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Welcome Nursing Information Session BSN California State University Channel Islands 805-437-3307.

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1 Welcome Nursing Information Session BSN California State University Channel Islands 805-437-3307

2 Nursing Accreditation Accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education One Dupont Circle NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC, 20036-1120 Approved by California Board of Registered Nursing

3 Why a BSN? Broad base of education in liberal arts and sciences Curriculum based on conceptual framework of health- illness with evidence based interventions Expands career options and is often required for entry into MSN or Doctoral Programs Incorporates the expanded roles of the nurse according to the AACN Includes the global perspective of nursing Expanded job possibilities.

4 At the completion of the BSN program the student will: Function in the role of a professional nurse (care provider, coordinator, health educator & patient advocate) Collaborate as a member or a leader on a health care team Follow nursing process to promote optimum wellness in a variety of settings Demonstrate commitment to the profession by engaging in professional development and lifelong learning Meet eligibility requirements to take the NCLEX licensing exam and requirements for California Public Health Nurse Certificate

5 2 STEP ADMISSION PROCESS One time admission per year First Step: Admission to the University October 1 - Nov 30 Apply on Declare major as pre- nursing Admission as a pre- nursing student does not guarantee admission to the nursing program Second Step Application to the Nursing Program In anticipation of completing all prerequisite courses by Spring Application available on website in late December Application period Feb. 1-28

6 Prerequisite Courses (must be completed by end of Spring Semester) Any course in progress will be calculated as a B and admissions will be dependent upon successful completion of the course at this grade level or above BIOL 210 A&P I (4) BIOL 211 A&P II (4) BIOL 217 MICRO (4) CHEM 110 CHEM OF LIFE (4) COMM 101 PUBLIC SPEAKING (3) ENGL 105 COMP. RHETORIC (3) ANY GE CATEGORY B4 (Math) CRITICAL THINKING REQUIREMENT

7 Cohort Model The students in the program will use the cohort model of class enrollment and this will require full time enrollment. You and your classmates move from one level of classes to another in a sequential manner from 200 to 300 to 400. Enrollment in the nursing program involves full time commitment for three years including summer sessions between sophomore and junior year and junior and senior year. The program may also include evening and weekend commitments. Admissions Cycle – thirty-three students admitted annually in the Fall.

8 Program Requirements Physical Exam Proof of Immunity to Rubella, Mumps, Rubeola, Hepatitis B, Varicella, Seasonal and H1N1 Flu Current CPR - C certification CPR for Health Care Provider or CPR for the professional /rescuer Drug screen Criminal background check paid for by the student and through an agency approved by the nursing department. Evidence of physical and emotional health throughout the program Fire Safety Certification All program requirements must be completed the summer before admissions - instructions will be sent in the admissions to the program letter

9 Impacted Program – What does this mean? A program becomes impacted when there are more student applicants than spaces available. Admission to the program’s thirty- three seats is based on points accumulated using supplemental criteria. CSU Channel Islands has averaged greater than 300 applications for thirty-three seats.

10 BSN PROGRAM APPROVED SUPPLEMENTAL CRITERIA (2011) Grade point average in Pre- nursing courses (10 points) Overall cumulative grade point average (6 points) English, Reading, and Math proficiency based on TEAS score (11 points) Proficiency in a second language (6 points) Work or volunteer experience (4 points) Previously completed baccalaureate or higher degree (4 points) Residency in preferred geographic area (4 points) Current CI student (2 points) High school participation in bioscience academy or nursing pipeline program (2 points) 49 Total Points Possible

11 Enrollment Statistics Class of 2011 Applicants: 318 Admitted: 33 Accepted points range: 29-44 Class of 2013 Applicants: 297 Admitted: 33 Accepted points range: 33-42 Class of 2012 Applicants: 268 Admitted: 33 Accepted points range: 29-40

12 Why CSU Channel Islands? State of the art simulation lab Preparation for graduate education Environment that promotes student success Small class sizes

13 Questions ?

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