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AMDOCS: A Place to Grow New Employee Presentation

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1 AMDOCS: A Place to Grow New Employee Presentation
Fiscal Year 2013

2 Welcome and Congratulations on your new career with Amdocs – we look forward to partnering with you!

3 Market Leader Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation. The company combines business and operational support systems, service delivery platforms, proven services, and deep industry expertise to enable service providers and their customers to do more in the connected world. Amdocs’ offerings help service providers explore new business models, differentiate through personalized customer experiences, and streamline operations.

4 Do more in the Connected World
Amdocs Strategy Do more in the Connected World CES 8 builds on Amdocs’ market leadership in customer experience systems innovation, delivering the most advanced business and operational support systems, service delivery platforms, proven services, and deep communications expertise to enable service providers and their customers to do more in the connected world. Amdocs’CES 8 helps service providers explore new business models, differentiate through personalized customer experiences, and streamline operations. Expand Quicker Realizing the connected life opportunity Drive Experience Differentiating through a unique, real- time customer experience Run Leaner Embracing lean and agile operations

5 Stability Reduced Risk for our Customers
Market Leader #1 provider of software & services to communication service providers Strong revenue growth and operating margins $3.2 B revenue* $404 M operating income* More than 19,000 employees Strong position for ongoing investment Excellent cash and short term investment position $1.17 B* Global Presence: Revenue by Region 73% North America, 13% Europe, 14% ROW (Revenue) More than 19,000 employees and customers in over 60 countries Development & support centers:Canada, Cyprus, India, Ireland, Israel, and the USA

6 Amdocs History Highly-focused Successful Business Strategy
2005 Acquire DST INNOVIS, & Enter Broadband Cable & Satellite Market 2011 Acquire Bridgewater Expand Leadership in data and network monetization 2001 Acquire Clarify & Enter CRM Market 2005 Acquire Longshine IT Co. LTD. & Enter Chinese Market 2009 Acquire jNetX & Expand Leadership in the Service Delivery Platform Market 2007 Acquire SigValue Expansion into Growth Markets 1998 IPO (NYSE:DOX) 1982 2011 2010 Acquired Streamezzo mobile internet application 1982 Founded – Focus on Directory Publishing Systems 2008 Acquire ChangingWorlds & Expand Leadership in Personalization & Portal Market The beginning – 5 people – boaz dotan, avi naor, nehemia levenbaum, mario segal and eli gelman. Initial focus – directories. Amdocs = American Directories operations and computerized systems. 1984 Started with the initiation of the baby bells by forming strong partnership with sowthwestern bell = SBC. The deal was 1M + royalties for SBC for any further deals based on the software (They were a large holder of stocks now AT&T as a little less than 5%). This deal brought amdocs to control of the market (US) with 87% market share. 1995 – The deal with SBMS – first ensemble customer 1998 – IPO. June 19th. Share was $14 (3 billion valuation). Current valuation 4.3 billion. Current share price 31.5 We accelerated our delivery capabilities in 1999 with the acquisition of International Telecommunication Data Systems, Inc. (ITDS), the second largest telecom billing service bureau in the United States. This acquisition enabled us to expand our managed services offering and enhanced our ability to provide outsourcing solutions to our customers. Basically this is the base of our Champaign operations. The managed service provider for Nextel (which was later purchased by Sprint…) November 2001: We acquired Clarify’s assets from Nortel Networks. 200m in cash This acquisition positioned Amdocs as the world's leading provider of (CRM) solutions to the communications industry. Bought because product was mature (although customer base was mainly within enterprise). And after failure for inhouse development. Nortel had them for a short time and fired half employees as condition for deal. Early 2004: XACCT Technologies 29.5m part in shares and part in cash, which extended the scope of our integrated customer management approach to support end-to-end event processing, from network mediation through billing, for voice, data, content and commerce prepaid and postpaid transactions. Had good solution for IP based mediation. (small israeli start up 80 people) July 2005: We acquired DST Innovis – 238m in cash, the Customer Management division of DST Systems that provided leading customer care and billing solutions for the broadband media industry. Aim is customer base amdocs extinguished most of the technology . We did gain some market share in US but not in other markets. August 2005: Amdocs acquired Longshine Information Technology Company, Ltd. – 30m in cash, headquartered in Beijing, China. Longshine had been providing billing, customer care, business intelligence and settlement systems since 1996, as well as associated integration and implementation services, primarily to the telecommunications sector in China, including the utility industry. Half a year ago – we sold back to the original owner and remaind with 19% of the company April 2006: Our acquisition of Qpass 275m in cash allowed us to offer a broader set of solutions to service providers and media companies seeking to launch and monetize new IP-based services and content. DIGITAL COMMERCE - seattle August 2006: Amdocs acquired Cramer Systems Group – 375m in cash, a leading provider of OSS solutions which enabled us to provide a complete end-to-end offering (combined business support and operations support systems). With this acquisition, we became uniquely positioned to enable service providers to integrate B/OSS business processes and, as a result, rapidly introduce new offerings, significantly reduce cost of operations and focus on customers. british February 2007: Our acquisition of SigValue – 54m in cash, (NBU) whose platform addressed the needs of prepaid mobile subscribers who represent the vast majority of customers in the growth (emerging) markets and tend to have relatively low levels of average revenue per user. The platform combines the basic functions required for billing and customer care with a service control function, offering a single system that supports multiple networks, multiple services and all lines of business. - israelii April 2008: Amdocs acquired JacobsRimell – 45M in cash, a privately held leading provider of customer-centric fulfillment solutions for the broadband cable industry. This acquisition augmented Amdocs’ OSS offering, and builds on our past acquisitions of DST Innovis Inc. and Cramer Systems Group Ltd. As a result, service providers can launch new converged services more quickly and cost effectively. English company November 2008: Amdocs acquired ChangingWorlds Ltd.- 60m in cash, a privately held provider of personalization and intelligent portal solutions for mobile service providers. ChangingWorlds’ technology, combined with the Amdocs CES portfolio, enables better customer experiences by allowing end users to quickly get relevant information based on what they use most, making it easier to navigate the Internet on their phones, reducing the time they spend looking for content. Irish – content presonalization October 2009: Amdocs acquired jNetX – 50m, a privately-held provider in the service delivery platform (SDP) market. This acquisition propelled Amdocs into a leadership position in the market by combining jNetX’s leading SDP offering with Amdocs existing service delivery solutions and capabilities. The joint Amdocs-jNetX offering uniquely enables service providers to combine converged network services with IT and Web domain services for truly innovative and valuable applications. Sdp enables CSP to expose their network assets to developers and this monetise their assets March 2010: Amdocs acquired MX Telecom – 104m in cash, the largest mobile transaction hub in the United States. MX Telecom is a leading mobile payments and messaging aggregator with operations in Europe, US, and Australia. This strategic acquisition expands OpenMarket’s global footprint, substantially increases our market leadership in the rapidly growing mobile payments market that will extend well beyond messaging in the coming years, and strengthens our product portfolio with an extensive set of value added services for merchants. May 2010: Amdocs acquired Streamezzo, a mobile internet application development platform, in order to broaden our solutions in digital services delivery. french – decelopment platform for rich media 2011 = Bridgewater – canadian company 220M (bringing cash of 90) – data experience management through network policy 2004 Acquire XACCT & Enter Mediation Market 2006 Acquire Qpass Inc., & Enter Digital Commerce Market 2010 Acquire MX Telecom & expand leadership in OpenMarket business 1999 Acquire ITDS & Enter Managed Services Market 2006 Acquire Cramer Systems Group Limited & Enter OSS Market 2008 Acquire Jacobs Rimell & Expand Leadership in Broadband Cable Industry

7 Amdocs Global Leadership Partial Customer List
Serving Nearly 90% of the Service Providers on Fortune Magazines Global 500

8 Amdocs Employee Values

9 Human Resources

10 Vacation Annual vacation is quoted in your offer letter
ANNUAL VACATION DAYS Service with Amdocs Worldwide Job Band Level 1 2 3 4, 5 & 6 Up to 3 years of employment 10 days 15 days 20 days Completion of 3rd year of employment Completion of 5th year of employment Completion of 10th year of employment Annual vacation is quoted in your offer letter Vacation is accrued on a monthly basis Vacation accrual begins at the time of hire and accrues on a monthly basis Vacation accrual continues to roll over each year, with a cap of 30 days 10 days = 7.5hrs monthly days = 11.3hrs monthly days = 15hrs monthly Vacation Balance Vacation balances are updated end of each month May be viewed anytime through Employee Self Service – My Benefits Once employee reaches 30 days of accrued vacation the accumulation of days will stop. Accumulation of additional vacation days will recommence once vacation days have been utilized so that the balance drops below 30 days by the use of vacation

11 Sick Time Sick Days - for the use of illness or medical purposes
15 days per calendar year – Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st Days are prorated based on date of hire for 1st year No Roll Over No payout of sick days at time of separation Within the 15 days of sick time, 6 days may be used to care for an immediate family member (spouse, parent or child) each year

12 9 paid holidays in each calendar year.
Full-time employees who work at least 30 hours per week are eligible for 9 paid holidays in each calendar year. Holidays observed are generally as follows. (please note that holidays may vary based on location) 2013 Holidays  Holiday Observance Day New Year's Day Tuesday, January 1, 2013 Personal "Float" Holiday (1 day) Hired before April 1st for first year employment Any one day of your choice Must be used a whole day Memorial Day Monday, May 27, 2013 Independence Day Thursday, July 4, 2013 Labor Day Monday, September 2, 2013 Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 28, 2013 Day after Thanksgiving Friday, November 29, 2013 1st Christmas Holiday Tuesday, December 24, 2013 2nd Christmas Holiday Wednesday, December 25, 2013 New Year's Day (2014) Wednesday, January 1, 2014

13 Additional HR Programs
Employee Referral Program Bonus for technical hires for entry level and up to VP Personal Events Recognition Marriages 5 days special vacation Separate from annual vacation accrual May be used up to 6 months after wedding date Gift Check for $125 Request gift check after wedding date with online forms on Portal Payment will be separate deposit on the following payroll cycle Births and Adoptions 2 days special vacation – fathers only Should be used at time of birth Gift Check for $90 Request gift check after date of birth with online forms on Portal

14 Miscellaneous Paychecks Dress Code Work Hours
Paid semi-monthly on the 15th and last day of each month. If these days fall on a weekend or holiday you are paid the business day prior. Can be direct deposited into multiple accounts. Dress Code Dress code will vary by customer site and location. Please confirm the dress code for your site with your manager. Work Hours Company standard is 40 working hours + 5 hours for lunch = 45/week total (* this could vary by your site and project) ID Badges required for entry and visible at all times.

15 Ethics Hotline Harassment Prevention/Fair Treatment Policy
Amdocs offers a theft and fraud hotline to help prevent unethical behavior and ensure a safe work environment for all its’ employees. This hotline is not intended to be a substitute for speaking directly with management, but rather is to be used as a secondary resource should an employee wish to report an incident but prefer to remain anonymous. Examples of such behavior include but are not limited to theft, conflicts of interest, embezzlement, and fraudulent activity. For additional information on the Company’s ethical guidelines, please refer to the Code of Business Conduct policy. Ethics Website - Ethics Hotline - Dial (Toll-free) Harassment Prevention/Fair Treatment Policy Amdocs is committed to providing a work environment free of unlawful harassment and intimidation. Discriminatory or harassing actions because of race, sex, color, age, religion, national origin, disability, or any other basis prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local law, or for any other unlawful reason, violate this policy. Amdocs believes treating each other respectfully is essential to maintaining a productive work environment. Amdocs will not permit any retaliation or adverse consequences against an employee who complains of harassment or other employment discrimination.

16 Reporting and Complaint Procedure Open Door Policy
Report all incidents to the direct supervisor, who is required to contact Human Resources. If the employee feels he or she cannot discuss the matter with the direct supervisor, he or she should contact the higher-level manager or the Human Resources Business Partner. More information on the Complaint Procedure can be located in the Employee Information Manual. Link to the Employee Information Manual Open Door Policy Amdocs has an "open door policy.” If you have a job-related problem, question or complaint, you should discuss it with your supervisor or Human Resources. If the discussion with your supervisor does not answer your questions or resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you may then present your complaint, orally or in writing, to the next level of management or Human Resources. When the issue personally involves the supervisor or manager with whom you would ordinarily discuss a problem, you may bypass that individual and proceed to Human Resources without fear of reprisal. Difficulties in using this open door policy should be brought to the attention of the Human Resources.

17 Environmental Health and Safety
To provide a safe and secure environment, encompassing our business, our premises, our employees and all those we come into contact with. To provide a safe and healthy workplace by promoting high levels of physical and mental well-being and preventing occupational illness. Amdocs is prepared to respond to various emergencies: Evacuation Fire Medical Security Utilities Weather Amdocs Safety and Security information can be found on the intranet home page. Questions about Safety contact the Facility Supervisor at your location

18 Workplace Technology

19 Email Account Information
Amdocs Mailbox All Amdocs employees receive an Amdocs mailbox Two addresses are created Employees located at customer sites Request an link setup to combine to customer site ex: Open a help desk ticket through Global Support Amdocs Portal – Global Support – IT- NT & – Mailbox Level 4 “forward my to customer site” Level 5 “more than 3 months” CONTINUE – complete questions bottom of form – SUBMIT Employees B4 & above may not request link due to security reasons. Employees may NOT forward to other outside addresses such as

20 Digipass RSA Token (Secure ID)
Digipass RSA Secure ID Device Is used to generate a unique password during the authentication process when accessing the Amdocs network from a remote location. The Digipass RSA Secure ID device generates a unique one-time password each time you enter the associated PIN number. The password is valid for only 30 seconds. If your connection fails or you were unable to enter the password within 30 seconds, you must generate a new password by re-entering the 4 digit PIN you received with the device.

21 Amdocs Portal Amdocs Worldwide News – updated daily
How to connect: Amdocs Offices – click on internet explorer . Portal is home page Customer Site Locations – connect through “Webgate” LINKS TO: Human Resources Employee Self Service Global Support Learning Services Work Hours Travel – Finance Industry News Phonebook ….. Portal includes a multitude of Amdocs products, services and tools with ongoing new resources available.

22 Webgate Connection Connect to Webgate via:
Open Internet Explorer and go to Help - About Internet Explorer to verify that you are running version 6.0 or higher. Please request an upgrade, if needed Choose North America Enter your Digipass username and 6-digit generated Digipass password Click on the Check NT password link Enter your Amdocs NT username and NT password Access any of the other available links using your Amdocs NT username and new password (ntnet\username)

23 Human Resources North America Portal Process Support & Tools
Links to: Benefits, Policies, Services, Values, and much more….

24 HRPS Clarity – Helpdesk Services
* Have a question for Human Resources? Open a HR Helpdesk ticket here

25 Employee Self Service Common Links: Update My Details address, phones,
family status, bank account My Benefits vacation Balance In Town Expenses online expense reporting Human Resources HR portal welcome page Work Hours timesheet reporting Online Forms Learning Services Some of the functions are only available on Amdocs computers.

26 Amdocs Learning Services

27 IT - Helpdesk and Contacts
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Many IT services (new PC, DISA account, software request, etc.) may also be requested by submitting an Amdocs IT form via online forms. You will be requested to provide your Amdocs Employee ID # and project billing code when calling the Amdocs Help Desk.

28 Work Hours (Time Reporting)

29 Work Hours System All amdocs employees record their work hours
within the Work Hours (WH) system. Using this system, you are able to record your: Daily hours present Time spent on projects and tasks Absence hours Vacation time Using this System, the company is able to: Track and maintain integrity of customer invoices Manage project work plans and progress Analyze employee presence and absence hours

30 Accessing the Work Hours “WH” System
Employees accessing the Amdocs network via RAS/VPN/LAN connection: Open Internet Explorer Access the amdocs Intranet portal page: Click on the Work Hours link Employees located at a customer site and accessing the amdocs network via the Amdocs WebGate site: Open Internet Explorer and connect to the amdocs WebGate page: Enter your Digipass token username and password Click on the WH Reporting system link Enter your amdocs NT username, password, and domain

31 Work Hours – Time Reporting
Timesheet Reporting Opens to your name and id TS Reporting - record daily hours WH eLearning and User Guides Reports Need Help – “Open here WH ticket”

32 Work Hours Time Reporting
Employee name Presence Hours Enter hours present based on a 24 hour clock. Reporting & Codes Enter your work and/or absence codes along with the total number of hours (manager will provide project’s reporting code). Approvals Click Save and Approve. Enter your NT User Name and password as your approval. Your timesheet will then be sent to your manager for final approval IMPORTANT COMPLETE and SAVE WEEKLY

33 Amdocs Travel

34 Amdocs Travel Arrangements All Business Expenses
Employee submits a completed travel request on-line at least 10 business days prior to travel commencing Employees are expected to be flexible in regards to their flight itinerary to maximize potential cost savings Travelers will receive with travel itineraries , confirmation information and assigned travel number The Travel department handles all air, hotel, car and train reservations. Link to the TRAVEL REQUEST AND TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORTS: All Business Expenses All expense reports must be in compliance with Company policy, which can be found on the Amdocs Portal. IN-TOWN EXPENSES – cell phone, mileage, etc. Complete in-town expense report online through Employee Self Service. TRAVEL EXPENSES – all travel related expenses relevant to assigned travel number. Complete travel expense report online through TRAVEL REQUEST LINK ABOVE. Attach all relevant receipts to on-line expense reports. If need assistance please contact:

35 Amdocs Finance

36 American Express Cards
Employees are to place all business travel and entertainment expenses (which are reimbursable by Amdocs) on their American Express Corporate Card. To request a Corporate Card, complete the forms located on the St Louis Finance Portal: US Employees Corporate Credit Card Terms - Review of terms and conditions Corporate Card Application Non US Citizen Form (complete only if not a US citizens) Employee Agreement Employee completes forms and sends to manager for approval and signature Employee submits completed forms to _NA Credit Cards for processing Amdocs does not guarantee an employee will be issued a Corporate Card American Express reviews employee’s personal credit history to determine eligibility Amdocs does not pay employee’s American Express Corporate Card balances It is employee’s responsibility to submit an expense report for reimbursement and pay their Corporate Card balance on a timely basis Amdocs will not reimburse the employee for Membership Rewards Programs

37 Invoices and Expense Reports
For External queries (Amdocs suppliers) regarding Invoice or Payment status, Please the Accounts Payable Helpdesk at Submission of new invoices should be sent directly to Please keep in mind our SLA response time is 2 Working Days For Internal queries (Amdocs employees) relating to supplier queries or expense reimbursements, please raise a call by clicking on the following link:   You can use this site to: Raise Internal Accounts Payable queries Familiarize yourself with the structure of our team Learn the processes/services supported by our team

38 Contact Information Life Cycle Team – HRPS Specialists North America Professional Services NA HRPS Website Fax: Payroll Team Stephanie Robinson Amy Hanna Daniela Egidi Fax: Benefits Team Toll Free: Fax:

39 Thank You!

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