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1 Reading First, Special Education and Struggling Readers “Fighting to Make a Difference”

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1 1 Reading First, Special Education and Struggling Readers “Fighting to Make a Difference”

2 2 Today’s Objectives Take stock of the instruction currently being provided for your struggling readers. Gain a clearer understanding of the role of the S4’s. Explore ways to support special education teachers and other educators who teach struggling readers in your school setting.

3 3 Considerations What specific steps are your regular classroom teachers taking to ensure that exceptional students are receiving quality reading instruction? What specific steps are your special education teachers taking to ensure that the students they serve are receiving quality reading instruction? Is the necessary professional development and support available for teachers who work with the exceptional students in your setting?

4 4 Taking Stock “Checklist for Struggling Readers” This checklist guided you in answering key questions:  Are placements working?  What barriers prevent students from being served?  Is the IEP process effective?  Are teachers prepared to co-teach?  Do teachers have a common planning time?  Can someone administer modified DIBELS?  Is someone trained in assistive technology?  Do students receive extra instruction as needed?

5 5 What is an S-4? S truggling S tudent S upport S pecialist (S4)

6 6 The Role of the S4 Consultant - Consults with the Literacy Coach concerning tailoring instruction for the struggling reader following Reading First guidelines

7 7 The Role of the S4 Facilitator - Facilitates the implementation of effective strategies for teaching the struggling reader in the five dimensions of reading

8 8 The Role of the S4 Resource - Serves as a resource in assistive technology, alternate assessments, co- teaching, effective IEPs, and the adaptation framework

9 9 Where the Role of the S4 Stops The S4 offers assistance only when requested (for example, offering advice about a struggling child). The S4 has no administrative authority to mandate action on the part of the school, the district, the LC, or teachers. Visits by an S4 are at the convenience of the school. The extent of a school’s interaction with an S4 is up to the school.

10 10 CASE STUDY Case #1 – Cassius Grade 3

11 11 Case Study #1 Gender: MEconomically Disadvantaged: Yes Ethnicity: African American English Proficiency: Native

12 12 Case Study #1 Special Education services: SLD self-contained

13 13 The Story of Champions On the Job Scenario — GARF S4 Georgia

14 14 Round 1 S4 arrives and LC expresses a concern about Cassius’ lack of progress and requests advice. S4 and the LC visit Cassius’ classroom.

15 15 Round 1 What additional information about Cassius would the S4 need in order to assist the Literacy Coach?

16 16 Round 1 LC has documented specific information about Cassius: –Where he is during the 135-minute block –DIBELS scores –Identified areas in need of improvement S4 meets with LC to map out the course of action for the visit

17 17 Round 2 S4 and Literacy Coach collaborate: What are his IEP goals? How much time does he spend in his regular class? To what degree is he participating during that time? What options are provided within the adaptation framework? Is assistive technology in use? Is the Special Education teacher trained in co-teaching strategies?

18 18 Round 3: Months later At the request of the LC, the S4 observes Cassius during the reading block in his third- grade classroom Special Education teacher is co-teaching during 135-minute block Third-grade teacher and Special Education teacher are collaborating to ensure that the SLD resource time is spent providing him with review and preview

19 19 Round 4 Each school determines which of the trainings we are making available will be needed LC goes to and registers for trainings LC shares information from training with the teachers and staff. This could occur individually, in grade groups, or in another manner. Teachers implement the new strategies they have learned, as appropriate to meet the needs of their struggling readers

20 20 TKO! Cassius’ use of new strategies is beginning to accelerate his learning!!

21 21

22 22 Adaptations Framework: Effective Instruction for Struggling Readers Based on Research-Based Practices Developed By Special Education Reading Project (SERP) Presenters: Dr. Cassandra L. Allen, Director Northwest Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) Phone: com706-295-6189, ext. 17, Email: callen@nwgaresa & Dr. Terrie Young, Director East Central Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) Phone: 478-275-3666, Email:

23 23 “Inclusion & Models Of CO-Teaching: A Great Environment for Teaching Reading” Cassandra L. Allen, PhD. Director, Northwest GLRS Office: 706-295-6189, ext. 17 Email:

24 24 Assessment Options for Exceptional Students ( and Other Students who Struggle) Making the Best Use of DIBELS and other Assessments

25 25 Supporting Reading Success Through Assistive Technology Georgia Project for Assistive Technology 528 Forest Parkway, Suite C Forest Park, GA 30297 404-362-2024

26 26 TrainingAdaptation Framework CoTeaching /Inclusion Assistive Technology AssessmentsIEP’sS4 conference calls Dates10/7; 11/17; 2/16 TBA11/2;11/15;11/16 Macon State, VSU, Kennesaw State Paper/Pencil DIBELS- GLRS Specific dates TBA TBA10/14;12/15; 3/2;4/27 9:00 a.m. For Whom LC, S4, LEA, Principals, SPED Director S4, DOE, Mike McKenna Not necessary Training Schedule

27 27 Documentation: LC Struggling Reader Survey Submit to UGA via EMAIL 1/31/06 3/31/06 How do we measure progress?

28 28

29 29

30 30 The torch has been lit for Georgia’s Struggling Readers Federal Funds Special Education component included in Georgia’s Reading First proposal Availability of training Struggling Reader Academy S4s

31 31 It is up to us to keep it burning!

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