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Presenter: Stanley Mbuthi –Professor of Counseling

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1 Presenter: Stanley Mbuthi –Professor of Counseling

2 Welcome 欢迎 환영 歓 迎 ترحيب boa vinda benvenuto Bienvenidos Hoan nghênh!
bienvenue boa vinda 환영 benvenuto ترحيب Bienvenidos Hoan nghênh! Willkommen

3 Scantron Instructions for Orientation Clearance
USE PENCIL ONLY Students need to bubble in COMPLETELY: name birth date student ID (A=0) (students bubble in zero for the A) sex (M/F) Please be mindful that if it is not completed correctly your orientation will not be cleared It will take a minimum of 24 hours for clearance

4 Electronic Online Schedule of Classes and other Resources
College Calendar

5 Assessment of Written English
If you placed into AMLA, it is highly recommended to take the AMLA Reading & Speaking Courses * English 1A is required for AS/AA & Transfer

6 Degree of Reading Power
*Required for any Associate Degrees. **Exempt if initial placement in Read 100.

7 Reading for English Learners

8 Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) – 4 types

9 Program of Study

10 Graduation and Transfer PDF FILES
Skills Certificates (52 – 61) Certificates of Achievement (29-52) AA/AS Graduation Requirements.pdf Associate of Science Degrees and Major Courses (66–91) Associate in Arts Degree (91-97) Associate in Arts – Transfer Degree CSU General Education CSU General Education without Prerequisites IGETC (General Education) IGETC(General Education) courses with no prerequisites

11 Transfer Resources

12 AREA A: Communications AREA C: Arts & Humanities
A1- SPCH 1A A2 – ENGL 1A A3 – Critical Thinking ENGL 1C, PHIL 8 etc. AREA B: Sciences & Math B1 - Physical Science: Chem,10, GEOL 8, OCEA 10 B2 - Life Science: ANAT 10, BIOL 6, PSYC 1B B3 - Corresponding Lab B4 – Math: Math 100, 110 ,180 AREA C: Arts & Humanities C1 – Arts: AHIS 1, ARTD 15A, PHOT 10, MUS 15 C2 – Humanities: HIST 40, PHIL 15, Foreign Languages,

13 AREA D: Social, Political & Economic Institutions
Sociology History Political Science Psychology Anthropology AREA E: Lifelong Understanding & Self Development COUN 5, LEAD 55, FCS 41 PSYC 26

14 Prerequisite Day(s) Instructor Class is Offered Units/ Applicability
Time Of Class BE on TIME! Location Course Reference Numbers

15 Example: Educational Plan
Winter (6 weeks) Unit Code LERN 48 3 ENGL 68 4 Total 7 Summer (6 weeks) Unit Code Spch 1a/10 4 PE activity (Swimming) 1 Total 5 Spring (16 weeks) Unit Code Lern 49 3 Engl 1a 4 Hist 1 Coun 5 Total 13 Fall (16 Weeks) Unit Code Engl 1C 4 Math 50 3 GE Course Major Course Total 13

16 Upcoming Winter or Summer – 6 weeks
Course CRN Units Days Times Lern 48 30346 3 TWTh 4:10-6:50pm Engl 68 30244 4 MTWTh 7:30-10:10am

17 Upcoming Spring or Fall – 16 weeks
Course CRN # Units Days Times Engl 68 22536 4 MW 9:45a.m. – 11a.m. Lern 49 22458 3 11:30a.m. – 12:55p.m. Hist 1 22033 TTh 9:45a.m. -12:55p.m. Coun 5 22132 11:30a.m. – 1:20p.m.

18 3 step Account Claim

19 Note

20 Online Registration

21 Home Tab: Personal Announcements

22 Registration Date & Time
Add & Drop Classes Search for Classes



25 select the term you want to register for

26 Enter Course Reference Number



29 Key Dates to Remember for Winter 2012

30 For More Information Check out – Click on
Admissions & Records Assessment Center Career Placement Counseling Center DSPS EOPS Financial Aid Career/ Transfer Center For More Information Check out – Click on Student Services

31 After Registration Pay tuition Buy a parking permit – if you drive
Online: Debit/credit card By check/Debit/credit card: in person at the Bursars office Or simply mail your payment Buy a parking permit – if you drive Online or in person (at the Bursars Office)

32 What to expect first day
First Day of School What to expect first day of School: Traffic Parking Long lines Things to remember! Be Positive & have a good attitude. Arrive Early Ask for HELP!

33 We are here to help you succeed and attain your goals!
Your Success is our success!!!

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