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An der Schraube 21 D - 03238 FINSTERWALDE Germany Germany phone.: +49 (3531) 50 12 24 fax: +49 (3531) 50 78 39 mobil: +49 (172) 79 48 710

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1 An der Schraube 21 D - 03238 FINSTERWALDE Germany Germany phone.: +49 (3531) 50 12 24 fax: +49 (3531) 50 78 39 mobil: +49 (172) 79 48 710 e-mail: homepage: from

2 * Planning and project development of foundries and associated plant and equipment * Advice on foundry technology * Process optimization * Software and control solutions for foundries ◦ PPS FoundPlan ◦ Modules for the production automation and control ◦ Quality management and analysis ◦ Production data acquisition ◦ Documentation and visualization * Procurement of casting capacities from China * Material efficiency advice * Management and strategy * Profitability analysis and financing * Enterprise acquisitions and disposal, and succession of operator These are our areas of activities:

3 A modern enterprise is increasingly an information- processing system. Joint utilization of available, central data is modern company management. This information concept is based on Production Planning Software (PPS). It is a revolutionary concept for the organization and control of operational processes.

4 from incorporating product-, model- and tool data and product working plans, to offers, calculations, incoming orders, scheduling, planning, control, materials management, quality control, laboratory, to invoicing and creating delivery notes, with many helpful, practical functions. fulfils all requirements

5 has a modular design and is available in seven versions, for:  Sand casting SMALL Version STANDARD Version BIG Version  Permanent-mold casting-/die casting foundries  Centrifugal casting foundries  Blacksmith’s operations  Processing plants Always with or without subsequent mechanical processing

6 is build up from modules and can therefore be adapted effortlessly to particular operational structures. is particularly suited to foundry-specific requirements. functions with optimized data quantities, and is characterized by its practical software structure comes with suitable interfaces in order to communicate with other software programs (FIBU; BDE; scale; laboratory).

7 Hardware - requirements »Intel Pentium III or higher »3 GB RAM »1 GB Hard Drive »Windows Server 2003 »Windows Terminal Service

8 provides the following advantages 1. Increased capacity up to 15 percent by optimizing loads of machines and other plant 2. Improved delivery reliability by meeting delivery deadlines 3. Reduced personnel cost up to 50 percent in administration 4. Lowered reject costs by 1 percent, through effective quality management 5. Improved traceability of customer orders

9 In the subsequent presentation, only the principal functions and modules of FoundPlan can be discussed. * The data and names mentioned in the presentation are fictitious examples and do not correspond to real, practical values. * We would be pleased if this presentation has raised your interest, so that we can provide you with a quotation. For this, we would demonstrate FoundPlan to you in more detail and within the framework of a more elaborate presentation, free-of-charge.

10 the menu structure to single software modules FoundPlan menu structure

11 FoundPlan base data master data order administration production optional merchandise management stock management optional quality engineering invoice/delivery note statistics help data menu structure

12 FoundPlan over pulldown menu to further submenus menu structure

13 base data article data work schedule optional pressing tool only at pressure die-casting optional filling chamber only at pressure die-casting material raw material document archives optional merchandise menu structure

14 base data searching and filter functions index cards with all relevant data button for help forms prints of reports table with all articles article

15 base data article data pattern data piece list surchages core work schedule moulding work schedule grinding/processing offers index cards with all relevant data article

16 base data assignment of more patterns or tools to an article pattern status and availability pattern plate-code article * pattern/tool

17 base data pattern data automatic calculation of the pattern stand times article * pattern/tool

18 base data laying out cores assigning machines laying out work schedules to the machines article * core datas

19 base data pattern with code assigning machines laying out work schedules to the machines article * moulding datas

20 base data Recording of the material data Depositing of recipe no. for an electronic material component composition material

21 base data material Reference values as a base for the examining testimonials

22 base data Material component composition, in which is the circulation material as a difference on 1,000 kg per melt, for until 4 recipe can be classed as. Calculation of the chemical analysis material * components calculation

23 base data calculation for the liquid material costs per formula Base formula for calculation is always recipe 2 material * components calculation

24 base data Calculation material price increase surcharge to hand of the current commodity prices for recipe 2 material * MPIS - calculation

25 base data List of everyone operations Assigning to it cost centre and production group Assigns, which operation shall be manufactured in outsourcing. work schedule list

26 master data customers suppliers phone-no/standard letter machine data document archive customer optional agent/commissions menu structure

27 master data Searching and filter functions prints of reports index cards with all relevant data table with all customers customer data

28 master data customers data shipping address contacts customer - article offer - order delievery - invoice Change of price surcharge index cards with all relevant data empties customer data

29 mater data Index card with customer - article relation customer – article price relation customer - article

30 master data basic price Increase in price new basic price surcharges material price increase surcharge energy price increase surcharge relation customer - article

31 order administartion offer with calculation incoming orders order backlog menu structure

32 order administration offer Searching and filter functions index cards with all relevant data table with all offers

33 order administration convicting supply in order So a supply can be convicted in an order.

34 calculation order administration

35 Searching and filter functions index cards with all relevant data table with all orders incomming order

36 order administration Assigning the articles of the customer to the order orderlaying out article order * laying out article

37 order administration Selecting articles from the article list of the customer orderlaying out article order * laying out article production goods: Schulze & Schulze Co.KG

38 order administration Laying out delivery dates and quantity for the article orderlaying out article order * laying out article

39 order aministration Calculation of the output Calculation of the production beginning for every operation/machine calculation of the production beginning

40 order aministration incomming order Sending the order confirmation by e-mail and storage in the document archives

41 Order data All operations Status moulding shop Delivery notes Invoives The order status at a glance order status order administration

42 production optional CORE - planning optional CORE - accounting MOULDING - planning MOULDING - accounting optional PROCESSING - planning optional PROCESSING - accounting optional outsourcing Production status menu structure SMALL-version cleaning accounting

43 production Production day schedule with filter and sorting possibility to machine and material production time period molding box details pattern combinations in the box MOULDING - planning

44 production Order backlog with the production beginning already calculated for every operation/machine Capacitive exploitation of the machine pattern repair status Box combination pattern combinations in the box and change on another machine MOULDING – fine planning

45 production MOULDING - planning Report production schedule molding separated to molding lines/machines

46 production MOULDING - planning Report production order with all technological details and manufacturing times Run card to the order with photos

47 production Box details with srap recording Melt following Accounting of the manufactured molding boxes MOULDING - accounting

48 Lagerverwaltung STOCK - cast STOCK - shipment STOCK - overstocks Optional STOCK - KANBAN Menüstruktur Optional STOCK - Konsi Optional processing

49 warehouse management Table with articles these have a stock level. Stock level with entrances and departuresAssessment of the stock level shipment stock

50 Release/scrap Article statistic Scrap quota Pattern status Laboratory/analysis menu structure Preparing testimonial testimonial archive QC – help data quality controll

51 QC - release quality controll

52 include scrap quality controll Include the internal and external scrap

53 Table with articles with sorting and filter function Table with all srap to the current article with sorting and filter function to the fault ways srap evaluation to time period scrap – article statistic quality controll

54 Choice of the fault groups to be examined Table with all srap to the current article with sorting and filter function to the fault ways srap evaluation to time period scrap fault - statistics quality controll

55 melt - analysis quality controll Melts Analysis values to the melt Mechanical values to the melt

56 compiling the examining testimonial quality controll Compiling the examining testimonial

57 delivery note and invoice Delivery note invoice Booking order up Data export FIBU in finance accounting menu structure

58 delivery note and invoice Table with all delivery notes Delivery note details Empties departure delivery note

59 delivery note and invoice Table with all prepared to deliver orders Delivery note details with order quantity, quantity which is delivered already and still open laying out deliviery note

60 delivery note and invoice delivery note Report delivery note

61 delivery note and invoice Table with all invoices with searching and filter function Invoice details with all articles to the invoice Invoice information with surcharges and reductions The registration In-payments invoice

62 delivery note and inoice Table with all customers with delivery notes already issued. Invoices can delivery note details to the be prepared. Calculation of the invoice amounts laying out invoice

63 1234567

64 1234567

65 At interest, you consult our representations or directly to FerroTrade Germany FerroTrade An der Schraube 21 D – 03238 Finsterwalde Contact: Ulrich Wackernagel phone: +49 (0) 35 31 50 12 24 fax: +49 (0) 35 31 50 78 39 mobile: +49 (0) 172 794 87 10 Skype: ulliwack e-mail: homepage: Italy B4 Labs Srl Via Palmanova 30 I – 20132 MILANO Contact: Ing. Marko Cicala phone: +39 (02) 261 113 07 fax: +39 (02) 283 403 80 mobil: +39 (335) 838 48 60 e-mail: homepage: www. Denmark & Scandinavia NORDIC-CASTING Egevej 12 DK - 8680 RY Contact: Jorgen Rollmann phone: +45 (8689) 38 55 fax: +45 (8689) 31 00 e-mail: homepages:


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