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11-19 Here we go again; A review of the changes to GCSE specifications And what we are going to do about it? A discussion/workshop.

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1 11-19 Here we go again; A review of the changes to GCSE specifications And what we are going to do about it? A discussion/workshop

2 11-19 New Twenty First Century Course

3 11-19 What are the key changes? Weighting of the Units Coursework Exam questions Re-sit rules and 40% terminal requirement Content of the course

4 11-19 Weighting of the Units B1B2B3B4B5B6B7Controlled Assessment GCSE Biology 25 % 60 min 25 % C1C2C3C4C5C6C7Controlled Assessment GCSE Chemistry 25 % 60 min 25 % P1P2P3P4P5P6P7Controlled Assessment GCSE Physics 25 % 60 min 25 % B1C1P1B2C2P2B3C3P3Controlled Assessment GCSE Science 25% B4C4P4B5C5P5B6C6P6Controlled Assessment GCSE Additional Science 25%

5 11-19 Coursework ALL Controlled Assessment Task set by OCR valid for submission one year only Choice of tasks GCSE Science – Case Study and Practical Data Analysis GCSE Additional Science – Investigation GCSE Bio, Chem, Phy - Investigation

6 11-19 Exam Questions No Ideas in Context Papers Ideas in Context in all papers (including Add and Bio,Chem,Phys) and in different contexts Exam time 60 minutes Free response 60% (?) Objective style questions 40% Mathematical questions more than interpretation of data – quantitative answers

7 11-19 Overview of changes: Biology OldNew B1: You and Your GenesSlight changes B2: Keeping HealthyWater balance in from B4 B3: Life on EarthSystems in Balance from B7 B4: HomeostasisB4: The Processes of Life B5: Growth and DevelopmentSlight changes B6: Brain and MindSlight rearrangement B7: Further BiologySeveral changes

8 11-19 Overview of Changes: Chemistry OldNew C1 Air QualitySlight changes C2 Material ChoicesLife cycle assessment replaced with nano technology C3 Food MattersC3 is now Chemicals in Our Lives and is quite different C4 Chemical PatternsSlight changes only C5 Chemicals of the Natural EnvironmentSlight rearrangement C6 Chemical SynthesisSlight changes only C7 Further ChemistrySeveral changes

9 11-19 Overview of Changes: Physics OldNew P1 The Earth in the UniverseWaves from P6 now in (Asteroids and alien life now gone) P2 Radiation and LifeNow contains Communications from P6 P3 Radioactive MaterialsP3 is Sustainable Energy radioactivity now in P6 P4 Explaining MotionSlight changes – acceleration included P5 Electric CircuitsElectric energy has moved to P3 and replaced with motors P6 The Wave Model of RadiationP6 is Radioactive Materials old P3 + nuclear forces no elec generation P7 Further PhysicsSmall changes

10 11-19 Decisions now.... Which modules will we cover from Jan 2011 with Year 9? Which exams do we want to enter in Jan 2012? (Can do Science unit 1 and 2, Bio,Chem,Phy unit 1) What do we want to do about text books? Oxbox replaces ipacks Do we want to do a practice Controlled Assessment

11 11-19 What will we miss? Freedom to choose a Case Study Topic

12 11-19 How we are managing changes to the AQA syllabus

13 11-19 Mapping out We are starting the process now! Free launch event from exam board Questionnaire for department staff Launch event for department Writing with the support of a team Using it as a chance to build upon current educational developments Evaluation of each others work

14 11-19 In or Out? Use AQA document to find out about what is staying, going or moving Organise current materials and re-distribute Start the re-writing process

15 11-19 Support e-AQA!!! Ask AQA The Science Lab AQA teacher forum Exampro online Enhanced results analysis

16 11-19 CAU (controlled Assessment unit) Language change in a lot of HSW materials Students who do a lot of practical work would be more confident in this style of work Element on research

17 11-19 Exams Less shorter answers (1 and 2 marks) More longer answer responses

18 11-19 Edexcel; GCSE Science and Additional Science

19 11-19 The Basic Structure; Science

20 11-19 Assessment; exams Old course Science – 6x 20 min multichoice exams Additional – Choice 2 from;- – 3 structured papers – 3 multiple choice – “Research” activity New Course Each unit is assessed through a one hour, 60 mark, tiered written examination, containing six questions. The examination will contain a mixture of question styles, including objective questions, short answer questions and extended writing questions. Examples not yet published

21 11-19 Controlled Assessments Old Course Students have to complete 3 IAAs one in biology, chemistry, physics for Science. Same again for Additional Each one contains aspects of planning, interpretation and evaluation New Course Students have to complete the equivalent of ONE IAA (now called Science Controlled Assessments SCA) witha aspects of planning, observation and concluding. Same again for additional

22 11-19 Implications of assessment 40% of the exams (including SCA) must be completed when results are to be “cashed-in” for certification. Only one re-sit allowed. If that is in the 40% that mark will have to count (even if its lower.) Tier of entry must be decided when students are entered. No choice of method of assessment. Retrograde step towards personalisaing learning!

23 11-19 Content changes; eg C1 6 “compulsory” practicals. Wide range (15) of “suggested” practicals. (not so many in physics and biology (only 6 in each) Similar in C2 (and B2, P2)

24 11-19 Example C1 ctd. 1.Earth’s atmosphere 2.Rocks 3.Acids (reactions with acids and gas tests) 4.Metals (reactivity and extraction) 5.Fuels (oil and simple organic)

25 11-19 Example C2 1.Atomic Structure 2.Ionic chemistry 3.Covalent chemistry and separation techniques 4.Periodic table 5.Chemical reactions 6.Quantitative chemistry

26 11-19 What I like. Assessment process is simpler Only one SCA equivalent Less re-sits permitted Some traditional science has returned Emphasis on practical work Very little over lap between science and additional

27 11-19 What I don’t like Some “modern” science (eg mobile phones, nanotechnology) gone Tier of entry must be fixed at time of exam entry No “choice” of assessment route It still looks like loads of content to get through Proposed exam structure may favour girls?

28 11-19 Contacts John Charlesworth Alastair Gittner

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