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Navigating the SPR&I Database Oregon Department of Education Fall 2014 1.

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1 Navigating the SPR&I Database Oregon Department of Education Fall 2014 1

2 Session Objectives By the end of this session, participants will be able to: Access the SPR&I system; Navigate the SPR&I system; Enter data into the SPR&I system; Access SPR&I system reports; and, Read SPR&I system reports. 2

3 Session Context ODE strategic plan and how it links to this work USDOE RDA IDEA General Supervision responsibilities 3

4 IDEA/General Supervision SPR&I Training MaterialsSPR&I Training Materials: Standards Indicators Consideration 4

5 General System Features Directory information fields available for agency contact information Findings and determinations posted on dashboard Due dates for each required activity posted on dashboard 5

6 General System Features EI/ECSE and School-age lock in screens have additional questions that help identify applicable standards. 6

7 Who Does ODE Monitor? District schools Charter schools Private schools Virtual schools YCEP, JDEP Long-term care and treatment programs 7

8 SPR&I Dashboard 8

9 Getting into the SPR&I Database 9

10 SPR&I Dashboard 10

11 2011-12 PCR Review Progress 11

12 Another view… 12

13 Number of Student Files for Review 13

14 Individual Student File Review 1.System randomly selects student file. 2.Verify that student file meets file review criteria. 3.Lock student file. 4.Enter additional demographic information. 5.Review file for compliance & enter data into SPR&I database. 14

15 Additional File Review Evidence of Correction 1.If noncompliance is found, individual student file correction must be completed whenever possible. 2.Additional file reviews are required for any noncompliance found in the initial file review. 15

16 Systemic Issues 16

17 Systemic Issues One third or more of the Individual Student File reviews show noncompliance ANY noncompliance found in Additional File Reviews 17

18 Correction of Systemic Issues 1.Intervention(s) 2.Post-intervention special education actions 3.Corrective Action File Reviews of post-intervention actions 18

19 Corrections Student file corrections should be completed as soon as possible. All corrections must be done within 1 year. 19

20 Indicator B1/B2: Graduation & Dropout Rates Data Reports: 4 Year & 5 Year Cohort Graduation Rates 4 Year Cohort Graduation Growth Rate SPR&I Process if flagged: Improvement Plan 20

21 Indicator B3: Assessment Data Reports: AMO data (2 years) Participation IDEA Students -Math & ELA Performance IDEA students -Math & ELA SPR&I Process if flagged: Improvement Plan Required 21

22 Indicator B4: Discipline B4(a): Significant discrepancy (IDEA students vs general education students) B4(b): Significant discrepancy by race/ethnicity (IDEA students vs all LEA) SPR&I Process if flagged: Policy-to-Practice Review Corrective Action Plan 22

23 B4: Discipline Data Reports Significant Discrepancy: IDEA students vs General Education students Significant Discrepancy: IDEA students by Race/Ethnicity Detailed Data by Disability and Grade Level (reported by both the # of IDEA students and by Disciplinary Action types) Discipline Incident Details from SET Data Collection (Student Specific Information) 23

24 Indicator B5: Placement in the LRE Data Reports: 3 year placement distribution Placement Distribution by: Disability type, Grade level and Race/Ethnicity Weighted Risk Ratios by Race/Ethnicity SPR&I Process if flagged: Worksheet Improvement Plan 24

25 Indicator B9/B10 Disproportionate Representation Data Reports: IDEA by Race/Ethnicity (#, %, WRR) IDEA by Disability Type (#, %, WRR) Disability Type by Grade Level & Race/Ethnicity Eligibility Determination by Race/Ethnicity SPR&I Process if flagged: Worksheet Policy-to-Practice Review Corrective Action Plan 25

26 Indicator B11: Child Find Data Reports: Initial Referrals (# and %) Initial Referrals by Race/Ethnicity Students Found Eligible by Disability Type w/timeline data (# and %) Reasons for Exceeding 60 School-Day Timeline SPR&I Process if flagged: Corrective Action Plan 26

27 Significant Disproportionality Data Driven B4 Discipline B5 Placement B9 Disproportionate Representation in Special Education B10 Disproportionate Representation in Specific Eligibility Categories 27

28 Compliance Status by Standard Detail 28

29 Multi-Year Database Reports Comparison with similar size districts Comparison with local districts Trend Reports District & Building level analysis Data for planning & goal setting Planning for Regional Program services 29

30 Validation Validation allows ODE to designate certain student files for independent validation. 30

31 Confidence Scale Rate your own level of confidence: Accessing the SPR&I system; Navigating the SPR&I system; Entering data into the SPR&I system; Accessing SPR&I system reports; and, Reading SPR&I system reports. 31

32 Resources Check the SPR&I PCR User Guide. Call your ODE county contact. Call the ODE Info Specialist. Check the following web page for a list of useful resources: 32

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