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Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

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1 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
1994 → 2014 Gautam Biswas, FNA Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

2 Brief Profile of IIT Guwahati
Departments Biotechnology Chemical Engineering Chemistry Computer Science and Engineering Civil Engineering Design Electronics and Electrical Engineering Humanities and Social Sciences Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Physics Interdisciplinary Academic Centres: 1. Nanotechnology 2. Energy 3. Environment Total Students 4891 Under Grad. : 2509 Post Grad. : 1062 PhD : 1320 Faculty - 351 Professor : 91 Associate Prof. : 95 Assistant Prof. : 165 Offerings BTech MSc – MA - MTech PhD, MTech-PhD (dual)

3 RNA BIOLOGY Mechanistic Approaches to Biology (MAB) Lab@ IITG Sensory
Cutting Edge Research Ribosome Assembly CRISPR Interference Sensory & Regulatory RNAs Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Biochemical Approaches Fluorescence Spectroscopy Macromolecular Crystallography Molecular Genetics RNA BIOLOGY Reconstruct ancestral molecules in the lab and ask fundamental questions about the historic mutations that would have shaped the molecular structure and function Punetha A, Sivathanu R, Anand B, (2014) Active Site Plasticity Enables Metal Dependent Tuning of Cas5d Nuclease Activity in CRISPR-Cas Type I-C System. Nucleic Acids Res., 42:

4 Cutting Edge Research Microbots – Nanobots – Superbots
ChemoTaxis Electrophoresis pH SENSOR Small, 9(11), , 2013 Nanoscale, 6, , 2014 TRANSPOTER MAGNETOTaxis

5 Cutting Edge Research: Cancer Therapeutics
Desired gene Cloning Suicide Gene Therapy Protein Therapy CD-UPRT, GMCSF, IkBα, INFγ Nano-bio-technology Nanoparticles (Au, Ag, Cu, NC) MALDI, CD, FACS, Spectroscopy, Targeted drug delivery, Antibacterial activity, Bio-imaging Anti-cancer Activity (2014), ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6 (1), 712–724; (2013), PLOS One, PONE-D R /journal.pone ; (2014), Biomaterials Science, DOI: /C3BM60251F

6 Cutting Edge Research CO2 Capture (IIT Guwahati-BHEL)
Structural Tuning of MIL-53 (Al) to enhance CO2 uptake and Selectivity Large pore form Narrow pore form Activation of MIL-53(Al) at 493 K under vacuum CO2 adsorption at >1 bar and 293 K CO2 desorption under vacuum at 293 K Novelty Why MIL-53(Al) ? Effect of adsorption history on the structural transformation of MIL-53(Al) Narrow pore tuned from of MIL-53(Al) exhibits four fold enhancement (from 0.42 to 1.75 mol kg-1) in CO2 uptake at 0.17 bar and 293 K. It also show almost infinite selectivity for CO2 over CH4, N2, CO and O2 at sub-atmospheric pressure and 293 K High temperature stability (up to 750 K) Does not degrade upon exposure to moisture Low enthalpy of adsorption Exhibits structural transformation Membrane for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas Highlights Novel poly(vinyl alcohol)-poly(vinyl pyrolidone) blend membranes with amine carrier were synthesized for CO2 capture Highest CO2/N2 selectivity of 398 and CO2 permeance of 40 GPU were obtained Mishra et al., Langmuir , 29 (2013) 12162–12167

7 Cutting Edge Research Patient Trial of Polycentric Knee Joint
Testing of polycentric knee joint in amputee walking simulator S. Kanagaraj et al. Mechanical characterization of PMMA/ SWNTs bone cement using Nanoindenter Materials Technology: Advanced Biomaterials 29(B1), B4–B9, 2014

8 Cutting Edge Research Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensors
SAW sensors are MEMS devices which use modulation of surface acoustic waves to sense mass loading, small size, low power. Applications in resonators, sensors, actuators & signal processing. E0 Transmitter IDT Signal Conditioning Circuit Receiver Sensing Film Piezo-Substrate RF Signal Generator Conventional SAW sensor High sensitivity if operated in this region Mode I Mode II Mode III SAW sensor modified for high sensitivity Replacing sensing film by pillars leads to unusual mass loading when the resonance frequency of the pillars is close to resonance frequency of the device. Unusual mass loading characteristics at three resonance modes of the pillars. N. Ramakrishnan, Roy Paily, and H. B. Nemade, Sensor Letters, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 253–257, 2010. N. Ramakrishnan, H. B. Nemade, and Roy Paily ,IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 430–431, 2010.

9 Research and Societal Outreach
Eco-friendly Development in Himalayan Hills Deforestation Center of Excellence Department of Civil Engineering Integrated Land use Planning and Water Resources Management For hazard free development in hills Technology for improving population carrying capacity Optimal Ecological Management Practices (EMPs) has been developed to enhance hazard free carrying capacity Single ownership: OPTEMP-LS Multiple ownership:OPTEMP-LM Pilot project implementation in collaboration with government depts. and people has started Slope Stability Soil erosion Flood Sarma B, Sarma A.K. and Singh V.P(2013):OPTIMAL ECOLOGICAL MANAGEMENT PRACTICES (EMPs) FOR MINIMIZING THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND WATERSHED DEGRADATION DUE TO URBANIZATION , Water Resources Management, 27, , 2013.

10 Research and Societal Outreach
Assessing & Alleviating Adverse Impacts of Climate Change on Brahmaputra Basin Managing dynamic river like Brahmaputra under climate change impacted water scenario is extremely challenging Temp increase by to 1.0 degree Precipitation increase up to 20% Shifting of Monsoon Homogeneous clustering to reduce uncertainty in Climate Change Prediction Indigenous River Model BRAHMA (Braided River Aid: Hydrodynamic and Morphological Analyzer) is developed and applied with Optimization Module Kalita H.M., Sarma A.K., and Bhattacharjya R.K, Evaluation of Optimal River Training Work using GA Based Linked Simulation Optimization Approach, Water Resource Management, 28, , 2014

11 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Among
World's Top 100 Young Universities New Delhi, May 1, 2014 IIT Guwahati has shown the way to the new siblings The young IIT from Assam has brought cheer to Indian academic institutions Occupying a place among the top 100 YOUNG universities published by London-based Times Higher Education (THE) magazine Young – under 50 years of age Placed 87th in the ranking that analysed 800 new-breed universities from 29 countries, including the US and the UK. The magazine has started a separate ranking for universities two years ago For below 50 years of age Suggest which institutions have the potential to become the next generation’s Harvard or Oxford

12 Stratagem (Improvement of Rank)
Research focus: Modern Manufacturing; Nanotechnology; Cancer Therapeutics; Creating new Fuels and Improved Energy Storage Systems; Improving Himalayan Habitat; Control of Flood and Land Erosion; Hydrology; Road and Infrastructure; etc. New-Pedagogy, such as, Flipped Learning and Education 3.0 have appeared in teaching strategies Group work is an essential part of this new style of learning and classes have to be designed to engage students in group work as much as possible. The strategy ensures success of Outcome Based Learning: Graduates will demonstrate basic knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyze data, and report results

13 Community Outreach IIT Guwahati is the mentor Institute for IIIT Guwahati and IIIT Manipur IIT Guwahati is helping NIT Meghalaya and NIT Sikkim on several academic aspects of institute-building IIT Guwahati is associated with IIM Shillong IIT Guwahati is the mentor Institute for CIT Kokrajhar IIT Guwahati (RuTAG) has successfully set up a pilot project on production of Muga Silk fabric with power loom at the Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) , Guwahati.  Muga Silk is one of the costliest fabrics in the world obtained from Antheraea Assamensis. IIT Guwahati (RuTAG) has developed a low cost machine for production of compressed feed block fortified with micro nutrients to supplement the feed for Yaks and Mithuns (only available in Arunachal, Nagaland and Manipur) Construction of Flyovers and laying Rail Track in N-E states IITG is eager to start special MS program for the College Teachers of North East

14 Water-polo Match at IIT Guwahati Basketball Match at IIT Guwahati
Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man and character is the test of that manifestation Water-polo Match at IIT Guwahati Basketball Match at IIT Guwahati

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