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Revolutionary War PeoplePlacesDocumentsBattlesArmies.

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2 Revolutionary War

3 PeoplePlacesDocumentsBattlesArmies

4 This colonial General got his start in the French and Indian war as a British Major though he later became the President of the United States. A-A1

5 Who is George Washington Q-A1

6 A-A2 This man, along with William Dawes & Samuel Prescott, made their famous ride warning the colonists that the British were coming to Lexington in 1775.

7 Who is Paul Revere Q-A2

8 A-A3 This man was a Colonial General. He tried to turn West Point over to the British, branding him as an American traitor.

9 Who is Benedict Arnold Q-A3

10 A-A4 This American man led the “war in the west,” opening up the frontier area to future expansion.

11 Who is George Rogers Clark Q-A4

12 A-A5 This man wrote a book telling the colonists to use their “Common Sense.”

13 Who is Thomas Paine Q-A5

14 A-B1 This is where the first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought?

15 What is Lexington Q-B1

16 A-B2 At this fort, Washington and his men supplied the colonists with cannons as they captured them, but they never brought any cannon balls back with them as they surrounded the city of Boston.

17 What is Ticonderoga Q-B2

18 A-B3 This pivotal battle saw the Americans lose. However, it was important because it proved the Colonists could actually fight a trained army.

19 What is Bunker Hill Q-B3

20 A-B4 This was the sight of the most famous demonstration against British taxation. Though the water looks good enough to drink, don’t do it.

21 What is Boston Harbor Q-B4

22 A-B5 This was the site of the final British Surrender.

23 What is Yorktown, VA (Battle of Yorktown) Q-B5

24 A- C1 In March of 1775, shortly before the war began, Patrick Henry said in his famous speech, “…I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or______________!”

25 What is “give me death” Q-C1

26 A-C2 This document set up the framework for our country, which is still in place today.

27 What is the US Constitution Q-C2

28 A-C3 This Document told the British that we were breaking away and why.

29 What is the Declaration of Independence Q-C3

30 A-C4 This book urged colonists to take another look at how they were being treated by the British. It convinced many colonists to join their cause for independence.

31 What is Common Sense Q-C4

32 A-C5 This document officially ended the revolutionary war. Though there are many of these you should know this one.

33 What is the Treaty of Paris of 1783, NOT 1763! Q-C5

34 A-D1 After this battle the French decided to become allies with the Americans, providing a fleet by which Washington was finally able to get control of the sea.

35 What is the Battle of Saratoga Q-D1

36 A-D2 Here, Washington’s army stayed for the winter, surviving a breakout of smallpox and a lack of enough boots for their feet.

37 What is Valley Forge Q-D2

38 A-D3 George Washington led a surprise attack against the German Hessians during this famous battle in New Jersey?

39 What is the Battle of Trenton Q-D3

40 A-D4 At this battle in North Carolina, American forces stopped the British from going any further northward, eliminating the chance to “chomp” the rebel resistance.

41 What is the Battle of Guilford Court House Q-D4

42 A-D5 During this battle, the Americans used trickery to lure the British over a hill, where the rest of the Continental Army was waiting for them.

43 What is the Battle of Cowpens Q-D5

44 A-E1 This army had little extra gunpowder and almost no cannons.

45 Who are the colonists Q-E1

46 A-E2 This army was far from home, almost 3,000 miles.

47 Who are the British Q-E2

48 A-E3 This army was overconfident, oftentimes opting to chase the enemy later rather than finish them off.

49 Who are the British Q-E3

50 A-E4 This army was poorly trained until the end of the war.

51 Who are the colonists Q-E4

52 A-E5 This army had no navy, in fact they often had nothing but fishing boats.

53 Who are the colonists Q-E5

54 Final Jeopardy Q’est-ce que c’est que. Reasons for Victory S-Final

55 Final Jeopardy List 3 reasons how the American colonists were able to defeat the British and win the Revolutionary War. Hint: We discussed how the Continental army was able to win the war for independence from the British in class. A-Final

56 Reasons for America’s Victory:. 1. home-field advantage 2. battle tactics 3. leadership 4. help from abroad 5. will to win Q-Final Final Jeopardy

57 Daily Double

58 PowerPoint Jeopardy Written by Mr. Taff ( From Taff Productions


60 How To Set Up A New Game (Page 1) You will need to come up with 25 answers followed by 25 questions in five different categories. All the updates to this file are like any other changes you can make in a PowerPoint slideshow. There are 25 pairs of pages waiting for you to enter your answers and questions. Each slide has a unique number in the lower left corner to help you keep track of which slide you are on. Since there are five categories the number starts with an A, B, C, D, or E, followed by a number within that category (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The A- or Q- prefix indicates the position within a pair. So a slide that has A-C3 is the third category, third answer: it is the one in the very middle of the board. You can page down or page up to the desired slide and change the text that is already there with your answer. The category headings must also be changed on the game board slide. Do this by selecting the slide and clicking in the text you want to change. Note that the headings are in a table More

61 How To Set Up A New Game (Page 2) The first slide also has a title on it which should be changed to reflect the topic of the game you are making. If you want to show a double Jeopardy answer select the slide and right-click on the black background. Choose ‘Background’ and select a red color for the background. Apply the background only to that slide. Repeat for the second slide. That’s it. You are now ready to play PowerPoint Jeopardy. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not rearrange the slides or delete them. There is VBA programming code within this slide show that relies on the slides being exactly where they are.

62 How To Play Jeopardy (Page 1) Jeopardy is unusual in that the host (teacher) reads an answer and the players (students) must give the question. This means that the answers must clearly point to a unique question, and the players must phrase their responses with a “what is...” or “Who is...” etc. A player asks for a category and a number of any available answers. The host reads the answer and the first person to raise their hand, once the question is finished being read, gets to respond with the question. If they are correct then they receive the number of points for that question (as shown on the game board) and they get to select the next answer. If they are wrong then any remaining players may raise their hand and respond. (NOTE: If you have a particular way that this game works well in a classroom situation, please e-mail me at, so that I can include that here. Thanks)

63 F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) (Page 1) Q) I keep getting error messages when I play, or the game board goes to the wrong slide. A) You have rearranged the slide and the program code within this game is no longer valid. Try setting up the game using a new template. Q) Nothing happens when I press the buttons. A) You must ‘Enable Macros’ when the slide show is opened. This game relies on the macro code that lies behind each slide. (NOTE: If you have any questions or comments about how this game works, please e-mail me at, so that I can include that here. Thanks)

64 thinkmusic.wav dailydouble.wav thinkmusic.wav

65 Revolutionary War

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