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1 Welcome RAL Particle Physics Masterclasses 17 - 19 March 2004 Bill Scott

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1 1 Welcome RAL Particle Physics Masterclasses March 2004 Bill Scott

2 2 Particle Physics and RAL Rutherford High Energy Laboratory created in 1957 for research into particle physics. UK accelerators - NIMROD proton synchrotron  Closed in 1978 and revamped as ISIS pulsed neutron source - visit today. Today, RAL is a multi-disciplinary laboratory e.g. Space-Science, Lasers, DIAMOND..., employing in total > 1000 people (  90 Particle Physic). PPD now using international facilities - CERN (Geneva), DESY (Hamburg), SLAC (Stanford), FNAL (Chicago) + underground expts in Minnesota, Sudbury, Boulby…  Talks today will cover some of the work in these centres + future projects.

3 3 Rutherford Rutherford, Geiger and Marsden discovered the nucleus using  particles (University of Manchester).

4 4 ISIS - Pulsed Neutron Source

5 5 DIAMOND Synchrotron To be built at RAL. Start of operation = Cost = £195M. Studies at molecular/atomic level.

6 6 Masterclass-2004 Programme 10.30Particle Physics Today-IDr. Bill Murray 11.10Introduction to ISISDr. Martyn Bull 11.30Group A1-A4: ISIS Visit / A5-A8: Q & A A1-A4: Q & A / A1-A4: ISIS Visit Group B1-B8: Study of W ± Decays 12.45Buffet Lunch (R18) 13.30Particle Physics Today – II Dr. Bruce Kennedy 14.10Group A1-A8: Study of W ± Decays Group B1-B4: ISIS Visit / B5-B8 Q & A B1-B4: Q & A / B5-B8 ISIS Visit 15.35The Search for WIMPs in the UK Dr. Nigel Smith 16.15Tea and Departure (R22) Material can be found at:

7 7 Competition for CERN 50th Anniversary Task:“Happy 50th Birthday, CERN – A Celebration” Produce one of the following: An article suitable for a magazine such as New Scientist, outlining the history and achievements of CERN (Approx 1000 words) A Powerrpoint Presentation on the same topic A Website (suggested maximum of 5 pages) on the same topic. 1st Prize: Team of 4 (or individual winner + 3 invitees) and a teacher from the school - visit to CERN and Geneva (probably 1 day with 2 nights in CERN hostel) – (Funded by PPARC) Timescale: Competition Deadline: October 2004 Judging by mid-November (3 Judges include to include PPARC, IoP and HEPP Community) CERN visit February 2005

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