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Virtual Collaboration (ViCo ™ ) Renaissance Indonesia.

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1 Virtual Collaboration (ViCo ™ ) Renaissance Indonesia

2 Overview ViCo ™ is a Group-Ware suite containing a base system and different modules. The modules are designed in a way that groups of people can collaborate online.

3 Features Made with PHP/MySQL Powerful Interface User Control Panel Read/Write Permission Cookie/Session Support IMAP and POP3 Support Indonesian Language Multi Themes Etc…

4 Main Modules for ViCo ™ ViCo ™ is a modular system. It can be extended with modules. A module is a program that works with the ViCo ™ framework, Currently the following modules are implemented,

5 1. Addressbook The addressbook is not just an addressbook. You can create templates for both e-mail messages and templates. By linking the addressbook to these templates you can fill those documents automatically with address info and automatically generated beginnings such a dear sir Abdullah. With these templates it's possible to create mailing lists. It's also possible to create custom fields for your own personal requirements. Companies are separated from the contacts for easy administration and a quick overview of employees.

6 2. Filesystem The filesystem module is used to store your personal files online and share them if you want with other users. It looks like the filemanager people would expect. You can easily cut, paste and copy files to different directories that you can access by a treeview. Sharing files online with your relations was never easier.

7 3. Calendar In a corporate environment a calendar can't be missed. This calendar allows you to plan all sorts of recurring events and set reminders for them. The easy to use interface will never let you miss an event. It's easy to set up multiple calendars and share them with other users. The calendar supports the import and export of the popular iCalendar standard. This makes it possible to synchronise the ViCo ™ calendar with other calendar software that support the iCalendar protocol.

8 4. E-mail client With the e-mail client you can add your IMAP and POP3 mail accounts and view your e-mail online with this easy to use mail client. It supports multiple folders and filters. The mail composer can create both HTML and plain text e-mails.

9 5. Notes The notes module is a standalone module but also integrated in all other modules you can attach notes to contacts, files, folders, etc. You can create categories for notes and set up a responsible user with a due date.

10 Screenshots Aplikasi

11 Addressbook

12 Favorites

13 Calendar

14 New Event

15 E-Mail

16 Read E-Mail

17 Filesystem

18 Web Mail

19 Notes

20 Announcements

21 Search Engine

22 Result Search

23 Summary

24 Portofolio Sistem ini pertama kali diimplementasikan di kantor Stimik Perbanas Applied Technology Center Jakarta pada awal tahun 2004. Tidak lama kemudian PT. Renaissance Sentra Indonesia dan PT. Veritas Technologies Jakarta juga mengimplementasikan sistem ini sebagai alat koordinasi internal perusahaan. Tahun 2005, Pemerintah Kota Yogyakarta menggunakan sistem ini sebagai intranet.

25 Contact Renaissance Indonesia Information System & Technology Research – Training – Consulting- Software Development Office Wisma Kodel 9th fl. Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav.B4 Kuningan Jakarta 12920 - I N D O N E S I A Phone/Fax : +62 21 5222 311 Sam B Taufik hp. 0815 790 8775

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