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100 200 300 400 500 Season 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5Quotes Instructions: Click on any square below to reveal the question. Then click on the.

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3 100 200 300 400 500 Season 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5Quotes Instructions: Click on any square below to reveal the question. Then click on the answer button to check the answer. Finally, click on the answer slide to come back to this page. See how much money your knowledge of Babylon 5 could get you. Good Luck Final Question Applause

4 Who was the first person to ever refuse to be the leader of the Grey Council, and thus the entire Minbari people? Answer

5 Delenn. When Delenn refuses to take Dukhat's place, the Grey Council member says: "In over a thousand years, no one has refused." Valen was the first leader of the Grey Council, and it was 1000 years ago that he formed the Grey Council. No one has ever refused the position except Delenn. Back To Board

6 Who is 'The One' that Zathras refers to Answer

7 Sinclair. When Sinclair walks into the room where Zathras is being held, Zathras says: "Not The One." However, when The One rescues Zathras from underneath the support beam Zathras says, "Zathras knew you would not leave him. Zathras trusts The One." The One takes off the helmet from his spacesuit, and an older Sinclair is revealed. We learn in "War Without End" that Zathras was instructed by the older Sinclair not to mention The One to the younger Sinclair when he sees him on B4 Back To Board

8 Who hired Tu'Pari to kill G'Kar? Answer

9 Du'Rog. Du'Rog claims vengeance on G'Kar for actions taken while he was a member of the Narn ruling council. Since Du'Rog is now dying, G'Kar cannot take revenge on him. Back To Board

10 Who first did not eat the piece of red fruit during the Minbari rebirth ceremony? Answer

11 Garibaldi. Londo eats his piece of fruit first, and then nods at Vir to do the same. Ivanova eats her piece of fruit (after it has been switched with G'Kar's), and Sinclair also eats his. Garibaldi flat-out refuses to eat his. G'Kar then doesn't eat his either, even after switching with Ivanova, the assassination threat still weighs heavily on his mind. Back To Board

12 What year did Babylon 4 disappear? Answer

13 2254. When the distress call comes in, Ivanova mentions that it contains valid Earth Force codes, although they are four years out of date. Since the year is 2258, four years earlier would be 2254. Back To Board

14 What weapon do the Centauri use to attack the Narn Homeworld? Answer

15 Mass drivers. Mass drivers were supposed to be banned by all civilized races. Back To Board

16 What does Sheridan do with the teddy bear from the Babylon 5 Emporium? Answer

17 Spaces it. Don't worry. The bear shows up again in another show called 'Space Cases'. Back To Board

18 What is the name of the ship Marriah Cirrus arrives on? Answer

19 Copernicus. She was placed in cryogenic sleep since her ship left before Earth found out how to make Jumpgates. Back To Board

20 According to Cynthia Torqueman, how many humans were killed during the Earth-Minbari War? Answer

21 A quarter of a million. Cynthia uses this as leverage against Delenn during her interview, bringing her almost to tears by the end. Back To Board

22 Earth is the third planet from our sun. Which number planet is Minbar from its own sun? Answer

23 Seven (7). Here's Delenn's interview. Torqueman: "Since very few humans have ever been allowed on Minbar, perhaps you could start by telling us a little about your world." Delenn: "We are the seventh planet from our sun…… Back To Board

24 Who arranges to have Adira killed? Answer

25 Morden. Morden is unhappy with Londo's meddling in Morden's efforts to control the Centauri royal court, so he has Adira poisoned before she reaches the station. Back To Board

26 What is so special about Lady Morella? Answer

27 She's a prophetess. Another special thing about her is the person who portrayed her. Majel Barrett (Rodenberry) from Star Trek, Star Trek: Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (Computer voice), Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Back To Board

28 What department of EarthGov does Julie Musante belong to? Answer

29 Ministry of Peace. Musante has been assigned to Babylon 5 as Sheridan's new political officer. She says that she is from the Ministry of Peace, Nightwatch Division. Back To Board

30 DAILY DOUBLE How much do you wish to wager? Go To Question

31 What does G'kar want in exchange for his help? Answer

32 He wants in.. He tells Londo in the fourth season about freeing Narn. This episode, he just wants in on what's going on between Delenn and the Command crew. Back To Board

33 What does Sheridan serve to Delenn in his quarters? Answer

34 Flarn. Also known as Flarn ala Sheridan, it is very lacking in the spice category. Back To Board

35 What are the chains that bind G'kar made of? Answer

36 Solid corillium. Supposedly unbreakable. Looks like Cartagia forgot to G'kar that soon enough to keep him from breaking them. Back To Board

37 What room does the Red Planet Hotel give to Franklin and Marcus? Answer

38 Honeymoon suite. With good reason. After all, the identicards they have say they are a young married couple on holiday to Mars. Back To Board

39 Name the ship reported to have gone out of its way to NOT attack civilian targets? Answer

40 EAS Vesta. The Pollux and the Heracles both went out of their way TO attack the Civilians. Back To Board

41 Who dies in the Starfire Wheel? Answer

42 Neroon. One of the most moving scenes in the series, according to polls of 'Babylon 5' fans. Back To Board

43 Why does Mr. Edgars have Garibaldi dragged out of bed in the middle of the night?' Answer

44 To keep Michael off-balance. By keeping Michael off- balance, he is easier to scan by a telepath. Back To Board

45 What causes Londo to collapse? Answer

46 His left (or smaller) heart stops working. Apparently, Centauri have 2 hearts. A large one that is for the same purpose as a humans and a smaller one which is used as a kind of filter. Back To Board

47 What does Franklin catch Lyta stealing? Answer

48 Medical supplies. She's taking them for the telepath colony. Franklin tells her that she should just ask next time. He's willing to help. Back To Board

49 Which uniform is Sheridan wearing when he leaves Minbar? Answer

50 The black resistance uniform given to him by Delenn. Though it seemed to have shrunk over the years. Back To Board

51 What message is on the sign hanging around the Ranger's neck? Answer

52 'Special Delivery for Babylon 5'. Back To Board

53 What non-Narn asks to attend one of G'kar's lessons? Answer

54 Dr. Franklin. Steven is a fundamentalist but still is open to hearing what others have to say on the subject. Back To Board

55 Who said: "Parting is all we know of heaven and hell"? Answer

56 Dodger. She says this to Garibaldi after she has... um... died. This quotation can be found in "Day of the Dead." Back To Board

57 Who said: "Oh, great, now you can give me something for the pain. Where were you when I was going through puberty?" Answer

58 Ivanova. After being caught up in the Drazi fight in the episode "The Geometry of Shadows," Ivanova goes to Franklin about her broken ankle. Back To Board

59 Who said : "I don't believe this. What is it with this place? I mean, last week someone tries to assassinate Sheridan, and now someone tries to poison Londo. My God! What is wrong with you people? Don't you have anything else better to do? Why don't you get a hobby? Read a book or something?" Answer

60 Vir. This is from "The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari." Vir had believed that someone had tried to poison Londo through his bravari (he really had a heart attack) and in an earlier episode, an ex-Earthforce officer tried to assassinate Sheridan. So Vir was fearing that this was going to become a habit Back To Board

61 Who said: "Thin air? Why is it always thin air? Never fat air, chubby air, mostly-fit- could-stand-to-lose-a- few-pounds air?" Answer

62 Garibaldi. In the episode "Grey 17 is Missing," Garibaldi is investigating the disappearance of a maintenance man. He is questioning the supervisor, who comments that he had vanished into thin air (when in fact he had been eaten by a Zarg). Back To Board

63 Who said: "In all the Universe there are only two kinds: the conquerors and the conquered" Answer

64 Sheridan. Well, it was more like a computer simulation of Sheridan speaking here. This is part of a speech meant to help rewrite Alliance history from the episode "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars," Season 4's very unique finale. Back To Board

65 The Final Question is about Closing Down How much do you wish to wager? Go To Question

66 The closing monologue of the series is a voice over of images of the characters, aged 20 years, carrying out their normal activities. What is the first scene we see?' Answer

67 Babylon 5 is destroyed. Here's the order: (1) Everyone gathers to bid farewell to the station. JMS turns out the lights and the station blows up. (2) Garibaldi returns to his family on Mars. (3) Franklin working as head of xenobiology. (4) Zack is seen working for Emperor Cotto. (5) Ivanova accepts the position of Ranger One. (6) Delenn watches the sun come up on Minbar. Finish

68 Thank You for Playing The We hope that you had fun Goodbye

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