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Pre-licensure Advising Dr. Deborah A Roberts. General Education Sonoma State General Education Pattern

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1 Pre-licensure Advising Dr. Deborah A Roberts

2 General Education Sonoma State General Education Pattern GE pattern in nursing Lower Division Area A & B completed with prerequisites Area C & D 12 units each required Area E Psych 302 Upper Division 9 Units (2 areas) 3 units in nursing Area E-waived 3 units Psych 302 Area E 3 units Needs to be non Area E—NO EXCEPTIONS

3 Prerequisites Integrated Chemistry Anatomy w/ lab Physiology w/lab Microbiology w/lab English Composition A2 + A3 Oral Communication A2 Critical Thinking A3 Statistics

4 First Two Years Fall-Year OneSpring-Year One BIOL 115 (3) Intro to Biology (GE Area B3 )BIOL 220 (4) Human Anatomy (GE Area B 3 ) CHEM 105 (5) Elem of General, Organic & Biochemistry (GE Area B1)MATH 165 (4) Statistics (GE Area B4) GE, A3 (4) Critical ThinkingGE, A2 (4) Fundamentals of Communication GE, D1 (3-4) Social/Behavioral Science: Individual and Society *GE, C1 (4) Arts, Theatre, Dance, Music, and film * Fall-Year TwoSpring-Year Two BIO 224 (4) Human PhysiologyBIO 240 (4) General Microbiology GE, C2 (4) Literature, Philosophies, and Values *PSYC 302 (3) Development of the Person UDGE AREA E GE, C3 (4) Comparative Perspectives and/or Foreign Languages *GE, D3 (3) Social/Behavioral Science: United States History GE, D2 (3) Social/Behavioral Sciences: World History and Civilization GE, D4 (3-4) Social/Behavioral Science: Us Constitutions & California State and Local Government Best to have most, if not all, GE complete before entering the major

5 Prerequisite Requirements All must be completed with a grade of B or better May be repeated however original grade remains in overall GPA Some courses at SSU are non-repeatable due to space Check with Dr. Roberts for equivalent courses at any other school prior to taking course. Send her the course description from the school catalog you wish to take the course. Only 2 courses may be in progress the Spring of application submission. One science and one non science. AP course do count for specified courses when you arrived as a freshman they are entered into your ARR. Prerequisites do not expire. You do not have to get them all done in two years. 25 points/100 assigned to prerequisite courses

6 Test of Essential Skills Required to apply to the major TEAS Version V Study Guide 85.00 May repeat twice for most programs (not SSU) Offered at SSU and dates/times/locations posted at 15 points/100 assigned to TEAS score as outlined below Test of Essential Academic Skills 15 Points Total TEAS Score Points assigned 90.5 or above 15 90.4-87.375 12 87.374-84.250 9 84.249-81.125 6 81.124-78.0 3 Below 78.00

7 Certified Nurses Assistant Certificate Not a prerequisite for application May be done after accepted admission Some ideas: American Red Cross Local Community College Private agencies dTechs.aspx

8 Essay Essay questions are posted on application Read all instructions carefully Limited pages and font strictly observed Essay is assigned 20/100 points

9 Overall GPA Overall GPA is computed for all coursework taken or transferred to SSU. If you take college courses at other campuses you must send your official transcripts to SSU for college credit here. You can compute your GPA by the GPA calculator at: You can also look at your ARR Once you know your GPA multiply by 6.25 for your total points. Overall GPA has 25/100 point assignment

10 Local Service Area Sonoma State College of Marin SRJC Mendocino CC Solano CC Napa CC 15/100 point assignment

11 Veterans Executive Order from Governor Any honorable discharged veteran has priority admission after meeting minimum program criteria Generally this has been one-two veterans a year

12 Program Requirements Clear Background check Clear Drug screen for non-prescribed medications Physical IMZ CPR

13 Costs In addition to SSU fees items below are approximate Books 2000.00 Supplies and supplies kit 350.00 Uniforms 50.00 CAS (new for this application cycle) 105.00 Certified Background 110.00 ATI 700.00 Any physical/medical costs

14 Ready to Apply? Pre-requisite Courses ( One science and one non-science may be in progress)  English  Speech  Critical Thinking  Statistics  Chemistry  Anatomy  Physiology  Microbiology GPA 3.0 in prerequisites Overall GPA of 3.0 in college Completion of LDGE TEAS Exam CNA may be in the summer

15 Application Due 2/28/14 New System this year called CAS Prerequisite course completion Overall GPA of 3.0 or above Science GPA of 3.0 or above B grade or above in all prerequisites Test of Essential Skills Deadlines: late applications not accepted. No exceptions! Completion of Application into CAS No other work experience required No letters of recommendation required

16 Application Scoring College Prerequisite GPA25 points Overall College GPA25 Points Essay20 Points TEAS15 Points Local Students15 Points Total100 Points

17 What else do I need to know? Residents outside the state are placed after all in state residents You must have a valid SSN to be admitted due to a Board of Registered Nursing and Background Check requirement You must have a clear background check to be admitted Second Baccalaureate students only apply to the major if not already admitted to SSU Transfer students must apply to the university by November 30 th in the Fall semester before they are going to apply to the major the next Spring

18 Questions

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