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NeGP-A Overview & Feedback on Guidelines. NATIONAL e-GOVERNANCE PLAN Agriculture (NeGP-A)  Launched in May, 2006 to improve public service delivery 

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1 NeGP-A Overview & Feedback on Guidelines

2 NATIONAL e-GOVERNANCE PLAN Agriculture (NeGP-A)  Launched in May, 2006 to improve public service delivery  NeGP Includes : 12 cluster of Services with 75 components.  Web enabled delivery of services & service levels  Process re-engineering, change management and project management  Centralized Initiative - Decentralized Implementation

3 Implementation Strategy  Delivery of services through multiple modes.  CAP & SAPs being developed for standardization and would facilitate data flow within and outside the States.  Scope includes Data / Disaster Recovery Centres, computer hardware up to Block level, Site Preparation, Application Development, Data Digitisation, Capacity building & Training.  Strengthening/Promoting of Agricultural Information System under AGRISNET to continue with all unspent balances under AGRISNET (without any definite plan of action) to be considered as part of Government of India resources available for NeGP-A.  NIC selected to develop Solution Design, Development, Testing & Acceptance, Solution Implementation, Training & Change Management (pertaining to the application software).

4 Project Activities & Timelines of NeGP-A Roll out Phase SRActivityTimelines AIMPLEMENTATION PRE- PLANNING A1 Date of RFP Release 31 May 2014 BIMPLEMENTATION B1 Completion of Software Development by NIC of components which have been cleared for development. 30 Apr 2014 B2 Incorporation of changes/suggestions from Divisions and States to all SRS documents for software development in remaining service clusters 30 Jun 2014 B3 Completion of all SRS of remaining components to such a level that on which Software Development can start taking place. 31 Jul 2014 B4 Completion of Data Entry Screens 30 Sep 2014 B5 Selection of Hardware Vendor by DAC 15 Sep 2014 B6 Completion of Civil Infrastructure and Site Preparation (by State Agriculture Department 31 Aug 2014

5 B7 Signing of Agreement 30 Sep 2014 B8 Installation of Hardware by Hardware Vendor 15 Jan 2015 B9 Pilot launching of all Services Data Digitalisation by States 30 Nov 2014 B10 Suggestions received from States on services 31 Dec 2014 B11 User Acceptance Testing Completion of Data Migration 31 Jan 2015 B12 Complete Implementation / Deployment / Stabilisation including required software and hardware for Central Segment (Go-Live) at all locations 31 Mar 2015 C Operations & Maintenance and Support Phase 01 Apr 2015 Project Activities & Timelines of NeGP-A Roll out Phase

6 Role & Key Activities to be undertaken by State Government  State Agriculture Department to be Nodal Department.  Civil Infrastructure Preparation.  Backup power arrangements, wherever needed.  Hiring of manpower on contract basis.  Setting up of State Project Monitoring Unit (SPMU).  Comprehensive inputs on SRS documents and feedback on pilot run of software packages.

7 Role & Key Activities to be undertaken by State Govt.  Data digitization (Rs. 10 Lacs/State) & localization.  Receipt, Acceptance Testing and uploading of reports for site readiness and hardware/Sys Software  Recurring expenditure on power and consumables except to the extent of funding by the GOI.  States’ share for manpower (0%, 30% & 50%) during first 3 years & Site preparation @ 45% for all sites except Training Labs which will be funded 100% by Center.  Senior nodal officer for interacting with GOI and other Stakeholders.  Power back up through Solar Panel /Diesel Generators. A sum of up to Rupees one lakh per block subject to an upper limit of 33% of total blocks in the State.  Contingency provisions at the rate of 7.5% of overall budget to meet unforeseen requirements.  Help Desk – Central & in States (with vernacular language support)

8 Support of GOI under NeGP-A  H/W & and System S/w with comprehensive onsite warranty for 5 years  Basic IT training to end users.  Full support for site preparation of Training Centers and 55% share for other sites.  100, 70 and 50 percent for manpower cost for first three years.  Connectivity charges with SWAN for end user locations for a period of 3 Years at an average of Rs. 11000 per location per year.  An amount of Rs. 7500 per block, Rs.10, 500 per district headquarter and Rs. 30,000 per State head quarter per year for consumables like printer cartridges etc. for a period of three years.  Support for IT infrastructure at selected Mandis, Hand-held devices for e-Pest surveillance.  Complete address details of locations where hardware items are to be delivered will be compiled and provided by each State.

9 TRAINING  02 days Basic IT training to end users at State, District & Block level officials.  An amount of Rs. 1200 per person for the two days for meeting TA/DA and other administrative charges.  The training of CSCs VLEs Expenditure for the training will be borne out of item A2 in the Cafeteria of Activities under ATMA Scheme.  ICT Training labs at the scale of one per five districts will be established in each State. One time grant of Rs. 8 lacs per location being given by Govt. of India.

10 NORMS FOR PROVIDING COMPUTER HARDWARE AT STATE LEVEL Item State Agriculture Department State Agriculture University Hand-held Devices for Pest Surveillance Pilot Mandi (01 per State) DistrictBlock Desktop 20 0653 Printer-cum-Scanner 55 0111 Switch(08/24 port) 11 011 Modem 00 011 UPS (650VA) 20 0653 Hand Held devices 00 2800* 1000 Touch Screen Kiosk 00 01 0.5(01 Kiosk per 02 Blocks

11 Norms for Infrastructure Set-up Items State Agri Dept. State Agri University DistrictBlock State Data Centre (Civil & Electrical) 1,50,000NA State Data Centre (Access Control) 2,00,000NA Site Preparation Cost 1,00,0001000007500067000 Site Preparation for Training Centre NA 800000 (for 5 districts) NA

12 NORMS FOR MANPOWER DEPLOYMENT NeGP-A Item State Agri Dept. State Agri University DistrictBlock Data Entry Operator / Computer Operator 422 0.5(i.e. 1 per two block) State PMU Consultants 3000

13 Criteria for deployment & Financial Assistance Number of Blocks Senior Consultant Consultant Monthly Cost Ceiling* (Rs. In lacs) 0-5 and Delhi#000 6-60101.80 61-160113.25 161-360124.75 >360136.00

14 Categorisation of States/UT’s for SPMU Resources S. No.Name of StateDistrictsBlocksCategory Max. No. of resources 1Delhi10 Category A0 2Chandigarh11Category A0 3D&N Haveli11Category A0 4Daman & Diu22Category A0 5Lakshadweep19Category A0 6Andaman & Nicobar39Category A1 7Goa212Category A1 8Puducherry215Category A1 9Sikkim424Category A1 10Mizoram826Category A1 11Meghalaya1139Category A1 12Tripura845Category A1 13Nagaland1152Category A1 14Manipur960Category A1

15 Categorisation of States/UT’s for SPMU Resources 15Himachal Pradesh1278Category B2 16Arunachal Pradesh1694Category B2 17Uttarakhand1395Category B2 18Haryana21119Category B2 19Jammu & Kashmir22136Category B2 20Punjab22141Category B2 21Chhattisgarh27146Category B2 22Kerala14153Category B2

16 Categorisation of States/UT’s for SPMU Resources 23Karnataka30189Category C3 24Gujarat33245Category C3 25Rajasthan33249Category C3 26Jharkhand24260Category C3 27Assam27268Category C3 28Andhra Pradesh22271Category C3 29Orissa30314Category C3 30Madhya Pradesh51321Category C3 31West Bengal19347Category C3 32Maharashtra35357Category C3 33Tamil Nadu31385Category C3 34Bihar38534Category D4 35Uttar Pradesh75821Category D4


18 State-wise details of funds released under AGRISNET Sl. No.Name of the State Total Amt. released up to Dec-2012 UC received Unspent Balance 1Andhra Pradesh643.35 NIL 2Arunachal Pradesh138.48 NIL 3Assam36.60 NIL 4Chhattisgarh349.377223.42125.97 5Gujarat368.376.95125 361.4187 5 6Haryana5 5 7Himachal Pradesh703.12607.29199 258.7268 6 8Karnataka165.0183.1381.88 9Kerala107.50383.1435.35290 10MP865.49843.4622.03

19 11Maharashtra553.60351.23202.37 12Meghalaya259.06115.75143.31 13Mizoram177 NIL 14Nagaland150.10105.10NIL 15Orissa579.75 NIL 16Puducherry27.2226.620.60 17Punjab3765371 18Rajasthan743.2984319.90423.3984 19Sikkim158.84145.8712.97 20Tamil Nadu592.0816 104.40 21Uttar Pradesh496.302 NIL 22Uttarakhand220 23West Bengal591.26581.2310.02 24Bihar400 25Goa4523.3742321.62577 26Manipur150 Total8901.8126185.031072950.07268


21 Revamped KCCs since 01.05.2012  Voice/Media Gateways (IPPBX based decentralized system) & MPLS.  Aim: reach at least one third the farmers households, once in a year. It amounts to about 4.25 crore calls/year.  Total 1.49 crore calls registered at KCCs since inception.  Call barging and 100% call recording  SMS to caller farmers providing a gist of advisories given to them on phone.  Voice mail system for recording farmer’s queries with provision for call back.  Soft phones in every personal computer with caller ID facility.  Facility of video conferencing for upgradation of skills of KCC agents.  Centralized monitoring of KCCs at different locations.

22 Number of Calls Registered in KKMS since inception (Jan.2004 to March 2014)


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