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Welcome to London!.

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1 Welcome to London!


3 Palace of Westminster-building on the banks of the Thames in the London area. Meetings are held in Westminster, where the British Parliament. Connects to the Trafalgar Square Whitehall Street.


5 Drawbridge in Central London over the River Thames, close to the Tower of London.
Opened in Is also one of the symbols of London and Britain.

6 City Hall

7 The project was completed in 1998, the construction of the building took about 5 years and cost 65 million pounds. Building in London, serving as a residence for the greater London Authority.

8 Big Ben

9 The biggest name of the six bells of Westminster Palace in London, is a title often relate to hours and the clock tower, which from September 2012, officially called the "Tower of the Queen Elizabeth».

10 Hampton Court

11 The former country residence of English Kings, located on the banks of the Thames.

12 Buckingham Palace

13 The official London residence of British monarchs
The official London residence of British monarchs. Currently, the Palace has 775 rooms. The Palace has a swimming pool, a post office, as well as its own cinema. For two months the Queen leaves Buckingham Palace. In these months the State rooms of the Palace are open to visitors.

14 Trafalgar Square

15 Square in Central London, where the first three consisted of street, Westminster, Strand, Whitehall and the Mall

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