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RDA and Audio Joanne Paterson, Metadata Management Librarian, Western University Getting to know RDA for sound recordings.

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1 RDA and Audio Joanne Paterson, Metadata Management Librarian, Western University Getting to know RDA for sound recordings

2 Source of Information RDA Preferred Source of Information. Other Resources a) a label bearing a title that is permanently printed on or affixed to the resource, excluding accompanying textual material or a container (e.g., a label on an audio CD or a model)

3 or b) embedded metadata in textual form that contains a title (e.g., metadata embedded in an MP3 audio file).

4 The fiddly bits Ldr/18 = i (for RDA) 040 $b eng $e rda LC example: 040 $aOLU$beng $cOLU$erda However, MLA training from last year: 040$aCGU$beng$erda$cCGU

5 Type Type j: Musical Sound Recording Type i: Non-musical Sound Recording Sound effects Birdcalls and animal sounds Spoken word

6 Compact Disc digital, stereo More fiddly bits: TAGFieldData Leader / 06Type of record j Leader / 07Bibliographic level m 007/00Physical description fixed field – category of material s 007/01Physical description fixed field –Specific materials designation d 007/04Physical description fixed field –configuration of playback channels s 007/06Physical description fixed field –Dimensions g 007/12Physical description fixed field –Special playback characteristics e 007/13Physical description fixed field –Capture and storage technique d

7 Identifiers: MARC 02X RDA 2.15 Identifier for the manifestation EAN or UPC code 024 3012345678905 Publisher Number: 028 02 ABCD 109 $b Bluebell 028 subfield $b should contain publisher name Usually corresponds to name in 264 subfield $b.

8 Place of Capture; Date of Capture MARC 033 Note on the date/time and/or place of creation, capture, recording, filming, execution, or broadcast associated with an event or the finding of a naturally occurring object. Field 033 (Date/Time and Place of an Event) contains the same information in coded form.

9 Place of Capture; Date of Capture MARC 033 518 ## $aRecorded in France in 1988. 033 00 1988---- ‡b 5834

10 Place of Capture; Date of Capture MARC 033 518 $oRecorded live$d1963 January- 1965 May or June$pprincipally in London. 033 20 196301--$a196506-- $b5754$cL7

11 The title proper is the chief name of a resource (i.e., the title normally used when citing the resource). An alternative title is treated as part of the title proper. The title proper does not include: parallel titles proper (see 2.3.3)2.3.3 other title information (see 2.3.4)2.3.4 parallel other title information (see 2.3.5).2.3.5 Title Proper

12 Title Proper: MARC 245 Collective Title on Accompanying Material or Container only RDA: Cannot use as collective title, must use non- collective titles on label. – the information on the label needs to represent the resource as a whole – For multi-disc set, can use labels collectively

13 With collective title, multiple works RDA record 245 00$aCollective title add appropriate 7XX s for the works

14 No collective title 245 00$aPyramid builders; $bMummy’s tomb 245 00$Pyramid builders / $cIsis Osiris ; Mummy’s tomb/ Johnny Tutenkhamen Add appropriate 7XXs as needed

15 Statement of responsibility RDA Statements identifying performers of music whose participation is confined to performance, execution, or interpretation are not transcribed here. See authorized access points.

16 Copyright ℗ = Phonogram Copyright Symbol Copyright date of the recorded sound © = Copyright Symbol LCRI 6.4F1: “Do not regard as a copyright date for the recording.... This symbol can apply only to the printed text. However, it can be used as evidence for supplying a date of publication according to 1.4F7 when neither a date of publication nor a ‘p’ date appears on the item.”

17 Publication: MARC 2xx 264 #1 [Place of publication not identified] : ǂb My Basement Records, ǂc [date of publication not identified] 264 #2 [Place of distribution not identified] : ǂb [Distributor not identified], ǂc [Date of distribution not identified] 264 #3 St. Louis, MO : ǂb Music Masters, ǂc [date of manufacture not identified] 264 #4 ǂc ℗2002

18 Marc 2XX Date of publication: – Not found, supplied based on ℗ date 264 #1 Scarborough, Ontario : $b RCA Victor Read Seal, $c [1995] 264 #4 $c℗1995

19 Content, Media, Carrier Musical Disc (Type “j”) 336 performed music ǂb prm ǂ2 rdacontent 337 audio ǂb s ǂ2 rdamedia 338 audio disc ǂb sd ǂ2 rdacarrier Non-Musical Disc (Type “i”) 336 spoken word ǂb spw ǂ2 rdacontent OR 336 sounds ǂb snd ǂ2 rdacontent 337 audio ǂb s ǂ2 rdamedia 338 audio disc ǂb sd ǂ2 rdacarrier

20 Extent: 3xx 337 audio $2 rdamedia 338 audio disc $2 rda carrier 300 1 audio disc ; $c12 cm 344 digital $g stereo #2 rda 347 audio file $b CD audio #2 rda

21 More examples (from MLA best practices) DVD audio 337 audio $2 rdamedia 338 audio disc $2 rda carrier 300 1 audio disc ; $c 12 cm 344 digital $g stereo $g surround $2 rda Audiocassette 337 Audio $2 rdamedia 338 audiocassette $2 rdacarrier 300 1 audiocassette 344 analog $g stereo $h Dolby-B encoded $2 rda

22 RDA carrier terms

23 Source of title note e.g. Title from disc label (500) Performers and narrators (511) Place and date of capture (518) Contents (505) RDA J.4.2 Related manifestation (530 –general note) » (or 534 or 776: structured notes)

24 Authorized access points RDA does not include instructions equivalent to AACR2 21.23C1 and 21.23D1 a) which allow compilations to be entered under a principal performer, even if his/her responsibility doesn’t go beyond that of mere performance, execution, etc. ƒPerformers can be part of the authorized access point for a compilation only if they are the creators, i.e., if the compilation results from the collective activity of a performing group as a whole where the responsibility of the group goes beyond that of mere performance, execution, etc. if the performer is the adapter of the work

25 Authorized access points Compilation: 3 works by 3 creators (all equal) Performers may not be the creators, so then are considered contributors MACR 1XX is used only for the creator of the resource as a whole

26 Authorized access points Performers RDA 19.2 Other person, family, or corporate body associated with a work + RDA 18.5 Relationship designator 700 1# Bublé, Michael, $eperformer 700 1# Port, Kalan,$esinger 700 1# Toscanini, Arturo, $d1867-1957, $econductor

27 Authorized access points Relationship Designators General Guidelines The defined scope of a relationship element provides a general indication of the relationship between a resource and a person, family, or corporate body associated with the resource (e.g., creator, owner). If the relationship element is considered sufficient for the purposes of the agency creating the data, do not use a relationship designator to indicate the specific nature of the relationship. RDA I.3.1

28 Special thanks to these helpful links Jay Weitz, Senior Consulting Database Specialist, OCLC. Sound Recordings Cataloging Workshop : Online Audiovisual Catalogers Conference 2012. (October 2012, Albuquerque, New Mexico) Music Library Association. Hit the Ground Running! RDA Training for Music Catalogers : A guide to the RDA Preconference at the Music Library Association 2013 meeting.(Last Updated: Aug 7, 2013) Emma Cross, Cataloguing Librarian, Carleton University. RDA workflows in the RDA Toolkit RDA music Implementation Task Force. Bibliographic Control committee, Music Library Association. Best Practises for Music Cataloguing: using RDA and MARC21. Draft (15 February 2013).

29 Try it ! Audio CD (see examples in class and handout) E-book Jim-Weiss/dp/B00000AG5T/ref=pd_cp_m_3 Streaming audio Naxos “album” (see handout)


31 Marc Record 024 1# 75953411221 028 021124-008 CD:$b James Weiss 245 00 Tales from cultures far and near 264 1 Charlottesville, VA :$b James Weiss, $c[1990] 264 4 ℗1990 300 1 audio disc $c4 ¾ in. 306 006000 336 spoken word $bspw $2 rdacontent 337 audio $b s $2 rdamedia 338 audio disc $sd $2 rdacarrier 340 $b4 ¾ in. 344 digital $boptical $gstereo $2rda 347 audio file $b CD audio $2 rda 511 0 Read by Jim Weiss 500 Title from disc label. 505 0 A guest who ran (Native American) –- Two monks (Japan) –- The three friends of Manuel (Spain) –- The secret weapon (China) -– Djuha: two stories (Arabic) -– Courting the wind (Senegal). 700 10 Weiss, Jim,$enarrator

32 Thank You! Questions or comments? Feel free to contact me: Joanne Paterson University of Western Ontario

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