters Gains/Losses, Battle/Manning Roster, Barracks Utilization Report, Alert Rosters Obtain/Review (War Plans) Maintenance SOP TAC SOP Policy Letter file (BN, BDE, DIV, CORPS)

5 Preparation Cont Write & Rehearse COC Speech
Incoming CDR approx. 2 min. Outgoing -- Longer Develop Guest List for COC Invitations (early) if General Officer’s are Invited must have Flags Check Seating Arrangement ie: Senior Officers Inventory Unit Property Ensure Everything is Sub-Hand Receipted, Check Serviceability, ULLs S4, Cdr’s In-Balance Report

6 Taking Command Weeks 1-2 Don’t Try to Change Everything at Once
60 Day Rule “If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It” Meetings 1SG before Taking Command Everyday before Going Home

7 Taking Command Weeks 1 & 2 Other Unit Leaders Soldiers
Talk Philosophy & Standards Don’t Bad Mouth Unit or Cdr Soldiers Transition Meeting Unit Walk Through QTB Brief Command Philosophy 1. Take Care of Soldiers

8 Taking Command Weeks 1 & 2 Meetings cont QTB Brief
Family Support Group Initial Meeting -- Cdr’s Responsibility Disseminate Command Philosophy

9 Welcoming New Personnel
One on One With Officers & NCO’s -- NLT 48 Hrs With Ems -- NLT 7 Days Check your Sponsor Program Time Off for Sponsors (Sponsoring is a Mission)

10 Training Review METL & METL Assessment Lead Training Meeting
To include Collective, Tm & Soldier Tasks Lead Training Meeting Lead from the Front -- Be Present at Training Make SGT’s Time Sacred

11 Safety Accidents POV Inspections & Safety Briefings before Long Weekends

12 Soldier Treatment Single Soldier Quality of Life Extra PT =
Special Groups, During Duty Hours Pushups/Physical activities as Punishment is a NO GO Verbal Abuse Counseling -- Check Packets Sexual Harassment Xx!!xx**

13 Social Go to Battalion/Brigade Events Hail & Farewells, ORG Days
Maintain your Composure Occasionally invite Bn Cdrs/Staff to yours

14 Counseling Initial Counseling of Soldiers
Quarterly Counseling of Plt Ldrs & Sr NCO’s OPD/NCODP of OER/NCOER Techniques Mentoring What is a Mentor? D w i g h t E s e n o r

15 Esprit/Morale Building Events & Techniques
411th MP CO SPEED & POWER Weekly Talks with the Unit formations, sensing sessions Organization Days PT Sports Day Parties during Holiday Seasons Company T-shirt/hats

16 Discipline Withdrawal of UCMJ authority by Cdr’s
The Paper Trial -- Follow Up Use your Trail Counsel check ART 15 with JAG

17 Family Oriented Activities
Formal Family Support Group Programs Getting the Word Out Unit Mailings - Newsletters are Legal Unit Level Briefings Deployment Briefings - include Spouses Eating in the Mess Hall Visit /Eat once a week with Plt Ldr’s Family Visits to the Field Family Days -- especially during holidays

18 Incentives for Awards No Alcohol related Incidents W/in 90 Days
No Reportable Accidents w/in 180 Days Best Platoon Competitions MK19 Gunnery/Tactically Based Garrison/Functionally Based Passes/Coins

19 Fund Raising & Accounting
By the Army Regulation No Slush Funds (FSG also) Auctions Hot Dogs/Cake sales -- Pie in the Face, Car Washes, Video Funds

20 Command Climate Command Climate Profile EO Open Door
Policy Letter -- Must be Posted Listening -- Learn the Art!!! Reaction To Bad News Keep your Cool & Get all the Facts Mistakes = Learning Sexual Harassment = Unacceptable!! Counseling A Absolute Must!!

21 Big Events Unit Change of Command Promotions & Awards Presentations
Make it a First Class Show In Front of a Formation Look For Opportunities for Impact Awards Births PCS Lunches/Dinners Co Hail & Farewells or Platoon Level 1st class

22 Fund & Membership Drives
CFC AER MPRA AUSA O-Club/NCO Club No Pressure, but a Positive Upbeat Approach to Participate 100% Approach to the Unit

23 Problem & Special Emphasis Areas
PUBS Sponsorship POR/POM/SRP Twice a Year Publications PCS Awards On Time!!! Counseling EXCESS of Any Kind Family Care Plans

24 Problem & Special Emphasis Areas Cont
NCOERs Lateness is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Overweight Soldiers Enforce Standard! Unresponsive Higher HQ Staff Finance Scheduled Services Reenlistment Pac


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