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Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice.

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2 Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice

3 I.useful expressions related to “online” online service 線上服務 online bookstore 網路書店 online bank 網路銀行 online game 線上遊戲 online dictionary 線上字典 online shopping 線上購物

4 II. the prefix “cyber-” The prefix “cyber-” combines with nouns to form nouns. Nouns formed in this way describe someone or something that involves, uses, or relates to computers, especially the Internet.

5 cyberspace 網際空間 cyberschool 網路學校 cyberaddict 上網成癮者 cyberpet 電子寵物 cybercrime 網路犯罪 cybercafé 網路咖啡店 Back


7 Acronyms The following are some acronyms that people use in place of complete sentences while chatting online. Many of these terms originated for saving keystrokes and are an interesting way to express oneself in chat rooms or instant messenger services. Work in groups and figure out what the acronyms stand for.

8 Exercise A: 1.LOL laugh out loud 2.BTW _____________ 3.CU _____________ 4.GF _____________ 5.IM _____________ 6.L8R _____________ 7.OIC _____________ 8.OMG _____________ 9.PLS _____________ 10.B4 ______________ by the way see you girlfriend instant message later oh, I see oh, my god please before

9 Exercise A: 11. WB _________________ 12. TGIF _________________ 13. F2F _________________ 14. ILU _________________ 15. ISO _________________ welcome back thank God it’s Friday face to face I love you in search of

10 Exercise B: A: hey i wanna cu A:____________________________ B: lol...y? B: ___________________________ A: cuz u r cute A: ___________________________ B: thx B: ____________________________ Hey, I want to see you. HA! HA! (laugh out loud) Why? Because you are cute. Thanks.

11 Back B: sry i don’t meet ppl B:____________________________ A: oic…it’s ok A: ___________________________ B: gotta go! cya! B: ___________________________ A: nite A: ____________________________ B: u2 B: ___________________________ Sorry, I don’t meet people. Oh, I see…It’s OK. Got to go. See you. (See ya.) Goodnight. You too.

12 Persuasion

13 Do you think that email is a good way for people to communicate with one another? Write an email message to your key-pal, talking about what you think about email. In the beginning of your message, you may talk about current usage of email among people. Then, state and explain your main idea.

14 You may also present opposing opinions and respond to them to make your idea more convincing. At the end of your message, suggest whether you and your key-pal should keep using email to communicate with each other. Don't forget to fill in the subject and the address you are going to send your email to. Here is an example:

15 To: Bernie Subject: Hi, Bernie! Hi, Bernie! I got your email this morning, along with a dozen other ones. I find I’m spending more and more time answering emails. All my friends are emailing each other two or more times a day. That adds up to a lot of messages to answer, but most of them are not very meaningful.

16 I understand that people like to keep in touch, but isn’t that what telephones are for? Anyway, I’m sorry, but I’m going to ask you and my other friends to stop sending me emails unless they’re really important. I can’t concentrate on my studies if I have to answer all those messages.

17 I know you might feel a bit angry with me, and you might think that I don’t want to talk with you. That’s not true! I do like talking with others and sharing our happy or even sad times together, but I’d rather do that in person than on a keyboard. You might think that sending emails is faster and more convenient, but what really matters is what’s in the message, not the way we send it, right?

18 I really like you, Bernie. True friends do not have to rely on email for their relationship. I hope you’ll understand why I don’t want to use email so much anymore.

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