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HAILS AND FAREWELLS SAAL-ZG Mr. Christopher Sarokhan (BAH) SAAL-ZL Mr. Glen Carthron MAJ Anthony Archibald ACA Ms. Valerie Johnson Ms. Glenda Malden.

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4 SAAL-ZG Mr. Christopher Sarokhan (BAH) SAAL-ZL Mr. Glen Carthron MAJ Anthony Archibald ACA Ms. Valerie Johnson Ms. Glenda Malden Mr. Michael Cooper Mr. Victor Howard Mr. Mary Ann Gaskins-Frye Mr. John Williams SAAL-ZP Ms. Carol McIntyre Ms. Megan McNulty Ms. Jestina Shearin-Best HAILS SAAL-ZP cont… Ms. Barbara Trujillo Mr. Steve Weidner SAAL-ZR Mr. Glenn Antonacopoulos SAAL-ZT Dr. Jeff Singleton Mr. Allan McClendon Ms. Erin Shanahan Mr. Juan Franco Mr. Joseph Garcia Ms. Freda Gibbs-Hutcherson Mr. Mark Falkey SAAL-MS Mr. Jerry Montgomery

5 SAAL-ZS COL Craig Tallman SAAL-ZC Ms. Cheryl Maggio ACA Ms. Peggy Butler SAAL-ZP Ms. Barbara Binney Mr. Mike Gallagher Mr. Craig Kurtz Mr. Pete Stemniski Ms. Shirley Warner Mr. John Williams FAREWELLS SAAL-ZR Mr. Craig Olson SAAL-ZN Ms Georgia Chislum SAAL-ZT Dr. Marilyn Freeman SAAL-MS Mr. Greg Jones

6 In Memoriam

7 SAAL-ZX Principal Deputy Mr. Dean Popps Represented by: Hon. Claude M. Bolton, Jr.

8 SAAL-ZX The IRRF Obligation Establishment of the Defense Industrial Base Information Assurance Task Force Representing ASAALT and B4 Mentoring Others External Relations on the Hill


10 SAAL-ZC Deputy Assistant Secretary for Elimination of Chemical Weapons Mr. Dale Ormond

11 Achieved the 45% chemical agent destruction milestone six months ahead of schedule Safely destroyed over 3,000 tons of chemical agent Significantly reduced the risk to the public by destroying the last of the Army stockpiled Sarin (GB) Transported 4,450 loads of chemical weapons from storage to disposal facilities without incident SAAL-ZC

12 Successfully shipped Newport wastewater to an off-site facility for final disposal which translates to a savings of over $300 million to the American taxpayer. 100% Destruction of all Former Chemical Weapon Production Facilities Prioritized safety and achieved OSHA Reportable Injury Rate of less the 1.0 SAAL-ZC

13 The SAAL-ZC Team

14 SAAL-ZL Deputy Assistant Secretary for Integrated Logistics Support Mr. Wimpy Pybus

15 Developed and published comprehensive Performance Based Logistics policy guidance. Revised Type Classification and Materiel Release policy guidance to achieve Type Classification Standard and Full Materiel Release for systems to proceed into full rate production. Collaborated with Program Offices, UH-72A, UH-60M, CH-47F and Standard Integrated Command Post System (SICPS) to achieve Type Classification Standard and Full Materiel Release before full rate production and assisted Apache in achieving full materiel release for 20 year old AH-64A. Assisted Program Managers in developing and submitting plans to OSD for Item Unique Identification implementation. Developed a comprehensive methodology for conducting Core Logistics Analysis, Core Depot Assessments, and Source of Repair decisions for depot maintenance planning for Army weapon systems. SAAL-ZL


17 SAAL-ZN Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense Exports and Cooperation DASA DE&C Mr. Keith Webster Represented by: Mr. Charles Wray

18 Build Partner Capacity SAAL-ZN OIF/OEF/GWOT Partners Train & Equip Iraq and Afghan Security Forces

19 AS/CA/UK/U.S. Blast Protection PA New Senior National Representatives (Army) (SNR [A]) (5 Power: France, Germany, Italy, UK & U.S.) MOU Build Partner Capacity SAAL-ZN

20 Support to the Industrial Base SAAL-ZN Congressional Notification of proposed sales of US weapon systems Sale of 30 AH64D Apaches to Taiwan

21 Industry outreach Support the Industrial Base 5 SAAL-ZN Changing the Security Cooperation Business Model Advocacy Entrepreneurial Export Policy

22 SAAL-ZG Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategy and Performance Planning Mr. Edward Walters, III Represented by: Ms. Doby Bokinsky

23 CACO Actions Weapon Systems Handbook Lean Six Sigma/ Balanced Score Card Strategic Communication Plan SAAL-ZG OASA(ALT) Website Speeches and Briefings

24 SAAL-ZS Deputy for Acquisition and Systems Management MG Paul Izzo

25 Current Soldier Army Combat Helmet & Accessories PVS 14 Monocular Night Vision Device & Accessories Interceptor Body Armor, ESAPI, DAP *, Side Plates *, IOTV Close Combat Optic Gloves PEQ-2A Infrared Light Army Combat Uniform (ACU) M4 Carbine (Modular) Knee & Elbow Pads Infantry Combat Boot Type II (Tan) Protective Eyewear (Wiley X) Thermal Weapons Sight II (Light) SAAL-ZS

26 Future Combat Systems (FCS) SAAL-ZS Traction Drive System NLOS – LS Test MULE Class IV UAV

27 Aviation Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures (ATIRCM) and Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) Program SAAL-ZS

28 ZS Taskings Source: HQDA Tracking System Calendar Year- # of Taskings Actual for 11 Month Period (As of 28 Nov 07) (Est. for 2007) 2410 SAAL-ZS

29 ACA Director Army Contracting Agency Mr. Byron Young Represented by: Ms. Gabrielle Ward

30 Awarded major IT contracts for CONUS Theater Network Operations Centers (C-TNOSC) and Information Technology Enterprise Solutions Hardware valued at $5B ACA Provided continuous contracting support to the following Army Commands: IMCOM, ATEC, TRADOC, FORSCOM, MDW, NETCOM PEO-EIS, CIO-G6, MEDCOM, USAR, Army Secretariat, ARSTAFF, OSD, Joint Staff, USAREUR, USARPAC, USARSO, 8th Army, 3rd Army, USAF In Korea Increased the Contracting actions from 154,000 to 173,000 and dollars obligated from $14.2B to $15.8B Increased Small Business Awards by $1 Billion - $399 Million* awarded to Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) (*Highest in the history of the Army).

31 The US Army Contracting Command Americas/410 th CSB deployed to provide contingency contracting support to US Army North during the California Wild Fires, October 2007 and awarded a multiple award Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantify (IDIQ) contract in support of US Southern Command. The US Army Contracting Command Korea/411 th CSB participated in EXEVAL (Apr) coupled with an “Ulchi Focus Lens and RSOI Exercises demonstrating USACCK/411th CSB’s capability to “Fight Tonight”. The US Army Contracting Agency – Pacific awarded MEDEVAC contract support for USARPAC replacing deployed military capability ACA

32 OASA(ALT) Perspective

33 Programs Over 550 Systems (ACAT I, II, & III) Contracting $4,420,843,256,821 (Base and All Options Value) 152 Actions Congressional Affairs Contact Officer (CACO ) Over 600 Questions for the Record 434 Congressional Inquiries 12 Hearings Staff Action Control Office (SACO) 8,000 to 10,000 per year OASA(ALT) Perspective


35 CFC Collected $35,087 ASA(ALT) Contributions Goal $60,000 That's 58% of our goal. We have had 63 donors out of a population of 305.

36 Home SecurityFire Hazards Shopping Safety Don’t Drink and Drive Travel Safe Holiday Safety Tips


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